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Nafta Polska & Polish Oil and Gas Company Business opportunities in Iraq and the Region Presentation 18th September 2003 Warsaw. POLISH CONSORTIUM OIL – GAS – CHEMICALS. Geophysical Group Drilling Group EPC Group Refinery Group Chemical Group Trading Group

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Presentation Transcript

Nafta Polska & Polish Oil and Gas Company

Business opportunities in Iraq and the Region

Presentation 18th September 2003 Warsaw



  • Geophysical Group
  • Drilling Group
  • EPC Group
  • Refinery Group
  • Chemical Group
  • Trading Group
  • Small & Medium enterprises and logistics Group
  • Energy Group- in process of formation

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Geophysical Group

Leader : Geofizyka Torun

  • 50 Years worldwide experience
  • 10 Seismic Crews
  • 2 Seismic Data Processing Centres
  • Seismic Interpretation Centres
  • Wireline Acquisition Units
  • Well Log Analysis Centres
  • Mud Logging Units
  • Professionals,
  • 500 Specialist engineers

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd

extensive client list
Extensive Client List
  • AB Geonafta, Amerada Hess, Amoco, Anschutz Overseas, Apache, British Gas E&P, Cairn Energy, CalEnergy Gas, CEPSA, Conoco, DONG E&P, Essar Oil, Exxon, Frontier Exploration Company, FXEnergy, Halliburton Germany, Landmark EAME, Lasmo, Lunds Energi, Medusa Oil & Gas, MOL, Moravskie Naftove Doly, North Oil Company, OMV, ONGC, Peberco, Petrobaltic, Polish Oil & Gas Company, Preussag Energie, Reliance Industries, RuhrGas, RWE-Dea, Shell, Sherritt International Corporation, Sonatrach, Syrian Petroleum Company, Texaco, Total Fina Elf, Tullow Oil, UAB Minijos Nafta.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd

50 years worldwide experience



Baltic Sea
















Pacific Ocean





50 Years worldwide experience








Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Drilling Group

Leader : Oil and Gas Exploration Company Cracow

  • Over 100 years in country experience
  • Years worldwide experience
  • 700 Professionals
  • Specialist engineers
  • Metre depth capability
  • 725 Ton capacity rigs available

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd



Drilling services

- exploration wells ;

- production and development wells ;

- geothermal wells ;

- CBM wells ;

- specialized drilling

- Additional well services

- Workover and sidetracking ;

- Directional drilling ;

- Drill stem test ;

- Mud fluid and solid control ;

- Continuous coring ;

- Underbalanced drilling

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd

50 years worldwide experience1
50 Years worldwide experience
  • Syrian Petroleum (Syria), British Gas (Pakistan), OMV (Pakistan), BP (Pakistan), Occidental Petroleum (Pakistan), Texaco (Poland), Amoco (Poland), Frontier (Poland), Apache (Poland), Chevron (Kazakhstan), Cairn Energy (India), British Gas (India), Geonepro (India), Fusion Oil & Gas (Ghana), Lasmo (Pakistan), ENI Pakistan, KKM (Kazakhstan), Kazgermunai (Kazakhstan), Hurricane (Kazakhstan), Premier Oil (Pakistan), Orient Petroleum (Pakistan i Kazakhstan), JKX/PPC Poltava (Ukraine), ONGC (India), ANK Shelf (Sakhalin), UAB Minijos Nafta (Lithuania) KaliningradNeft (Russia), Tullow (Pakistan), AB Geonafta (Lithuania)

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd

training centre world class
Training Centreworld class

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Group

Leader : Prochem

  • Design and Build (D&B)/Engineering Services for
  • Chemical industry
  • Power industry
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Years worldwide experience
  • Professionals, with
  • 1000 Specialist engineers

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd



  • Studies and analyses:
      • consulting services (documentation evaluation, expertise and analyses),
      • technical and economical analyses,
      • pre feasibility and feasibility studies,
      • Modernization programme
  • Multidiscipline engineering and design:
      • Preliminary design,
      • Basic design,
      • Detailed design,
      • Shop drawings.
  • Scope of performed works also includes:
    • Environmental impact assessment of investment process,
    • Supervision on site,
    • Tender documentation preparation,
    • Start-up and commissioning tests.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Types of Projects

  • “Turnkey” General Contractor,
  • Project and construction management,
  • Assembly of plants,
  • Complete installations,
  • Pipelines,
  • Pressure reducing and measuring stations,
  • Devices for production, transportation and distribution,
  • Manufacturing and erection of equipment, machinery and tanks,
  • Supply and erection of steel structures,
  • Insulation and corrosion protection works,
  • General earth works,
  • Gas, water and sewage networks,
  • HVAC with distribution networks,
  • Overhead and cable power lines and transformer stations.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Major Recent Projects……worldwide

Several cross country high pressure gas pipelines (Poland),

Gdansk Refinery modernization and extension (Poland),

III-rd line of crude oil pipeline Adamowo to Plebanka (Poland),

LPG Logistic Facilities for SHELL GAS POLSKA (Poland),

Crude oil and products logistics including tanks up to 100 000 m3 (Poland),

Float Glass Works for PILKINGTON SANDOGLASS Ltd. (Poland),

Float Glass Plant for American Company Guardian Industries (Poland),

In-site infrastructure for polyolefins complex for ORLEN S.A. (Poland),

Troll A Platform modernisation for ABB Offshore, (Sweden),

Cross country high pressure gas pipeline Jamal Russia - Western Europe

Assembly of acid- resisting piping for Paper - mill Woerth / Karlsruhe (Germany),

European Phosphorus Chemical Plant for AKZO NOBEL, Bitterfeld (Germany),

Various industrial plants and objects in Kuwait,

Various industrial plants and objects in Libya including refineries and tanks,

Tanks and pipelines in Russia, Cyprus, Germany, Nigeria, Czech Rep, Belarus,

LPG plant in Al Zubair in United Arab Emirates,

Tanks in Al Haiyer in Jordan,

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd



30 Years Experience

Refractory materials plants in Baghdad and Najaf,

Cement plant in Falluja,

Fertilizers industrial complex in Al Qaim,

Cellular concrete plant in Basrah,

Crude oil desalination plant in Rumaila;

Power plant in Baghdad,

Glass-works in Ramadi,

Tires plant in Diwaniya,

Paper plant in Misan,

Factory halls in Al Rusejfa,

Cardboard factory, Abu-Sukhair,

Paper-mill, Misan,

Glass-works, Ramadi,

Corn-elevator, Daura, Taji,

Sewage treatment plants, Rustamijah, Kufa including their maintenance,

Modernization of flour-mill, Basra,

Supply and erection of warehouses, Baghdad,

Water tanks, Baghdad,

Erection of equipment in grain silo, Suwaira, Um-Qasr,

Erection of building and injection moulding machines for "BUS" works, Amara,

Erection of water tanks and machinery in water pumping station, Karbala,

Employment of specialists for equipping industrial facilities, Baghdad, Taji,

Maintenance of industrial installation, Falluja.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Refinery Group

Leader : Lotos Group

GRUPA LOTOS SA is a joint;-stock company

which manages the second largest refinery in Poland.

The company\'s business is :

Refining and processing crude oil into finished products,

Buying crude oil,

Importing components

Distributing and selling oil products.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


The Refinery comprises three basis technological blocks:

Fuel Block with processing capacity of 4,500,000 tons of oil per year

Oil Block with manufacturing capacity of 250,000 tons per year

Hydrocracking Complex for processing heavy fractions of petroleum

It has access to petroleum through the terminal in Northern Port in Gdańsk and through the "Przyjaźń" pipeline.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


AMONGST LEADING EUROPEAN REFINERIESIn 2000 the Refinery completed a plan for expansion and modernization of manufacturing plants, which allows it to enter the circle of modern European refineries.

The Refinery has been the first in the industry to eliminate lead from the manufactured petrols, and to limit the level of benzene and sulphur.

The diesel oils manufactured in the Refinery fulfil the EU requirements, and in some respects exceed them by several years.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


FUTURE DEVELOPMENTGRUPA LOTOS SA faces the challenges associated with its privatisation as well as development and restructuring of both technology and market.

Continued upgrading and development of the Refinery, guarantees it keeping its competitive position in the Polish and European petroleum market.

An important element of this development is the planned investment in the construction of a plant complex for gasification of heavy residuals from petroleum processing:

TSS Total Site Solution US $ 600m.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Chemicals Group

Leader : POLICE SA

  • Poland has 5 Major Chemical Plants producing wide range of products including Ammonia
  • There are also many smaller companies that produce generic
  • pharmaceuticals and specialised chemical products
  • As a Group they have been involved in;
      • Production
      • Trading
      • Assistance in construction of facilities
      • Maintenance of facilities
  • The Group has been involved in setting up of several plants
  • in the Middle East

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Trading Group

Leader : CIECH SA

CIECH S.A. boasts more than 55 years of experience in international and domestic trade, mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The company dates back to 1945 when Centrala Importowo-Eksportowa Chemikalii i Aparatury Chemicznej Sp. z o.o. (Import and Export of Chemical Products and Equipment Ltd.) was established.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Supplier of :

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Small & Medium Enterprises and Logistics Group

Leader : Handlowy Dom Polski HDP Trade House of Poland THP

  • Trade House of Poland is an organization comprised of well known private Polish companies.
  • Its basic aim is to:
    • consolidate Polish manufacturing capabilities
    • present native companies potential,
    • promote home-made products
    • Develop new export markets.
  • More than 300 Polish companies and organizations,
  • Over 12.500 qualified employees
  • Covering many disciplines and markets
  • Total revenues of $160 million for companies in the program.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


The Group

  • In cooperation with the Lodz Business Club HDP
    • Organised and supported a group of companies from Poland in working as part of the US OFFSET PROJECT
    • Provides military logistics support and products - matching the highest world standards including certificates ISO and AQAP developed in co-operation with the Polish and NATO Armed Forces

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


The Group Produces

    • food products
      • (vegetables, fruits, meat and diary products)
    • textile
      • (piece goods, ready made garments and knitwear)
    • pharmaceutical products
      • (pharmaceuticals, para-pharmaceuticals, cosmetics)
    • medical products and equipment
    • electromechanical and household
    • furniture
    • transport equipment
  • .

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


The Group

    • The Group can secure supplies by sea, railway and road transport, in any amount, from any place in Poland:
      • of conventional and containerized loads (food, industrial, police and army equipment)
      • of heavy and oversized pieces
      • of complete structures, to any destination point on basis home/home.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


The Group has worked in the Region

  • The Group has already gained contracts and experience in dealing with the Middle East in:
        • constructions,, reconstruction extension of seaport infrastructures
        • conducting hydrotechnical (Marine) constructions in seaports (bases for liquid fuel reloading, ferry stands, RO-RO stands, breakwaters, shipyards, construction of sea defenses)
        • providing to seaports navigation lights and buoys.

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Energy Group …… in process of formation

Leader : Poludniowy Koncern Elektryczny (PKE)

  • PKE owns 8 power plants with capacity of 5000 MWE and additional heat output of 2300 MWE. With sales well in excess of USD 1 billion.
  • The Group consists of 11 other companies with additional total workforce of 20,000
  • The group offers the full range of capabilities including
    • coal mining, 
    • power generetation ,
    • power transmission (low and high tension),
    • switching stations and
    • electricity distribution systems..

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


Energy Group

The group was been deeply involved in the building of power plants and transmission systems in Iraq and in other parts of the Middle East.

Power installations in chemical and petrochemical plants are also carried out on turn-key basis

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd


The Consortium Marketing Website:

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd.

Plac Trzech Krzyży 1800-499, WarsawPolandPhone: (+4822)6238561Fax: (+4822)6281550e-mail: [email protected]

Consolidated Oil Services Ltd