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Convergent Audiences When Consumers Become Creators AOL: Minister of Fear New Media Focus on: Speed Delivery Platform Mix Revenue Moving Parts US vs. THEM “Me-Too News” More Noise

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Convergent audiences l.jpg

Convergent Audiences

When Consumers

Become Creators

Aol minister of fear http aolsvc news aol com elections article adp id 20040714210209990006 l.jpg
AOL: Minister of Fear

New media focus on l.jpg
New Media Focus on:

  • Speed

  • Delivery Platform

  • Mix

  • Revenue

  • Moving Parts

Me too news l.jpg

“Me-Too News”

More Noise

Attachment involvement l.jpg

Attachment, Involvement


Meaningful Information

Instead focus on connections l.jpg
Instead focus on:Connections

Connections consist of l.jpg
Connections consist of:

  • People

  • Relationships

  • Interactions

  • Participation

  • Involvement

Readership institute www readership org l.jpg

Key News Experiences

  • Looks out for my civic, personal interests

  • Makes me smarter

  • Give me “something to talk about”

Readership institute l.jpg
Readership Institute


  • Create experiences

  • Tweak less, innovate more

Media participation involvement l.jpg
Media Participation = Involvement

  • Story Making + Story Telling

  • Constructing + Deconstructing Stories

  • News “Experiences” + News Stories

  • Civic Participation + Civic News

Truthsquading www factcheck org l.jpg

Future news l.jpg

Future News

Story Making


Story Telling

Story making l.jpg
Story Making

  • Internal: Consuming stories people make

  • External: Making the stories people consume

Internal story making l.jpg
Internal Story Making

How do you

get your news?

Internal story making individuals as news aggregators l.jpg
Internal Story Making: Individuals as News Aggregators

  • Newspapers, Headlines, Photos

  • Radio, TV

  • Internet, Blogs

  • Emails

  • Cell Phones

  • Comedy

External story making citizen created content l.jpg
External Story Making:Citizen-Created Content

  • Blogs

  • News Exercises

  • Email Correspondents

  • Citizen Journalists

  • HLCMs - Hyperlocal citizens media

Future news36 l.jpg
Future News

For Journalists:

Deconstructing Stories

Build the components

that help users

co-author the story

Future news37 l.jpg

Future News

News Experiences


News Stories

Future news38 l.jpg
Future News

Web site:

  • Not just something you READ

  • Something you DO

Involve people by l.jpg
Involvepeople by:

  • Showing + Telling

  • Knowledge + News

  • Entry Points

  • Telling own Stories

  • Inviting Participation

Chinese proverb l.jpg
Chinese Proverb:

  • I hear and I forget.

  • I see and I remember.

  • I do and I understand.

New news experiences l.jpg
New News Experiences

  • Blogs

  • Calculators

  • Clickable Maps

  • Searchable Databases

  • Games

  • Web site creation

  • E-Newsletters

  • Choices, Simulations

Calculators l.jpg

Slide49 l.jpg

Clickable Maps

Slide56 l.jpg

Choices exercises

AOL President Match Quiz

Meaningful interaction l.jpg

Meaningful Interaction

No Noise

Slide65 l.jpg

Click on "Cool Stuff"

and Batten Awards

Kqed s you decide http www kqed org topics news perspectives youdecide l.jpg
KQED’s “You Decide”

P o v s borders air http www pbs org pov borders 2004 air index html l.jpg
P.O.V’s Borders/ Air

Usatoday com sing my song http www usatoday com life graphics new song flash htm l.jpg Sing my Song