Plants fourth grade unit
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Plants Fourth Grade Unit PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Plants Fourth Grade Unit. By: Giselle Quinones Peta Gaye-Grey. Plants. Inside a Seed. Parts of a Plant. Word Wall. Moving Seeds. Good for Us?. Jeopardy. What plants need. Plants Word Wall. Stem. Soil. Seed Coat. Flower. Seed. Cotyledons. Leaves. Fruit. Roots.

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Plants Fourth Grade Unit

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Plants Fourth Grade Unit

By: Giselle Quinones

Peta Gaye-Grey


Inside a


Parts of a Plant

Word Wall



Good for




plants need

Plants Word Wall



Seed Coat







Carbon Dioxide


What is inside a seed?


  • What do seeds need to grow?

  • What protects the seed?

How are seeds dispersed?

What are the different ways that seeds are dispersed?

What happens after the seeds are spread (dispersed)?

Parts of a Plant

Watch it Grow!

Parts of a Plant:

Parts of a Plant


What do plants need to live?

Sesame Street:

What does Ernie do for his plant?

Do all plants give us fruit or flowers?

How are plants beneficial to humans?

What would happen if the earth did not have any plants?


The part of the plant that can be used to grow into another plant.


Comes from a flower and contains plenty of seeds.


Holds the plant into the soil and takes in water and nutrients.


Supports the plant and spreads water and nutrients to the other parts of a plant


Part of the plant that makes seeds and sometimes turns into a fruit.


Takes in sunlight to make food. It also takes air in and out.


The baby plant is also known as the…

  • A. Cotyledons

  • B. Seed

  • C. Seed Coat

  • D. Embryo

The protective layer of a seed is called the…

  • A. Seed Coat

  • B. Embryo

  • C. Cotyledons

  • D. Baby Plant

What is used as a food source until the seed grows into a plant?

  • A. Seed Coat

  • B. Cotyledons

  • C. Root

  • D. Embryo

Seeds with hooks will tend to stick to

  • A. Animal’s Fur

  • B. Trees

  • C. Cars

  • D. Books

Seeds that are soft and light will often

  • A. Stay in its place

  • B. Planted

  • C. Eaten

  • D. Blown away by the wind

If a fruit is eaten by an animal, then the seeds will be scattered through the

  • A. Wind

  • B. Animal’s Droppings

  • C. Water

  • D. People

The _____ spreads the nutrients throughout the plant.

  • A. Roots

  • B. Leaf

  • C. Seed

  • D. Stem

Nutrients from the sun is taken in by the….

  • A. Leaves

  • B. Roots

  • C. Stem

  • D. Seed

What part of the plant takes in nutrients from the soil?

  • A. Leaves

  • B. Stem

  • C. Seed

  • D. Roots

True or False:Sunlight is needed by plants in order to grow.

True False

What does a plant not need to survive?

  • A. Juice

  • B. Water

  • C. Soil

  • D. Air

Plants use _____ from air to make food.

  • A. Seeds

  • B. Soil

  • C. Nitrogen

  • D. Carbon Dioxide

True or FalseHumans benefit from plants because they use it for paper.

True False

What type of food does not come from plants?

  • A. Apples

  • B. Vegetables

  • C. Cheese

  • D. Fruit

Why is oxygen from plants important for us?

  • A. It’s cool to have

  • B. It smells good

  • C. It tastes good

  • D. We need it to live

Seed Coat

The protective layer of a seed.


Contains minerals and nutrients for plants.


Used as a food source until the seed grows into a plant

Carbon Dioxide

Taken from the air by plants to make food.


The “baby plant” of the seed.

Scavenger Hunt

Quiz Questions:

Helpful Links:


  • 1) What are the parts of a seed?

  • 2) What are the parts of a seed?

  • 3) Which part of the plant absorbs water and nutrients?

  • 4) Which are the different ways that seed dispersal occurs?

  • 5) What do seeds need to grow?

  • 6) What do leaves produce?

  • 7) What are the parts of the plant and their functions?

  • 8) How are plants helpful to humans?

  • 9) What parts of a plant are responsible for reproduction?

  • 10) What is the difference between a male and a female plant?

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