Inside ceiling on aluminum coating

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Emissivity. The emissivity of a material (usually written e) is the ratio of energy radiated to energy radiated by a black body at the same temperature. It is a measure of a material's ability to absorb and radiate energy. A true black body would have an e = 1 while any real object would have e < 1. .

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Inside ceiling on aluminum coating

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5. What does this mean Be aware of this. Most of what we look at is around 0.9 (sheetrock, wood, cement, most paints…). If you are looking at metal, well, good luck. If you are looking at a window or metal, put some masking tape on it and shot the tape.

6. Documenting Images Record image number and what you are looking at (#1, kitchen ceiling). Record inside and outside temperature (attic). This is helpful if you want to do before/after shots. (more on this later) Take regular photo that match infrared.

11. Before and After Comparisons Documenting the impact of your work can be dramatically shown using infrared. There are a few basic that you need to do. Get the same inside and out side conditions. Temperature (ambient and attic) Time of day (sun) Weather Camera settings need to be the same.

15. Using infrared and photos to document defects in construction process

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