Telecom Finance
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Telecom Finance. Zhao Ping CCSA China Telecom. Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15. Telecom Finance Definition. Telecom Finance

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Telecom Finance

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Telecom Finance

Zhao Ping


China Telecom

Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) GSC-15

Telecom Finance Definition

  • Telecom Finance

    • Is a common important infrastructure functionalities including Identification networking, E-money, payment, banking, exchange, investment, even P2P finance etc. for service/application entities or users in SP/NO world. With mobile and fixed telecom technologies, these features can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere, by anyone and could be supported in P2P mode.

TelecomFinanceFunctionalities Framework



P2P Finance








Identification Network/Terminal

Financial Entities/Facilities

Key Requirements of Telecom Finance

  • Anytime, anywhere, can pay

    • Online payment

    • Mobile payment

    • Fixed payment

    • Remote payment

    • Onsite payment

  • Anytime, anywhere, can do business

  • Anytime, anywhere, can finance

  • Anyone can be Alibaba/Taobao/eBay owner in SP/NO.

  • Telecom Finance activities will be implemented through telecom activities, maybe a finance data session or a call.

  • Security / Everything Identification

Strategic direction

  • General Telecom Finance Framework.

  • Identification networking for Telecom Finance.

  • E-money, payment etc. in SP/NO to supportB2B, B2C, C2C.

  • Widely provide financial service with telecom technologies.

  • Interface between Telecom and finance side.

  • Interoperability.

  • Regulations and management.


  • Regulations of Telecom Finance

  • Security

  • Habit and culture impact

  • International interoperability

  • Co-operations among PSO, SDOs, Telecom and Finance side.

Development of Telecom Finance

  • Current standardizations and work

    • The technology requirement for electronic payment of mobile terminal based on short-range radio communication technology,Technology report, CCSA

    • Identity management and identification systems, HIS, GSC

    • Others.

      • Micropayment / Small number payment--China Mobile

      • Online payment—Taobao/Alibaba

      • Mobile payment / Banking--KDDI/ NTT

      • E-Money—NII

  • Future steps and standardizations

    • General telecom finance framework

    • Further study E-money, payment etc. in SP/NO, including P2P

    • Interface between telecom and finance

    • Telecom Finance study as Internet of Things.

Why Telecom Finance

  • Perfect payment in SP/NO cyber-society.

  • Easily, equally and widely to access financial service for most population.

  • Faster money flow, e-business promotion to boom global economy.

  • Better financial regulations through identification networking.

  • Enhanced features for both sides of telecom and finance.

  • More green.

  • Make our society better.

New HISProposal

  • CCSA would like to propose TelecomFinance as a new HIS in GSC.

Thank you!

+86 20 3863986

Supplementary Slides

Telecom Value is Changing

  • Traditional telecom value

    • Anytime, anywhere, to communicate

  • New telecom value

    • Anytime, anywhere, to do everything in SP/NO

    • Smart grid, E-health, ITS, USN, Railway communication, R-education, entertainment, enterprise application, e-business such as Alibaba/Taobao/eBay etc.

  • Major factors are needed to do everything

    • Information flow - Information

    • money flow - Finance

    • Goods flow - Logistics

Telecom and Finance need each other in SP/NO

Future Telecom Business Transformations

  • In SP/NO world, Strong link between Telecom & Finance, which is Telecom Finance.

Service Provider (SP) - 10000 +

Video/Audio, IPTV, OnlineGame, eCommerce,

Searching, BestTone, IM, VAS, CPetc.

Tier 3 Operators

4G/3G, NGN/IMS, internet, PSTN,

Wimax, ICT, BroadBand etc.

Tier 2 Operators

Fiber, Copper, Duct,

Physical media, etc.

Tier 1 Operators

Infrastructure Network Operator (NO) -10+

Telecom Finance Study

  • Telecom Finance Framework

    • Technology

      • Infrastructure for SP/NO

      • Identification Network in NGN

      • Interface between Telecom Operators and Banks.

      • Security

    • Management

      • Rules

      • Regulation

      • Enforcement.

  • Cooperation

About Security

  • General Basic Security

    • Identification--Identification should be everything for security

    • Physical identification

      • Physical port/card

      • Physical connection

      • Physical Location/address

    • Network Identification

      • Network address

      • Connection/route

      • Terminal

      • Signaling

    • Service/Application Identification

      • Service/Application

      • Process

    • Business/User Identification

      • Individual / enterprise / SP

      • SP/NO interface

    • Finance Identification

Implementation of Telecom Finance

  • ID card, credit card embedded in phone/terminalcan communicate anytime, anywhere.

  • E-Moneywill replace traditional money step by step.

  • P2P finance will be supported together with traditional finance.

  • Implement a integrated infrastructure for B2B, B2C and C2C business in our SP/NO cyber-society.


  • Telecom operation requires more financing functions. Telecom operators and banks will impact each other.

  • Telecom Finance needs a IDENTIFICATION network technology.

  • Telecom Finance, also Internet of Things.

  • Telecom Finance, a new important infrastructure to boom economy.

  • Standardization of Telecom Finance.

Telecom Finance, Better Society.


  • E-Money

    • refers to money which is only exchanged electronically. 

  • P2Pfinance

    • refers to person to person lending without the intervention of banks.


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