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ITS Printing Services

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ITS Printing Services 25 January, 2006 Chris Sacksteder, [email protected] Agenda Who Why What was done, needs to be done How does existing system work When can you sign up Questions, Comments, Discussion Who

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its printing services

ITS Printing Services

25 January, 2006

Chris Sacksteder, [email protected]

  • Who
  • Why
  • Whatwas done, needs to be done
  • How does existing system work
  • When can you sign up
  • Questions, Comments, Discussion

ITS Printing Services


ITS Printing Services Working Group

Committee formed August 2005 to propose a chargeback printing service.


  • CLC
    • Chris Sacksteder
    • John Cripe
  • ASET
    • Phil Pishioneri
    • Mark Campbell
    • Greta Armstrong
    • Jerry Mihaly
    • Robyn Wang

ITS Printing Services

  • Many units have long wanted to charge for or limit student printing(often more for printing control rather than cost recovery)
  • One campus and a couple departments at UP have been supported for a while(kinda unofficial)
  • Things change (d) when PSU Gina is (was) removed(oops)

ITS Printing Services

What . . .

. . . has been done:

  • Defined service requirements
  • Listed and understood all the components
  • Examined possible services
  • Researched technical questions
  • Developed software

. . . needs to be done:

  • Implement prototypes
  • Propose exact ITS services
  • Finish software development

ITS Printing Services

service requirements
Service Requirements


  • Printing is securea user can\'t easily tag a print job with someone else\'s userid
  • Chargeback is through the bursarstudents only, for now
  • Accommodates students\' "free pages" and limitswhen they have not agreed to billed for printing via a signature station
  • Credits can be requested for spoiled jobs or jobs that did not printprocess needs to be efficient

ITS Printing Services

service requirements7
Service Requirements


  • Notification to user\'s workstation when the print job is done
  • Web page to query user status(free pages remaining, jobs printed, etc.)
  • Redundant print servers(automatic failover)
  • Queue management
  • Remote printing(not a CLC service yet)

ITS Printing Services

clc printing components
CLC Printing Components

The committee decided to use our existing system rather than buying or building a new system. Components that go into this system include:

  • Printers and Print Servers
      • acquisition: buying and replacing the hardware
      • network: acquiring a network interface
      • installation: connecting them to a network, defining printer and print queues on server
      • maintenance: buying and refilling paper and toner; fixing broken printers or servers; updating OS or firmware

ITS Printing Services

clc printing components cont
CLC Printing Components (cont.)
  • Printing Methods
      • LPR and SMB (domain credentials with the latter)
      • authentication (Uniprint exits and PALS)
      • authorization (Uniprint exits and PALS)
      • queue balancing (Uniprint)
      • page counting (Uniprint)
      • user notification (Uniprint and UpdtServ on Windows, "Uniprint" on Macs)

ITS Printing Services

clc printing components cont10
CLC Printing Components (cont.)
  • Queue Management
      • reassign queues to different servers
      • dynamic configuration of clients
  • User Information
      • web page to query status, job, and page count
      • web page to show print jobs and credits (under consideration)

ITS Printing Services

clc printing components cont11
CLC Printing Components (cont.)

Limits and Billing

  • signature stations, agree to billing flag (Cactus, Pals) (may move this off signature stations)
  • prepaid pages (manual, PalsDB client)
  • free pages, extra free pages (Pals)
  • page limits (Pals and Uniprint exits)
  • billing (Pals, Cactus, Bursar)
  • note: the bursar will take a % of printing income for "new" services
  • page credits (web form; manual data entry into Cactus and Pals; planned to be streamlined)
  • print charges (rates) have to be approved by the controller\'s office

ITS Printing Services

research questions
Research Questions

Printing from or domains with trust to

  • Can users logged into a computer with a\<userid> account connect to and print to printers in the domain?
      • From an OU in YES
      • From a child domain under YES
      • From a third forest with a trust to YES
  • All shadow accounts in have been set with name mappings for

ITS Printing Services

software development
Software Development
  • PALS: new verb SDATA for login and logout records
      • multiple keys needed for a secure signature
      • still lightweight
      • done and in production!
  • New client code
      • PSUWinlogonEvents: done
      • Macintosh OS 10 “Pals”: in production
      • Linux: tbd

ITS Printing Services

software development cont
Software Development (cont.)
  • PALS: move user data to SQL server
      • IP addresses: who is logged in where
      • Users: jobs, pages, limits
      • Add credit data
      • Print job data
      • Distributed, disconnected model: database transactions all asynchronous
      • Need 100% up time

ITS Printing Services

service scenarios
Service Scenarios

Many possibilities; a limited set needs to be defined, e.g.:

  • For departments at UP: Department buys the first printer; CLC runs servers and printers, printers are treated like lab printers and CLC gets any income.
      • easiest
      • not necessarily appropriate
  • Campus: CLC runs the Uniprint database, campus staff run the printer servers and printers; they get the money.
      • need skilled staff at location
      • need to distribute and maintain Uniprint exits

ITS Printing Services

service scenarios cont
Service Scenarios (cont.)

But in all likelihood:

  • Printing will be controlled with Pals
  • We will provide for credit requests
  • We will send data to Cactus
  • Cactus will send data to the bursar
  • Bursar will add charges to the students’ accounts

ITS Printing Services

pharos uniprint licensing
Pharos Uniprint Licensing
  • UP site license covers all at UP
  • Additional locations: $$$$$
  • ITS Computer Store is working on it
  • What is it worth to you?

ITS Printing Services

  • Prototype with College of Communications Lab . . . now
  • Convert Harrisburg this summer (?)
  • Test with other locations this summer (?)
  • Target Fall Semester 2006 (?)

ITS Printing Services

Now . . .
  • If you are interested in chargeback for color printing . . .
  • . . . and no rate is set . . .
      • HP Color LaserJet ($0.15, $0.30)
      • Epson 4000 ($1.75, $3.50)
  • Start collecting data now on consumables and begin the process for getting a rate established

ITS Printing Services

  • Who
  • Why
  • Whatwas done, needs to be done
  • How does existing system work
  • When can you sign up
  • Questions, Comments, Discussion

ITS Printing Services

questions comments
Questions? Comments?

Chris Sacksteder,[email protected]

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ITS Printing Services