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welcome to our class. culture Club 2. Cities around the world. 罗芳中学 缪雅杰. menu. 1.Sydney. 2. 美伦美奂的悉尼. 3.London. 4. 美丽伦敦. 5.HongKong. 6. 迷人的城市 HongKong. 7.NewYork. menu. 8. 无限美丽的纽约. 16. 哈佛. 9. 悉尼. 17. 牛剑. 10. 悉尼歌剧院. 11. 伦敦塔桥. 16.Good bye. 12. 香港. 13. 自由女神. 14. 大本钟. 15. 伦敦塔.

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welcome to our class

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Welcome to our class

welcome to our class

culture Club 2

Cities around the world

罗芳中学 缪雅杰

Welcome to our class







6.迷人的城市 HongKong


Welcome to our class








16.Good bye





Welcome to our class


Sydney is in Australia .You can see the Sydney Opera House there . You can go inside it and see a show . It is near the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge .You can walk over the top of the bridge.

Welcome to our class


Welcome to our class


London is in the UK. It is a very old city . You can see Tower Bridge and the .Tower of London there .Long ago , it was a prison .You can also see Big Ben.It is a famous clock tower. It has a big bell inside.


Welcome to our class

Welcome to our class


Hong Kong is also a city near a harbour. In Hong Kong you can see the Bank of China building. It is 369 metres high. It has beautiful lights at Christmas and Chinese New Year

Welcome to our class



Hong Kong

Welcome to our class

New York

New York is in the US. You can see the Statue of Liberty in the harbour .The statue was a present from the people of France . It welcomes people to America. You can go inside the statue and climb up.

Welcome to our class


Welcome to our class



It is the advanced paradise that does shopping and enjoying open-air table delicacies to permeated with the flourishing vitality and Sydney with plural culture, the beauty spot with a long history is still the golden yellow bright seabeach and sunshine and plentiful Mediterranean type climate, it is extremely striking . The harbour of Sydney is one of the natural seaports with rare world , with excellent scenery too, the rhythm of life is light and leisurely.

Welcome to our class


音乐厅是悉尼歌剧院最大的厅堂,共可容纳2679名观众,通常用於举办交响乐、室内乐、歌剧、舞蹈、合唱、流行乐、爵士等多种表演。此音乐厅最特别之处,就是位於音乐厅正前方,由澳洲艺术家Ronald Sharp所设计建造的大管风琴(Grand Organ),号称是全世界最大的机械木连杆风琴(Mechanical tracker action organ),由10,500个风管组成,此外,整个音乐厅建材使用均为澳洲木材,忠实呈现澳州自有的风

The music hall is the largest hall of Sydney Opera House, can hold 2679 audience altogether, usually used for holding many kinds of performances , such as symphony , chamber music , opera , dance , chorus , pop , knight ,etc.. This most special place of music hall , lie in just in the front of music hall , the big organ pipe designed and built by Australian artist Ronald Sharp ( Grand Organ ), it is the biggest wooden connecting rod organ of machinery (Mechanical tracker action organ ) of whole world that known as, made up of 10,500 tuber pipes , in addition whole music hall building materials it uses to be Australia timber, faithful to appear own style , state of Australia

Welcome to our class



Wo main towers where London puts up a bridge are 140 feet high, the span between two towers is 200 feet. The bridge divides two stories, the bridge floor of lower floor can be opened and shut, open to the traffic at ordinary times , the bridge chair can take ten thousand tons of ships abreast while opening; The upper strata are a wide unsettled pavement , equipped with the windowpane on both sides, the pedestrian can enjoy the scenery of Times river while stepping on the brid

Welcome to our class



Hong Kong is called " Oriental Pearl " usually. The population of Hong Kong exceeds 6,600,000. The whole area is 1070 sq. km., and almost 4 pieces of size of Taibei, Hong Kong is divided into 4 parts- the Hong Kong Island , New Territory , Kowloon and out island altogether. Kowloon is the location in the peninsula of the port of the north, the sharp sandspit area is the place where visitors gathered at most. The area of the Hong Kong Island is 78 sq. km. , only accounts for 7% of the whole Hong Kong land area, the Hong Kong Island is the main commercial area, full of visiting the hotel and scenic spot. The area of New Territory is nearly 980 sq. km. , is equivalent to 91% of the area of Hong Kong land. The out island includes 234 islands altogether, the largest Lantau island is nearly two times as large as the Hong Kong Island

Welcome to our class



Statue of Liberty is 46 meters high, the base is 45 meters high, is the highest commemorative building in the world at that time, the formal name " shines world Statue of Liberty ". Goddess wear shining coronet, wear ancient Rome gown , high to hold up the 12 meters -long torch right hand have, left stingy to embrace one symbolize book board of " American Declaration of Independence " , carve " declaration " date " 1776.7.4 " words that publish above. Remain the chain broken earned on the foot, signify that the tyranny is ruled and has already been overthrown

Welcome to our class


"大本"钟(The Big Ben)   泰晤士河畔议会大厦的北面,耸立着高高的钟楼,镶有大钟,名为"大本"。每隔一小时,大钟根据格林威治时间发出沉重而铿锵的响声,在数英里之外也能听到钟声的回荡。1859年,大钟由当时的英王工务大臣本杰明·霍尔爵士监制,大钟共重21吨,铸造时耗资2.7万英镑。"大本"钟被视为伦敦的象征,凡到伦敦观光的人,无不想到钟楼周围,站在议会桥上欣赏伦敦这个独具一格的建筑

" university degree " clock (The Big Ben) The north of Houses of Parliament of riverside of Times, tower at the very high bell tower , studs with the great bell, called " the university degree ". Every other hour, the great bell sends out the heavy and rhythmic and sonorous noise according to Greenwich Mean Time , can hear the reverberating of the bell too outside several miles. One year, great bell supervise by at that time Great Britain minister of Engineer affair Benjamin · Hall Sir Wang, the gross weight of great bell is 21 tons, costs 27,000 pounds while casting. " university degree " clock is considered as the symbol of London, the person doing the sights of London, thinks of the bell tower around invariably , it is here to stand Appreciate this building original in style of London on the parliament bridge

Welcome to our class


伦敦塔  位于泰晤士河北岸,是英最古老的王宫之一。1078年,"征服者威廉"(William the Conqueror)为守卫伦敦城而建,占地18英亩。经过数代君主的扩建和修整,曾作过堡垒、王宫、监狱、皇家铸币厂和伦敦档案馆,现为王冠、王袍、兵器和盔甲陈列馆

Tower of London Lie in Times Hebei bank, Great Britain oldest Royal Palace one of. In 1078, " persons who conquer William " (William the Conqueror ) took up an area of 18 acres in order to guard London and build. Through several generations of monarches' enlargement and repairment , have functioned as the fort , Wang Gong , prison , imperial family and coined in the factory and London archives, crown, robe Wang, the weapon and exhibition hall of suit of armour now

Welcome to our class




Harvard University was established in 1636, its graduate school of unity and coherence in writing set up in 1872, it was one of the oldest universities of the whole America, cultivate 6 US Presidents , 29 Nobel Prize for award winner and 27 Pulitzers winners ownly so far

No matter from reputation , equipment , professor's battle array , or student's quality of the school, Harvard University can be rated as world-classly. Particularly, it has assets of nearly 1, 500 million dollars, get patronage , possession library , the first class scholar and professor , person who chooses admission of one of thousand li of the largest scale of whole world most …….

Welcome to our class


牛津大学和剑桥大学时常被合称为牛桥(牛剑)。他们两个作为英格兰最古老、最著名的大学,有着很久的竞争渊源。牛津大学是英国研究型大学罗素团体中的一员,也是英国大学排名中的顶级大学。大学的格言是拉丁文Dominus illuminatio mea,意思是“上帝是我的光明”(The Lord is my light),出自《圣经》中的赞美诗第27篇

Oxford University and Cambridge University are often called the ox the bridge jointly (Niu Jian). They both have competition origin for a long time as the oldest , most famous university of England. Oxford University is a member in Luo Su group of research university of Britain, is the top university in the British university ranks too. The maxim of the university is Latin Dominus illuminatio mea, it means " God is my light " (The Lord is my light ) , come from 27th of hymn in " the Holy Bible ".

Welcome to our class

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