3gpp liaison report
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3GPP Liaison Report. Authors:. Date: 2013-09-18. 3GPP Projects. WLAN is currently an area of intense activity in 3GPP Release 12 SA (System Architecture) RAN (Radio Access Networks) T imelines Stage 2 ( requirements studies) nearing completion

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3gpp liaison report
3GPP Liaison Report


Date: 2013-09-18

S. Rayment, Ericsson & S. McCann, BlackBerry

3gpp projects
3GPP Projects

  • WLAN is currently an area of intense activity in 3GPP Release 12

    • SA (System Architecture)

    • RAN (Radio Access Networks)

    • Timelines

      • Stage 2 (requirements studies) nearing completion

      • Major Stage 2 decisions completed for SA in September 2013RAN studies extended to December

      • Stage 3 (specification) complete roughly mid 2014

  • The following pages describe the 3GPP WLAN Interworking architecture and the on-going projects in 3GPP Release 12

S. Rayment, Ericsson & S. McCann, BlackBerry

3gpp wlan network architecture
3GPP WLAN Network Architecture

  • Both trusted (integrated) and untrusted(over-the-top) interfaces exist

  • The trusted interface involves operator deployed WLAN and is being evolved in 3GPP Release 12


S. Rayment, Ericsson & S. McCann, BlackBerry

Sa2 wlan ns wlan network selection
SA2WLAN_NS (WLAN Network Selection)

  • Work item to specifically evaluate and enhance existing 3GPP cellular + WLAN network selection policies, taking into account Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) Passpoint Management Objects (MO)

  • Focuses on roaming and service related aspects

  • SA2 will likely incorporate relevant WFA Passpoint MO branches into the ANDSF tree for WLAN selection purposes, keeping the rest of the branches addressing the cellular + WLAN context

  • Possible WLAN impacts:

    • Evaluate new ANDSF policy branches for inclusion into future WFA Passpoint MO

    • How to do policy push in NSWO (Non Seamless WLAN Offload – i.e. Local Breakout) environments (per 3GPP TS 23.402)

S. Rayment, Ericsson & S. McCann, BlackBerry

Sa2 samog s2a mobility over gtp
SA2SaMOG (S2a Mobility Over GTP)

  • Extends the existing solution for connecting a “trusted” (secure) WLAN into the 3GPP EPC (Evolved Packet Core) using GTP (GPRS Tunnelling Protocol) over an “S2a” interface

  • Currently enables connecting an operator deployed WLAN into the 3GPP core network (Release 11)

  • Now adding (Release 12):

    • IP session mobility between 3GPP and WLAN

    • Multiple 3GPP APNs (services) over WLAN

  • Possible WLAN impacts:

    • Control interface to signal handover to WLAN network – EAP extensions

    • Means to map 3GPP APNs to WLAN layer 2 interface

    • Session management using layer “2.5” WLCP (WLAN Control Protocol) and user plane separation using virtual MACs

    • No mapping to a representative IEEE 802.11 network architecture

S. Rayment, Ericsson & S. McCann, BlackBerry

Ran2 wlan 3gpp radio interworking study
RAN2WLAN/3GPP Radio Interworking Study

  • Enable enhanced operator control for WLAN interworking

  • Enable WLAN to be included in the operator’s Radio Resource Management

  • Improve access network selection and mobility through knowledge of conditions on both 3GPP RAN and WLAN

  • Currently at the study stage, with three directions being considered:

    • 3GPP RAN provides RAN assistance information to UE to select access technology according to network policies.

    • 3GPP RAN controls the interworking by providing e.g. thresholds in RAN system information and/or dedicated signaling (behavior similar to cell reselection within and between 3GPP radio access technologies).

    • 3GPP RAN configures the UE to perform and report WLAN measurements, and, after evaluation may instruct UE to connect to WLAN.

  • Possible WLAN impacts:

    • Define enhanced WLAN policies (considering 3GPP RAN + WLAN context) or

    • Provide the necessary WLAN related information for a 3GPP RAN control solution

S. Rayment, Ericsson & S. McCann, BlackBerry