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Magic?. Levitation Harrison Ford and a Lemons Katy Perry and a Rabbit?. Beach trick Ripping Bodies apart. Tricking Police. Compare: African Shaman (from Ch. 6 ). Illusion vs. Magic vs. Sorcery. Illusion : Acts that rely on some sort of trickery and deception

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Harrison Ford and a Lemons

Katy Perry and a Rabbit?

Beach trick

Ripping Bodies apart

Tricking Police

Compare: African Shaman (from Ch. 6)

Illusion vs. Magic vs. Sorcery

  • Illusion:

    • Acts that rely on some sort of trickery and deception

      • Ex: Chris Angel, David Blaine, Gob

      • May also be used by Religious Specialists to add to the ambience of ritual, to bring the audience in on the experience of the specialist.

Illusion vs. Magic vs. Sorcery

  • Magic:

    • Methods that somehow interface with the supernatural and by which people bring about particular outcomes

      • Early Anthropologists (Edward Tylor, James Frazer, Èmile Durkheim) saw magic as separate from religion because it did not involve spirits, only manipulation of supernatural forces.

        • Evolutionary school: magicreligionscience

        • Arguments still remain as to whether Magic should continue to be defined within the realm of religion.

Illusion vs. Magic vs. Sorcery

  • Sorcery:

    • Compelling the supernatural to behave in certain ways, usually with evil intent. Done in secret and can be severely anti-social.

      • Ex: Kuru and Sorcery among the Fore

Ways of understanding the worldScience vs. Magic

  • Science

    • A methodology for coming to an understanding of reality through

      • Objective observations

      • Experimentation

      • Hypotheses

        • Tentative statements based upon experimental and observational data that is subject to further study.

      • Theories

        • A framework for understanding that is supported by a large amount of consistent scientific data.

    • Deals only with empiricalobservations (observations made through the senses)

    • Scientific conclusions must be testable

      • And have the capacity to be proven false

    • Methods similar to the above are practiced the world-over for those trying to gain control over their surroundings (ex: planning for a good harvest, building the right boat to sail on a long journey), but what about the intangibles, the swerves thrown by nature?

Ways of understanding the worldScience vs. Magic

  • Magic

    • What if an infestation of an unknown pest eats the planter’s crops? Rain does not come? Fire burns down materials needed to make a boat?

    • Magic as an attempt to control unpredictability through the manipulation of supernatural forces.

      • Ex: Magic in sports

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