Seal of approval breakthrough group
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Seal of Approval Breakthrough Group PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seal of Approval Breakthrough Group. Patty Mabry, Ph.D. Office of Behavioral and Social Science Reasearch NIH. Seal of Approval Breakthrough Group. Brad Wible Saul Shiffman David Abrams Frank Vocci Kay Kahler Vose Amanda Graham. Purpose of Breakthrough Group.

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Seal of Approval Breakthrough Group

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Seal of Approval Breakthrough Group

Patty Mabry, Ph.D.

Office of Behavioral and Social Science Reasearch


Seal of Approval Breakthrough Group

Brad Wible

Saul Shiffman

David Abrams

Frank Vocci

Kay Kahler Vose

Amanda Graham

Purpose of Breakthrough Group

  • Develop an action plan for creating a “seal of approval”

  • Similar in concept to the “Good Housekeeping Seal”, our seal would help consumers identify cessation products and services which are efficacious.

OBJECTIVE 1: Determine best option for the actual “seal of approval”

  • Caution around approving websites

  • Forgery may be an issue

  • Approve categories of products and services rather than brands

  • Take care not to set inappropriate barriers to getting a seal

  • Environmental scan of existing seals

OBJECTIVE 2: From the consumer’s perspective, would a seal work?

  • Gather data on consumer behavior:

    • How do consumers react to a seal of approval?

    • Does it impact behavior

  • Contact CDC’s National Center for Health Marketing as a possible partner, resource, or sponsor in addressing these questions

  • Use marketing experts from Roundtable to develop concept to be tested.

Objective 3: From an organizational perspective, would a seal work?

  • Reach out to organizations that already use/review/credential seals of approval.

  • Review with other organizations the concept of what we propose – Mayo, AMA, Consumer Reports, Underwriters Lab, HON Foundation, Good Housekeeping

  • Understand legal liability

OBJECTIVE 4: Develop minimum standards for a product/service to earn the Seal of Approval

  • Approach an appropriate scientific body (Cochran Review, AHRQ)

  • Identify solid evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

OBJECTIVE 5: Promote use of Seal of Approval among consumers

  • Develop communications plan

  • Identify credible organizations and appropriate channels of communication

  • Develop effective messages

OBJECTIVE 6: Promote use the Seal of Approval among organizations

  • Contact pharma, etc., to promote the value of earning the Seal of Approval

Reaching Disparate Populations

We will include these groups in the seal development process: –

  • Gathering data on consumer behavior/attitudes.

    • Will people put faith in the seal?

    • Of the organizations that could potentially promote the seal, which are seen as credible?

    • What channels would be most useful for communicating about the seal?

    • Cost vs. seal of approval in purchasing decisions

Key Opportunities for Innovation

  • Is the seal worth pursuing?

    • Would consumers find it valuable/act on it?

    • Is there a business model?

    • Is there a better way to convey the information?

    • If seal concept bears out, how do we promote it?

  • We need to have an evaluation plan in place

  • Impact: Our group’s activities will serve as a blueprint for action for the organization that takes this on.

  • Describe how these activities demonstrate consumer demand principles: User centered design.

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