The benefits challenges of teaching online
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The Benefits & Challenges of Teaching Online - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Benefits & Challenges of Teaching Online. A Presentation for Western Illinois University. About Kevin E. Johnson, M.Ed.

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The Benefits & Challenges of Teaching Online

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The benefits challenges of teaching online

The Benefits & Challenges of Teaching Online

A Presentation for Western Illinois University

About kevin e johnson m ed

About Kevin E. Johnson, M.Ed.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this very important time in WIU history. I bring enthusiasm, a passion for learning, vast experience with technology in higher education, and the ability to explain it all in plain English! As Coordinator of Instructor Support for the University of Illinois Global Campus, I am engaged in supporting faculty as well as designing, redesigning, and teaching "online" courses. My professional growth has evolved from my first computer programming experience on a Commodore 64 computer at the age of 14 through many years of programming and curriculum design experience in both academic and corporate settings.  In every position, my interest has been in cutting edge technologies and their practical applications to help organizations and professionals move forward with confidence.

Contact kevin

Contact Kevin

University of Illinois Global Campus

510 Devonshire Drive, Suite H

Champaign, IL 61821

Phone: (217) 265-8177

Fax: (217) 333-5581

Supplemental documents

Supplemental Documents

The following documents are on this DVD in a folder title Documents and can be retrieved by exploring the disc using your operating system’s file explorer.

PowerPoint Presentation

QOCI Checklist

QOCI Rubric (Complete)

Resource Document (Free to Close to Free Technologies)



  • Introductions

  • Delivery Method Spectrum

    • Onground

    • Blended

    • Hybrid

    • Online

  • Transitioning

    • Purposes for Transitioning

    • Strategies

    • Activities

  • Institutional / Department Decisions & Considerations

  • Resources



  • Why

    • Why are you here today?

  • What Are Your Concerns?

    • What concerns do you have about transitioning to online.

Delivery method spectrum

Delivery Method Spectrum





What differentiates these from one another is the amount of time spent in a classroom versus online.

Delivery method spectrum onground

Delivery Method Spectrum: Onground


  • Courses in which all learning activities are implemented in a face-to-face classroom setting.




Delivery method spectrum blended

Delivery Method Spectrum: Blended


  • Courses in which a significant amount of the activities are implemented in a face-to-face classroom setting.

  • Some materials available online

  • No online instruction time is substituted for f2f time.




Delivery method spectrum hybrid

Delivery Method Spectrum: Hybrid


  • “Courses in which a significant amount of the learning activities have been moved online, and time traditionally spent in the classroom is reduced but not eliminated” (Garnham & Kaleta, 2002)




Delivery method spectrum online

Delivery Method Spectrum: Online

  • Courses in which all learning activities have been moved online.





Purpose for transitioning

Purpose for Transitioning

  • Help Instructors

    • Move curriculum over and develop full courses in a timely manner

    • Learn new technologies with less frustration

  • Help Students

    • Prepare students by providing f2f orientation to new environment

    • Provide opportunity for f2f technical support when needed.

    • Promote Independent Learning

Strategies for transitioning

Strategies for Transitioning

  • Start Slow:

    • Move lecture notes, and other existing documents over to online classroom

    • Introduce students to online environment in a f2f lab where you are present

    • Provide resources on posting and other online classroom netiquette.

    • Add Ice Breaker Activities such as Scavenger Hunts, Bio Assignment, etc. to help students become familiar with posting, etc.

Strategies for transitioning cont

Strategies for Transitioning Cont.

  • Moving Forward:

    • Eliminate one class meeting per week

    • Shorten Class time

    • Assign collaboration assignments with other course sections

    • Require online peer feedback and revisions before turning in assignments

    • Encourage more digital communication using E-mail, Discussion Forums, Chat, etc.

Activities for transitioning

Activities for Transitioning

  • Online Activities:

    • Case Studies

    • Tutorials

    • Self-testing

    • Simulations

    • Article Reviews

    • Current Events

    • Peer Feedback

Interaction activity ideas

Interaction Activity Ideas

Ice Breakers

Social Forums

Question Forums

Discussion Questions

Article Critiques

Group Problem Solving

Group Reports

Responding to Hypothetical Situations

Peer Editing

List of Resources

Institutional department decisions considerations

Institutional / Department Decisions & Considerations

  • Course Request Process

  • Technical Support & Training

    • Who, When, How

  • Pedagogical Support & Education

    • Who, When How

  • Course Environment Standards

    • Navigation, Color Scheme, Required Documents, etc.

  • Quality Standards

    • Course Review for quality in the areas of content, course design, and instruction.

Institutional department suggestions

Institutional / Department Suggestions

  • Templates

    • Syllabus

    • Activity / Assignment

    • Course Design / Structure

  • Additional Suggestions

    • Orientation Online Course

    • Departmental Activity Repository

Resources for transitioning

Resources for Transitioning

  • Illinois Online Network


  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee:


  • University of Central Florida


  • Templates


The benefits challenges of teaching online

Q & A

Thank you

Thank You!


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