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2. WHAT IS MEMORY? Each memory involves millions of nerve cells connected by firing chemical messages to each other When a series of cells connects = a memory The more times it connects, the stronger and more easily accessible the memory becomes

3. TYPES OF MEMORY: USE IT OR LOSE IT! Different types of LTMDifferent types of LTM

4. MAKING AN EFFORT TO REMEMBER The brain prioritizes by meaning, value and relevance To have meaning, you must understand what you are learning Move to remember! Positive, relaxed attitude & learning during peak energy time improves memory Keep yourself healthy! Water, exercise, nourishment Must be interested and think that information has value (study partner, study groups, talk with teacher…)

5. ASSOCIATIONS Every piece of information in our memory is connected to other pieces in one way or another. For Example: Apple Red, Round, Sweet, Teacher, Tree, Fruit

6. MNEMONIC DEVICES Tricks that can increase your ability to recall everything from grocery lists to speeches Rely only on memorization, not understanding Sometimes time-consuming to learn mnemonic Can be forgotten (Ellis, “Becoming a Master Student”, 2009)

7. RHYMES & SILLY SONGS I before e except after c In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue HALLOWEEN spells Halloween 1-800-SAFE AUTO

8. ACRONYMS Words created from first letters of a series of words ROY G. BIV (Colors of the rainbow) NBA (National Basketball Association) SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)

9. ACROSTICS *A sentence to help you remember a series of letters that stand for something Never Eat Sour Watermelon Every Good Boy Does Fine My Dear Aunt Sally My Very Efficient Mother Just Saved Up Nine Pennies

10. LEARNING LARGE LISTS Helpful for essay tests or tests with lots of information Example: Causes of the Civil War No financial backing from wealthy No investment from industry Social causes No tolerance for Lincoln Desire to keep plantation economy Economic causes Moral concern about slavery Lack of capital to buy ammunition Political causes Desire of South to keep power Desire to maintain “Southern Way of Life”

11. Causes of the Civil War Social Causes Moral Concern over Slavery Desire to Maintain “Southern Way of Life Economic Causes No Financial Backing from wealthy No investment from industry Desire to Keep Plantation Economy Lake of Capital to buy ammunition Political Causes No tolerance for Lincoln Desire of South to keep power

12. CHUNKING George Miller (1950) “The Magical Number Seven, Plus of Minus Two” STM – recall 7 numbers (+/-2) a few minutes after being told the numbers once Mnemonic technique Put items together to make larger units Then, recall unit and each part

13. REMEMBER THIS NUMBER… 715346395309

14. What number did you record? What method did you use?

15. TRY AGAIN…WITH CHUNKING! 715 346 395 309

16. Now what number did you record? 715 346 395 309

17. METHOD OF LOCI About 20 items Visual/spatial learners Put items “in a place” familiar to you Visualize/draw your house (classroom) & put items in rooms

18. CHAINING Ordered or unordered lists Verbal/auditory/narrative Create a story where each word or idea you have to remember cues the next idea to recall Funnier the better

19. IMMEDIATE REVIEW Think about the topic Reread notes Rewrite notes Recite/talk about notes Teach the topic

21. REMEMBERING NAMES Repeat name right away aloud (“nice to meet you, Jack”) Repeat name to self Visualize name on person’s head Pick something about the person that reminds you of him Write it down

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