Department of economic development marketing georgia to the world the agribusiness edge
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Department of Economic Development Marketing Georgia to the World: the Agribusiness Edge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Department of Economic Development Marketing Georgia to the World: the Agribusiness Edge November, 2007 The Agribusiness Edge Where we are – The Georgia Landscape Where we’re going – The Georgia Promise How we will get there – The Georgia Dynamic How we measure success –

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Department of Economic Development Marketing Georgia to the World: the Agribusiness Edge

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Presentation Transcript

Department of Economic DevelopmentMarketing Georgia to the World: the Agribusiness Edge

November, 2007

The Agribusiness Edge

  • Where we are –

    The Georgia Landscape

  • Where we’re going –

    The Georgia Promise

  • How we will get there –

    The Georgia Dynamic

  • How we measure success –

    The Georgia Harvest

The Georgia Landscape

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape


A rich heritage and Georgia’s leading industry

  • 1 in 6 Georgians works in agriculture, forestry or related field

  • Leads all other states in production of:

    • Pecans, peanuts, eggs, rye

  • 11 million+ acres of farmland

  • 24+ acres of commercial forestland

  • Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition: largest farm show in world

    with field demonstrations

Georgia broiler production exceeded by only 4 countries

International Poultry Exposition

Hosted by Georgia since 1945

2007: 20,000+ attendees from 90+ countries

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

Poultry Capital of the World

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

  • Ranked 2nd in the U.S.

  • 1st state to grow cotton for commercial use

  • Cotton gin invented near Savannah

Cotton Production

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

  • Peaches

  • Vidalia onions

  • Claxton fruitcakes (!)

Other products associated with Georgia

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

Agribusiness in Georgia

  • Agribusiness is one of state’s strategic industries

  • $56.7 billion industry

  • 16% of gross state product

  • 16% of state employment base

  • Farm input and machinery sectors contribute approximately $4 billion per year

    • Seeds, feeds, fertilizers, machinery, farm & forest services

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape


  • UGA one of three agricultural colleges

    • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC)

    • Fort Valley State

  • Agricultural Center of Innovation


  • GTRI Agricultural Tech Research Program

  • FoodPAC

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

Current Assets

  • State of the art technology

  • Professional workforce

  • Dedication to progressive investment

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

Georgia’s Business Asset Portfolio

  • Logistics

  • Workforce

  • Operating costs

  • Business environment

  • International business connections

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape


  • Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

    • 725,000+  tons each year

    • Direct flights to 5 continents & 150+ U.S. cities

  • Central location, U.S. East Coast & Southeast

    • More than 80% of U.S. market within a 2-hour flight

  • Comprehensive transportation logistics network

    • More than 80% of U.S. market within 2-day truck haul

    • 5,000 miles of railroad – largest network in Southeast

    • Savannah Ports are fastest-growing in U.S.

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape


  • Young population and strong in-migration

  • 4th fastest-growing state in U.S.

  • More than 100,000 people move here each year

  • Education

    • HOPE scholarship

    • Strong technical schools & university system

    • Quick Start and ICAPP assisted at 3,800 companies

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

Operating Costs

  • Longtime triple ‘A’ credit rating: highest rate possible

  • Moderate costs for property, construction & commercial leases

  • Moderate costs of power, logistics & general operating activities

  • Wages & social costs below national average

  • Cost of living & housing below national average

  • Low tax rates

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

Business Environment

  • Stable tax policy: 6% corporate income tax since 1969

  • Business incentives for new and existing companies

  • Rankings

    • #1 in workforce training (Expansion Management)

    • #1 in fiscal policies (Laffer Report)

    • #2 for business environment (Site Selection)

    • #3 in entrepreneurial activity (Kauffman Foundation)

    • 4th best state to do business in (CNBC)

    • 12th in country for entrepreneurship climate (Small Business Survival Index)

    • 15th best state for business (Forbes)

Agriculture: The Georgia Landscape

International Business Connections

  • 50+ countries have consular, trade or bi-national chamber of commerce offices

  • 11 international offices (when China office opens)

  • Delta: 317 destinations in 55 countries

The Georgia Promise

Agriculture: The Georgia Promise

  • Agribusiness as a Strategic Industry

  • Commission for a New Georgia

  • Goal: Georgia’s Agribusiness economy will be ranked one of the top 3 in the U.S. by 2020

  • Others: Bioscience, Energy, Logistics, Advanced Manufacturing, Business & Financial, Advanced Communications

Agriculture: The Georgia Promise

Agribusiness: Areas of Focus

  • Poultry

  • Vegetable Prod/Proc

  • Natural/Organic

  • Alt. Feedstocks

  • Ag. “Bioscience”

  • Forestry

Agriculture: The Georgia Promise

Agribusiness: Partners

  • Agriculture Center of Innovation

  • University System of Georgia

  • Key Partners:

  • DCA

  • USDA

  • US Dept. of Energy

  • Georgia Allies

  • GFC

  • DOA

  • DOE

  • DTAE

The Georgia Dynamic

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

Georgia’s Bioenergy Initiative

  • Strategic industries intersection of:

    • Agribusiness

    • Bioscience

    • Energy

  • Model for other strategic industry plans

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

Types of Bioenergy in Georgia

  • Biodiesel

  • Ethanol from agricultural crops

  • Cellulosic ethanol

  • Wood pellets

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic


  • Biodegradable fuel from natural renewable sources

  • Feedstocks: soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower seed oil, canola oil, chicken fat & waste grease

  • Georgia Biodiesel factories:

  • Bulldog Biodiesel, Ellenwood

  • Inland Oil, Bainbridge

  • Alterra Biofuels, Gordon

  • U.S. Biofuels, Rome

  • Soymet, Rome

  • Middle Georgia Biofuels, Dublin

  • Sunshine Biofuels, Camilla

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

Ethanol from Agricultural Crops

  • Clean-burning, high-octane fuel from renewable sources

  • Feedstocks: corn, sugar cane, sugar beets and sweet potatoes

  • Ethanol factories:

    • Windgap Farms, Baconton

    • U.S. Ethanol, Cordele

    • First United Ethanol, Camilla

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

Cellulosic Ethanol

  • Produced from Georgia’s 20 million tons of timber harvest byproducts

  • Feedstocks: switchgrass, wood, hay, plants and garbage

  • Range Fuels in Soperton will be the nation’s first cellulosic ethanol plant – broke ground last week.

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

Wood Pellets

  • Feedstocks: wood (sawdust, bark, logging debris)

  • Ex: Appling County Pellets (subsidiary of Fram Renewable Fuels)

    • Plant established this year; will market product to Europe

  • Produced from timber harvest byproducts

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

The Bioenergy Corridor

  • Georgia is ideally positioned as The Bioenergy Corridor of the U.S.

    • We have the natural resources

    • We have the academic resources

    • We have the technology resources

    • We have the commitment

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

The Bioenergy Corridor: Natural Resources

  • Georgia has the most privately-owned timberland in the U.S. (92% of 24.2 million acres)

  • 11 million acres of farmland

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

The Bioenergy Corridor:

Academic & Technology Resources

  • University partnerships with UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • Incubators to help start-up companies develop and commercialize products and address timely issues like drought

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

The Bioenergy Corridor: Incubators

  • Agriculture Center of Innovation in Tifton one of six “solution centers” in the state (

  • National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory (NESPAL)

  • Ga. Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Agricultural Technology Research Program

  • Food Processing Advisory Council (FoodPAC)

  • Herty Advance Materials Development Center

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

The Bioenery Corridor: Commitment

  • Partnership among GDEcD, GEFA and GFC; more to come

  • Bioenergy an important part of state energy plan

  • EPD expedites permitting process for biofuels facilities (90 days max)

  • Legislation passed to reduce sales taxes on ethanol and biodiesel companies

  • Grants available from Herty, other agencies

  • State fleet includes more than 750 alternatively-fueled vehicles

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

Georgia-Grown marketing program

  • Increasing awareness and demand for locally-grown products

  • Partnership between state’s Trade team and Department of Agriculture to promote Georgia-grown products within state, around country and throughout world

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

“Georgia-Made, Georgia-Grown”

  • New agritourism initiative launched by Georgia Tourism Foundation & state’s tourism division

  • Encourages residents and visitors to purchase locally-grown, locally-produced items

  • Includes farmers, craftspeople, food-packers & processors, artists, etc.

  • Goal is to sustain and nurture Georgia’s rural economies

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic


  • $1.7 billion industry in Georgia

  • Helps family farms remain profitable

  • Visitors seek authentic experiences to reconnect to their past

  • Agriculture is the thread that ties Georgia’s heritage together

Agriculture: The Georgia Dynamic

  • Farms engaging in agritourism report that it generates 41% of their revenue

  • Great potential to expand across the state, maintaining Georgia’s agricultural heritage and providing rural economic development.

  • Symposium today w/statewide partners to discuss ways to move forward

Agriculture: the Georgia Dynamic

Mission: to strategically deliver economic development throughout the state by…

  • Attracting new business investment

  • Supporting the expansion of existing industry & small businesses

  • Locating new markets for Georgia products

  • Attracting tourists from within and outside the state

  • Promoting GA as a desirable location for entertainment businesses and projects

    Vision: to be the pre-eminent economic development team in the world – a unique public and private partnership working together for Georgia.

Agriculture: the Georgia Dynamic

  • Critical Success Factors

  • Working as a team

  • Being accountable

  • Building relationships

  • Delivering measurable results

  • Giving value to our customers

  • Acting with integrity

  • Being proactive and strategic

Agriculture: the Georgia Dynamic

The world is flat and global outreach is a priority

  • Georgia has 20th largest economy in world

  • Last year, international companies accounted for:

    • 17% of project announcements

    • 17% of total jobs announced

  • 43 countries operate over 1,600 internationally-owned facilities

Agriculture: the Georgia Dynamic

Why is this important for Georgia’s agribusiness?

  • Agriculture is one of Georgia’s largest exporters

  • Companies who trade are located in 88% of Georgia’s counties

  • International companies pay about 15% more than U.S. companies

  • Foreign investment brings in new research, technology, and skills

    • In 2003, affiliates of foreign companies spent

      • $30 billion on research and development

      • $109 billion on plants and equipment

    • These advances are often adopted by locally-owned companies

Agriculture: the Georgia Dynamic

Global Georgia Strategy

  • Focus on Georgia’s strategic industries like agribusiness

  • Raise Georgia’s visibility in key markets through highly targeted marketing initiatives (advertising & PR; events; collateral, web, etc.)

  • Build relationships with in-market key decision makers

  • Repeated direct follow-up with such decision-makers

  • Targeted marketing strategy for each country’s top 3 industries

The Georgia Harvest

The Georgia Harvest

Recent Successes

  • China

    • Lehui (Kingwasong) – June 06 – 200 jobs

      • Food-processing plant in Newnan

    • General Protecht – May 07 – 240 jobs, $30 million

    • Sany – Sept. 07 – 200 jobs (potent. 600), $30 million

  • India

    • Wipro – Aug. 07 – 500 jobs

The Georgia Harvest

Recent Agriculture Successes

Roastwood Materials, Brooks County52 jobs$2.5M

Standard Functional Foods, Dodge County77 jobsn/a

Country Boy Meat Stix, Hart County50 jobs$2M

Boise Bldg Materials Distribution, Barrow County50 jobs$12M

Premium Waters, Inc., Coffee County100 jobs$30M

American Foodservice, Thomas County35 jobs$3M

The Georgia Harvest

Recent Successes


  • Georgia’s vast agricultural resources

  • Sales tax exemption for biofuels

  • Recent project locations

    • Range Fuels (cellulosic ethanol)

    • First United Ethanol (corn)

    • C2 Biofuels (wood pulp)

The Georgia Harvest


Georgia’s Agribusiness economy will be ranked one of the top 3 in the U.S. by 2020.

The Georgia Harvest

How GDEcD grows business in Georgia

  • Building relationships throughout state & the world

  • Building partnerships in Georgia’s communities & other entities

  • Building competitive business assets and marketing strategies

The Georgia Harvest

How agribusiness community can work with GDEcD

  • “A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind.”

    • Look for opportunities to partner

  • Get to know what is important to the communities you work with

  • Continue to act regionally and encourage others to do so

The Georgia Harvest

Dr. Fanning: “Stay alive as long as we live.”

  • Partnership engagement

  • Leadership in industry

  • Fulfillment of goals

Georgia Department of Economic Development

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