Clatrhrate desalination technology
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Clatrhrate Desalination Technology . Inventor’s name: Tretyakov K. Telephone: +38 050 4525530 E-mail: [email protected] Yuzhnoye State Design Office City: Dnepropetrovsk. Proprietary information statement.

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Clatrhrate desalination technology l.jpg

Clatrhrate Desalination Technology

Inventor’s name: Tretyakov K.

Telephone: +38 050 4525530

E-mail: [email protected]

Yuzhnoye State Design Office

City: Dnepropetrovsk


Proprietary information statement l.jpg
Proprietary information statement

  • The slides contain confidential and proprietary information for use in patenting the technology.

  • The technology material presented is available for licensing or joint product development.


Problem description market need l.jpg
Problem Description & Market Need

  • World needs for fresh water grow.

  • In the market energy saving, universal and inexpensive desalination technologies are necessary.

  • Throughout the world 26 countries feel deficiency of fresh water, in 13 countries it is sharp.1


Distribution of renewable fresh water resources m 3 year person l.jpg
Distribution of renewable fresh water resources, m3/(yearperson)

Necessary minimum - 1700m3/(yearperson)


Existing water desalinating capacities m 3 year person l.jpg
Existing water-desalinating capacitiesm3/(yearperson)


Demanded water desalinating capacities m 3 year person l.jpg
Demanded water-desalinating capacitiesm3/(yearperson)


Technical merits l.jpg
Technical Merits

  • Expenses of the electric power less than 100 J/kg per a product.

  • Tolerance to the dissolved substance level in initial sea water or wastewater.

  • Cost of the freshened water at level 1.5-3 $/m3.

  • High quality of the freshened water.


Technology description l.jpg
Technology Description

  • Initial sea water moves to a bottom part of the apparatus where it is agitated with the special agent under action of ultrasound. Thus the hot ice (clathrate) is formed.

  • The formed suspension is moved by a pump in the evaporator of a freezing machine which is located inside of the apparatus and in which heat leaves, evolved in reaction.

  • Hot ice crystals are separated from suspension on the filter located above the evaporator, and move upwards for washing.

  • Cooled water moves in a crystallizing tank.

  • Hot ice crystals are melted in a melter-condenser and fresh water is separated from special agent and it is transported to consumer.


Advantages l.jpg

  • Conditions for carrying out this process are approximated to normal ones (pressure not above 3 atm. and temperature in the range from 0 to 30С).

  • Simple hardware equipment.

  • Water with the small contents of heavy isotopes Н2,H3and O18.


Advantages10 l.jpg

  • Low energy consumption on desalting of high salty water without its preliminary treatment.


Experimental results l.jpg
Experimental Results

  • Energy consumption on producing of 1 kg of desalinated water depending on the degree of extraction of fresh water from an initial brine and its salinity


Stage of development l.jpg
Stage of Development

  • The pilot unit is developed.

  • Properties of the clathrateare investigated.


Next steps for development l.jpg
Next Steps for Development

  • Development of the commercial plant concept and patenting in the USA by the results of works performed (STCU project 3515).

  • Search of the partner in the USA together with the collaborator.

  • Development of the commercial plant (for example, IPP project).


Development costs 2 l.jpg
Development Costs 2




  • Demonstration plant at any location to produce 36,000 gallons/day [136 m3/day] or 40 acre-feet/year [49300 m3/year] if operated continuously

  • Commercial plant at unspecified location to produce 3.6 million gallons/day [13600 m3/day] or 4,000 acre-feet/year [4.93 million m3/year]

  • Commercial .plant at unspecified location to produce 7.2 million gallons/day [27300 m3/day] or 8,000 acre-feet/year [9.87 million m3 /year]


Commercial potential l.jpg
Commercial Potential

The general world market of fresh water makes

500 billion $ per year.

Nearby 1 billion persons in the world require potable water.


Commercial potential16 l.jpg
Commercial Potential

10 countries: UAE (Commercial Potential = 1), Kuwait, Israel, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan.


Targeted market segment l.jpg
Targeted Market Segment

Commercial product is a potable water.

  • Potable water now in the countries without deficiency of fresh water is on sale at the price of from 50 up to 200 $ per 1m3.

  • The commercial price of the water produced by our technology is no more 5 $ per 1m3.


Competitors l.jpg

Company Headquarters

  • American Engineering ServicesUSA

  • Anglian Water PLC United Kingdom

  • Ansaldo SPA Italy

  • Aqua Chem, Inc. USA

  • Aqua Design (Ionics) USA


  • Cayman Water Company, Ltd. British West Indies

  • Culligan Water Technologies, Inc. USA

  • Degremont SA (now Suez) France

  • Dow Chemical Company (FilmTec)USA

  • E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Company USA

  • Fluid Systems USA

  • Ham RO Systems, Inc. USA

  • Hydranautics, Inc. USA

  • Hydropure, Inc. USA

  • Ionics, Inc. USA

  • Israel Desalination Engineers USA


Competitors19 l.jpg

Company Headquarters

  • Lyonnaise Des Eaux-Dumez (now Suez) France

  • Mechanical Equipment Co. USA

  • Memtec America USA

  • Osmonics USA

  • Polymetrics Seawater Systems USA

  • Source, Inc. USA

  • Suez (Ondeo) France

  • Trisep Corp. USA

  • United Water Resources (Suez) USA (France)

  • US Filter (now owned by Vivendi) USA (France)

  • US Water (Suez) USA (France)

  • Vivendi Environnement France

  • Water Equipment Technology USA

  • The Weir Group PLC Scotland


The technological competitor l.jpg
The technological competitor

  • Richard A. McCormack. (Ramco, Inc., San Diego, Calif.).

  • Michael D. Max. (Marine Desalination Systems, L.L.C., Washington, DC). 3


Competitive matrix l.jpg
Competitive Matrix


References l.jpg

  • James E. Miller. Review of Water Resources and Desalination Technologies. SAND REPORT 2003-0800. Unlimited Release. Printed March 2003

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