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Unit Five
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Unit Five. Inquiries and Replies. 询 价 及 回 复. 1. Introduction Types of inquiries Layout of an inquiry. 2. Inquiry. Principles. 3. Reply. Layout of an Reply. inquiry. seller. product. buyer. reply. Two Types of Inquiry.

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Unit Five

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Unit five

Unit Five

Inquiries and Replies

询 价 及 回 复

1. Introduction

Types of inquiries

Layout of an inquiry

2. Inquiry


3. Reply

Layout of an Reply

Unit five






Unit five

Two Types of Inquiry

  • Common inquiry: require information about products, covering catalogue, price list, samples, pictures and so on.

  • Specific inquiry: inquire name, size, quantity, unit price, date of shipment, terms of payment, manner of pakcing and so on.

Layout of an inquiry

Layout of an Inquiry

  • Refer to the item or service that you are interested in.

  • Request to send catalogue, price list, samples, terms of trading and prospects of mentioned trading.

  • Request to give special attention to this inquiry and expectation of an early reply.

Sample 1

Sample 1

  • All Cotton Bed-sheets and Pillowcases

  • Messrs Johns and Smith of New York inform us that you are exporters of all cotton be-sheets and pillowcases.

  • Would you like to send us details of your various ranges, including sizes, colors and prices, and also samples made of materials of different qualities? We are large dealers in textiles and believe there is a promising market in your area for moderately priced products of this kind mentioned.

  • When quoting, could you answer the following questions:

  • What are your terms of payment?

  • Could you give us a discount when we purchase quantities of not less than 100 dozen of individual items? If so, how much?

  • What would be your best price including insurance and freight to Liverpool?

Sample 3

Sample 3

Dear Ward,

Subject: Silver Streak Mountain Bicycle

We are interested in your Silver Streak mountain bicycle. If we order 100 units, how much would they cost? Could you give us a discount? If so, how much? Also, how long does the guarantee last? Finally, how soon could you deliver when you receive our order?

Would you please let us know as soon as you can?

Best regards,



  • Thanks for inquiry

  • To reply related inquiries, tell enclosed materials, such as catalogue, price list and samples.

  • To put forward terms of trading, such as quantity, quality terms of payment and date of shipment.

  • To point out the promising market of the products so as to arouse interest of buyers

Unit five

  • If there is no products available, you can do something on the date of delivery, or recommend similar products, or other products in the catalogue which the buyer may be interested in.

Sample 2

Sample 2

Thank you for your letter of 15 January. As you asked, we are happy to enclose our latest illustrated catalogue and price list. Also, we are separately sending you some samples and feel confident that when you have examined them you will agree the products are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price.

On regular purchases in quantities of not less than 100 dozen of individual items you can obtain a discount of 2%. Payment is to be made by irrevocable L/C at sight.

Because of their softness and durability, our all cotton bed-sheets and pillowcases are rapidly becoming popular. After studying our prices you will not be surprised to learn that we find it difficult to meet the demand.

We hope this information will prove useful to you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on this or any other matters.

Sample 4

Sample 4

Subject: Bicycle Model

Thank you for inquiring about our Silver Streak mountain bicycle.

Unfortunately this model is temporarily out of stock, because of the Christmas rush, but we could deliver 100 units to you by the end of January and give a seasonal discount of 2%.

We also have other models that could be delivered immediately. The Flying 102 model, for instance, is becoming one of our most popular bicycles because it is lightweight but very strong, although the cost is a little more than the Silver Streak. If you would like to receive Christmas delivery of this or any other bicycle in the enclosed brochure, please let us know.

In the meantime, we send you our best wishes for a happy holiday!



  • a promising market

  • moderately priced products

  • 100 dozen of individual items

  • best price

  • products in excellent in quality and reasonable in price

  • out of stock

  • a valued customer of long standing

  • at your convenience

  • favorable quotation

Unit five

Answers of Exercises

  • 1.

  • We are interested in ordering your XL/2 Water purifier.

  • Would you please send me your latest catalogue right away?

  • I hope to hear from you soon.

  • As you asked, we are happy to inform you of our mountain bicycle.

  • I hope the information enclosed will prove useful to you.

Unit five


Thank you for your letter of July 15 for our digital cameras.

As you enquired, we are enclosing our latest illustrated catalogue and price list.As for terms


of payment, weusually require confirmed, irrevocable letter of Credit payable by draft at sight.

We have already sold some of those cameras to China and now are represented there by Far East Import & Export Ltd., Shanghai. Would you please contact the company directly? We think the firm may supply you with more details of our cameras. We feel confident you will find our products both excellent in quality and very reasonable in price. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.

Exe 3

Exe. 3

  • Many of my customers have been asking recently about books on tape,

  • Would you please send me any details that would give me a better knowledge of the product?

  • Would you please send me information concerning this exciting new market?

  • I hope to be hearing form you soon.

Unit five


We noted from your letter of May 21 that you are interested in our stationery but find our quotation of April 30 too high to conclude.

We would inform you that our price has been accepted by other buyers in your city, at which substantial business has been done and that inquiries have kept flooding in over the past few months. Such being the case, we cannot cut our price. As a matter of fact, it is only in view of our long-standing trade relations that we offered you such a favorable price.

We hope you will reconsider it and fax us as soon as you can.

Unit five

  • 5.

  • 如有仿制珍珠的存货,请将样品寄来。

  • 请以传真告知贵公司的优惠价格及大概的装运期。

  • 我方期盼早日收到贵方的样品与报价单。

  • 感谢贵方10月30日的查询,并很乐意答复如下:

  • 如您所愿,我方已于今天另寄3份最新目录。

Unit five

  • 6.

  • Enclosed are our quotations, which are open for two weeks only.

  • The prices have gone up steadily since January this year, but we have not yet raised our quotations.

  • You can get a discount of 5% from our price list for an order of 100 dozen or more.

  • Your inquiry of December 15 regarding the above subject has been received.

  • Would you please let me know if you are able to supply this quality at approximately 50 cents per meter?

The end

The End

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