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Review!. The racers are at the starting gate!. A q uick note about your Constructed Response (Essay). When answering a free response ( C onstructed Response) question, be sure you to read (AND RE-READ) the prompt carefully! How many sentences does it tell you to write?

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The racers are at the starting gate!

A quick note about your Constructed Response (Essay)

When answering a free response (Constructed Response) question, besure you to read (AND RE-READ) the prompt carefully!

  • How many sentences does it tell you to write?

  • Does it ask more than one question? Does your answer respond to all of the question?

  • How many tasks do you have to do? (Does it say “compare” AND “contrast”, or request “cause” AND “effect” responses?)

  • Does it ask you to define specific vocabulary words?

  • Does it ask you to provide examples?

More about your Constructed Response (Essay)

  • Thesis/Claim:Did you re-state the prompt in order to make sure you answered the question that was asked?

  • Evidence:Did you use examples to supportyour thesis/claim?

  • Explain: Is your explanation clear, well-reasoned, and complete?

  • Use best vocabulary:Did you use the appropriate Social Studies vocabulary words?

  • Check your work: Did you check to make sure you used capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar correctly?

Horse Races!


  • Everyone starts with 5 points

  • You have to keep track of your own points

  • Each person answers their own question.

  • If you get it right you add a point to your score. If you get it wrong, put a star next to that vocabulary word in your packet.

  • Bet a certain amount of points on one of the objects.

  • If your object wins the race, you get to add the points you bet to your score. If your object loses, you must take away those points.

Question 1

  • What is the definition of adaptation?

Question 2

  • What is the definition of modification?

Question 3

  • How are adaptation and modification different?

Question 4

  • What is an example of adaptation?

  • What is an example of modification?



Question 5

  • What is climate?

Question 6

  • What is culture?

Question 7

  • What is the definition of cultural aspects?

Question 8

  • What are THREE cultural aspects?

Question 9

  • Create a compass rose with the four cardinal directions.



Question 10

  • Where do cultures build their cities? Why?

Question 11

  • What is migration?

Question 12

  • What are the two types of migration? (spelling counts!)

Question 13

  • What is emigration?

Question 14

  • Draw a picture that represents what is happening when people immigrate/emigrate.



Question 15

  • Why do people migrate?

Question 16

  • What are push factors?

Question 17

  • What are pull factors?

Question 18

  • How do push factors and pull factors connect to immigration and emigration?



Question 19

What was colonial immigration?

Question 20

  • What were the pull factors for colonial immigration?

  • Hint: there were six. If you can name ALL SIX, you get 3 points.

Question 21

  • What is Mexican immigration?

Question 22

  • What were some of the pull factors for Mexican immigration?



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