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Welcome to Smart Distribution Services Australia Phone: (03) 94598990 Phil Withers : 0401 144 664 Graeme Farrer : 0407 000 208 Ted Smart : 0409 140 662 Our Website : www . smartdistribution . com . au Our E-mail: smartdist @ bigpond . com. Our Head Office & Distribution Centre.

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Our Head Office & Distribution Centre

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Welcome to Smart Distribution ServicesAustraliaPhone: (03) 94598990Phil Withers : 0401 144 664Graeme Farrer : 0407 000 208Ted Smart : 0409 140 662Our Website: www.smartdistribution.com.auOur E-mail: smartdist@bigpond.com

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Our Head Office & Distribution Centre

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Smart Distribution Services began operations in April 1999.

Based in Melbourne, with two directors who have a long history in property maintenance, Smart Distribution Services are proud to support and supply all Australian products.

We cater to our clients’ need for non-hazardous, environmentally friendly graffiti removal and high cover graffiti products.

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When Smart Distribution Services began we undertook extensive research and development with industrial chemical engineers and chemists.

Our flagship product SMART WIPE OUT was incredibly effective and through continued research is always being improved.

SMART WIPE OUT may be used on surfaces such as brick, mortar, blue stone, cement, concrete and asphalt whether painted or unpainted.

It may be used on outdoor park & gardens playground equipment.

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In conjunction with the success of SMART WIPE OUT, six other graffiti removal products and coatings were engineered to tailor to more specific requirements.

These are:








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Smart Distribution Services - Product Range

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To compliment our products, we offer a Graffiti Audit service, which makes a computerised record of all graffiti in a given area, which is a useful tool for local government, councils and other institutions.

Using these audits we can tailor a removal program to suit your requirements.

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We train all our staff to Australian OH&S standards. We offer this training program to you which includes a safe handling course and usage of our chemicals and paints.

On completion of the course the trainee will receive a signed training certificate along with all Material Safety Data Sheets.

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How it works…

Our products are designed to be as simple to use as possible.

The top picture shows over five layers of graffiti which have been building up over the course of many years.

The second picture shows the start of the process, the application of SMART WIPE OUT to the surface with a paint roller.

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Here we see the second part of the removal process.

After a period, during which the chemical acts, the wall is sprayed clean with a high pressure wash.

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And here is the finished product - a total makeover.

The wall is returned to is original state.

(the blue rectangle was retained by request)

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Chemical Manufacturing

Our manufacturing chemical plant,

based in Melbourne has the capacity of formulating

Up to 6000 litres of product every day.

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Paint Manufacturing

In 2004, Smart Distribution Services developed a high cover wall paint and today have a range of five colours. Our manufacturing capability can produce 1500 litres of each colour daily.

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These superior paint products are used by local governments,

schools, councils and shopping centres throughout Australia

as well as departments such as Vic Roads and the

Community Corrections Services.

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Warehouse & Distribution

Paint Supplies

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Warehouse & Distribution

Our loading bay and forklift facility

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Warehouse & Distribution

Our chemical container located within our warehouse

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Smart Distribution Services - Australia have distributors in every state in Australia and export to the United States,

United Kingdom and Ireland.

We at Smart Distribution Services undertake intensive staff and contractor training with all our products. We provide all technical and Material Safety Data Sheet information as well as a total 24 hour telephone service.

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Thank you for viewing this presentation from us at


Smart Distribution Services – Australia is continually striving for

total customer satisfaction.

For further information regarding supply, products or technical support please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone: (03) 9459 8990Phil Withers : 0401 144 664Graeme Farrer : 0407 000 208Ted Smart : 0409 140 662Our Website: www.smartdistribution.com.au

Our e-mail: smartdist@bigpond.com

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