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Current Topics in Medical Physics Research. Xiaoming Zheng, PhD. School of Dentistry and Health Science Chengdu, China, 2009. Current Research Interests . Image reconstruction algorithms Scatter and resolution corrections Image quality assessment Clinical image analysis

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Current Topics in Medical Physics Research

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Current topics in medical physics research l.jpg

Current Topics in Medical Physics Research

Xiaoming Zheng, PhD.

School of Dentistry and Health Science

Chengdu, China, 2009

Current research interests l.jpg

Current Research Interests

  • Image reconstruction algorithms

  • Scatter and resolution corrections

  • Image quality assessment

  • Clinical image analysis

  • Computer aided diagnosis

  • Radiation detectors

Filtered back projection l.jpg

Filtered Back-Projection

Butterworth filter and cutoff frequency l.jpg

Butterworth Filter and Cutoff Frequency

Iterative reconstruction l.jpg

Iterative Reconstruction

Rescaled block iterative reconstruction algorithm l.jpg

Rescaled Block Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm

Attenuation compensation l.jpg

Attenuation Compensation

Scatter compensation l.jpg

Scatter Compensation

Resolution compensation l.jpg

Resolution Compensation

Images reconstructions l.jpg

Images Reconstructions

  • Iterative Reconstruction: Rescaled Block Iterative Algorithm including attenuation, scatter, and distance resolution compensation. Parameters tested: iteration 1,3,5,7,10 and post Gaussian filter FWHM 0,1,2,3,4 pixels

  • Filtered Back-Projection: Parameters tested: Butterworth filter cut-off frequencies: 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30 pixel-1

Reconstructed images l.jpg

Reconstructed images



Human and numerical observer image quality studies l.jpg

Human and Numerical Observer Image Quality Studies

  • Human observer study using receiver operating characteristics

  • Numerical observer employing an ideal observer model.

Receiver operating characteristics l.jpg

Receiver Operating Characteristics

Numerical observers l.jpg

Numerical Observers

Types of channels l.jpg

Types of Channels

Numerical observer results rbi l.jpg

Numerical Observer Results: RBI

Human observer results l.jpg

Human Observer Results

Scatter and cross talk correction in dual radionuclide imaging l.jpg

Scatter and Cross-talk Correction in Dual Radionuclide Imaging

The neural network l.jpg

The Neural Network

Slide20 l.jpg

Before Correction

After Correction

Image registration l.jpg

Image Registration

Statistical parametric mapping l.jpg

Statistical Parametric Mapping

Radiation dose optimization in ct l.jpg

Radiation Dose Optimization in CT

  • Biological effect of ionizing radiation

  • Cancer rate vs radiation dose

  • Radiation dose reduction: image quality vs radiation dose

  • Technical parameters: kVp, mAs, etc.

Ct scan parameters and dose index l.jpg

CT Scan Parameters and Dose Index



Slide25 l.jpg

CT Dose Index and image quality scores summary

Single slice ct images l.jpg

Single Slice CT Images

16 slice ct images l.jpg

16 Slice CT Images

64 slice ct images l.jpg

64 Slice CT Images

Computer assisted diagnosis l.jpg

Computer Assisted Diagnosis

  • Provide second opinion to radiologists.

  • FDA approved systems include breast and lung cancer detections.

  • Image processing

  • Image data base

  • Artificial intelligence.

Pet spect simulation using geant l.jpg

PET/SPECT Simulation Using GEANT

Radiation detectors l.jpg

Radiation Detectors

  • Room temperature Semiconductor Detectors: Materials and mechanisms

  • Magnetic resonance coils designs.

Scintillator based gamma camera l.jpg

Scintillator-based gamma camera

Detector head

(GE Medical Systems)

Czt nai comparison l.jpg

CZT / NaI comparison

ELGEMS CZT pixilated

small field imager

Anger camera (NaI)

Test image

Thyroid phantom

Semiconductor czt l.jpg

Semiconductor - CZT


CdZnTe: Gamma rays create electron/hole pairs. The gamma energy level is proportional to the electrical current.


CdZnTe (CZT)






Slide35 l.jpg

The GaAs detectors

Hybrid modalities pet ct l.jpg

Hybrid Modalities – PET/CT

Hybrid imaging systems l.jpg

Hybrid Imaging Systems

New imaging systems l.jpg

New Imaging Systems

  • New detector technology.

  • Optical imaging: visible, ultraviolet, inferred.

  • Molecular imaging: PET, fMRI, Optical

  • Hybrid imaging systems.

  • T Herts imaging.

Optical imaging l.jpg

Optical Imaging

Teraherts imaging l.jpg

Teraherts Imaging

Slide42 l.jpg

Thickness of tissue probed

30 mm 100mm 1mm 1cm 10cm


400 nm

800 nm

1600 nm

10 mm

100 mm

Confocal/ multi-photon microscopy

Diffuse optical tomography

Optical coherence tomography


THz imaging

Magnetoencephalography l.jpg


Medical physics topics l.jpg

Medical Physics Topics?

  • Treatment of depression: Transcranial magnetic stimulation.

  • Killing of cancer cells: Electric field on biological molecules.

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