Juniors what you need to know for this year
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Juniors What You Need To Know For This Year - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Juniors What You Need To Know For This Year. Agenda. To go over topics that pertain to juniors This year will be a lot of testing Topics include ACT PSAT ASVAB Post-High Planning Day Representatives. ACT: What Is It?.

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Juniors what you need to know for this year

JuniorsWhat You Need To Know For This Year


  • To go over topics that pertain to juniors

  • This year will be a lot of testing

  • Topics include

    • ACT

    • PSAT

    • ASVAB

    • Post-High Planning Day

    • Representatives

Act what is it
ACT: What Is It?

  • This is a test used by many post-high school institutions for admittance and for class placements.

    • Not post-high institutions require the ACT

  • Also used for Scholarships

    • Opportunity Scholarship requires a 24

    • Usually, the higher the score, the better your chances are with scholarships.

  • Scores can be from 1-36 (if you get a 36, I will throw you a pizza party)

Act what is it over
ACT: What Is It Over

  • It is over four subjects:

    • Math– different types of math

    • Reading—read a passage and answer questions

    • Science– do you know how to read experiements

    • English—grammar, language, vocabulary

  • You have the option of taking a written portion. Not required by many post-high institutions.

Act taking it
ACT: Taking It

  • You can take the ACT as many times as you want to.

  • Most juniors take theirs in the winter or spring of their junior year.

    • This way if you want to do better, you still have time in the fall of your senior year

  • Kadoka, Rapid City, Pierre, and other towns are test sites

Act registering paying for it
ACT: Registering & Paying For It

  • Go to www.actstudent.org

  • Create an account

  • You will have to create a portfolio (TONS of questions)

  • Choose test date and test center and where to send the scores to.

  • It costs $34.00. or $49.50 with essay.

  • There is a $21 fee if you register late

  • If you are free/reduced lunch, you are eligible for a fee waiver one time.

Act studying for it
ACT: Studying For It

  • We have study books at the school

  • Mr. R’s ACT Prep-one next Tuesday night!

  • SD MyLife has an ACT Prep.

  • Internet

Psat what is it
PSAT: What Is It?

  • A test that measures your

    • Critical reading skills

    • Math problem-solving skills

    • Writing skills

  • The test for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC)

  • Gives you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as a student.

Psat take it
PSAT: Take It?

  • The PSAT will be October 15 for all juniors.

  • School will pay for your test

  • Prepare: You don’t have to, but if you want to

    • Study Guide

    • PSAT’s website (below)

  • More information: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/about.html


  • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

  • This is a test that measures your aptitude, not knowledge.

  • Aptitude is like your ability to do something.

  • This helps with military entrance, but also can be correlated with ACT!

  • It will be on November 8, all morning.

  • On December 6, you will get your results and what they mean.


  • Post-high school institutions and military branches will send representatives to visit with students.

  • I will send emails out notifying you of when they will be coming.

  • You must tell your teacher ahead of time if you want to visit with the representative.

  • Ask them questions!

Applying for post high
Applying For Post-High

  • Juniors can apply if they wish to, but do not need to.

  • I recommend that if you want to go to a technical school, that you apply by the end of this year.

    • They have smaller number of spaces for students, so the earlier, the better your chances


  • There are some for juniors, but not many.

  • Will do most of this as a senior.

  • There are scholarships for all different types of things such as hair color, talents, hearing loss, left-handness, ethnic background, etc

  • Not all are based on GPA, grades, or class rank

  • Fastweb.com is a start

Post high planning day
Post-High Planning Day

  • All juniors and seniors will go to Rapid City on October 20.

  • There will be representatives from different post-high institutions (colleges and technical school) and military branches.

  • List of institutions and branches on my wiki.

  • Will have to fill out something online before we leave.

  • First contact with representatives

By the end of this year
By the End of This Year….

  • You should have an idea of what you want to do after high school.

    • College-which ones you interested in?

    • Technical School-which ones you interested in?

    • Military-which branch? What do you need to do?

    • Work-where and what do you need for the job?

  • This will make your senior year easier.


  • Lets look through this together.