Arvind Rajan May 7, 2008

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Word of Mouth/Grassroots. A simple conceptFind stakeholders who careGive them a reason to talk about your candidate, cause or productFacilitate and leverage that conversation Why do it?When it works: $0 CPAA fragmented media landscapeConsumers are online, and becoming accustomed to creating a

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Arvind Rajan May 7, 2008

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1. Arvind Rajan May 7, 2008

2. Word of Mouth/Grassroots A simple concept Find stakeholders who care Give them a reason to talk about your candidate, cause or product Facilitate and leverage that conversation Why do it? When it works: $0 CPA A fragmented media landscape Consumers are online, and becoming accustomed to creating and consuming content The practice is a bit harder Authenticity and transparency Measurement and analytics A different skill than direct marketing

3. The Old Way….

4. The New Way…

5. What Does This Mean?

6. WOM: The Basics Identify and cultivate a stakeholder base Give them differentiated opportunities to spread the word Make it as easy as possible Calibrate the ask to the stakeholder Make it authentic The stakeholder is doing something because they want to, NOT as a favor to you Appropriate for the venue Build measurement into every step—even for offline activities

7. How to Leverage the Grassroots Engage in offline action—talk to friends, family Generate earned media Reach out to decisionmakers—e.g., policymakers Create compelling content—case studies, videos Spread messages and recruit others Via email Via Facebook and other social networks Via widget/badges Use concentrated action to raise profile on Digg, YouTube,, Remember: Financial rewards are not the driving motivator Measurement and analytics are critical It’s not about Kumbayah…

8. The Risks: Authenticity and Transparency

9. The Risks Stakeholder burnout When using a paid panel, disclosure “Astroturf”

10. Case Studies

12. Case Study: Leveraging Social Networks MIkeMIke

13. Generating Sales Momentum ArvindArvind

14. An Opportunity and a Challenge

15. Grassroots Enterprise 1101 17th Street, NW

16. Grassroots Enterprise Serve the F-500, trade associations, nonprofits, governments Investors are Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) and Peter Thiel (Paypal) Senior strategists from ACLU,, NRA, Christian Coalition Team has built and led some of the most successful grassroots movements ever Offices in DC, San Francisco, and Toronto Combine technology with communications strategy to build grassroots support for products, companies, and causes Identify and mobilize evangelists Spread awareness and adoption of client offerings Respond to regulatory, legislative or marketplace challenges Grassroots communications experts Messages that work online, messages that are read and spread Leveraging social networking/emerging media technologies We don’t just build web sites or communities, we build movements

17. Selected Client Experience

18. Recognition 2007 Golden Dot—Outstanding National Online Campaign Pollie Awards—Statewide ballot initiative; International 2006 More first place Internet Pollies than any other firm (6 in total) Innovate to Motivate Best Use of Technology in Public Affairs PR Week Top 5 PR Professional of the Year 2005 PR Week Campaign of the Year Sabre Award—Internet Site: Health Care Gold Pollie—Use of Internet for Volunteer/Field Organizing

19. The Grassroots Multiplier® Platform

20. The Power of Technology Identify individuals’ attributes, issue preferences and commitment levels for action Using actively and passively provided information Frame messages in ways that work for individual stakeholders Engage and leverage stakeholders across the spectrum of commitment Cultivate stakeholders and increase level of engagement Make the right ask of the right person at the right time Measure results in real time and respond accordingly Supporter progression, tangible ROI

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