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Human rights centre
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Human Rights Centre. Advancing Human Rights. National Human Rights Institutions. Adopted in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly, the Paris Principles require NHRIs to :

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Human Rights Centre

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Human rights centre

Human Rights Centre

Advancing Human Rights

National human rights institutions

National Human Rights Institutions

Adopted in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly, the Paris Principles require NHRIs to:

  • Protect human rights, including by receiving, investigating and resolving complaints, mediating conflicts and monitoring activities; and

  • Promote human rights, through education, outreach, the media, publications, training and capacity building, as well as advising and assisting the Government.

Main criteria for nhris

Main criteria for NHRIs

The Paris Principles set out six main criteria that NHRIs require to meet:

  • Mandate and competence: a broad mandate, based on universal human rights norms and standards;

  • Autonomy from Government;

  • Independence guaranteed by statute or Constitution;

  • Pluralism;

  • Adequate resources; and

  • Adequate powers of investigation.

Nhris worldwide


Alltogether 106NHRIsworldwide

- 71 A-status (fullycompliance with PP): voting + HRC standing

- 25 B-status

- 10 C- status

  • International coordinatingcommittee (ICC); sub-committee on accreditation (SCA)

  • Regionalnetworks: Europa, Asia, Africa, Americas

  • OHCHR/NIRMS serves as secretariat for ICC and SCA

Finnish national human rights institution

Finnish National Human Rights Institution

Human rights centre iok founded 1 january 2012 operational 1 march 2012

Human Rights Centre (IOK)founded 1 January 2012, operational 1 March 2012

  • Establishedbylaw.

  • Functionallyindependent, administrativelyattached to the Office of the ParliamentaryOmbudsman.

  • Doesnotexamineindividualcomplaints: Ombudsmandoes.

Main t asks as defined by law

Main Tasks as DefinedbyLaw

  • Promotinginformation, education, trainingand researchassociated with fundamental and humanrights.

  • Reporting on implementation of fundamental and humanrights.

  • Takinginitiatives and issuingstatements in order to promote and implementfundamental and humanrights.

  • Participating in European and international cooperation on promoting and safeguardingfundamental and humanrights.

Amman declaration and programme of action


The nhris assembled agreed to the following broad principles and areas of work

The NHRIs assembled agreed to the following broad principles and areas of work

  • Prioritize and mainstream the human rights of women and girls and gender equality throughout all their strategic planning, processes, policies, programmes and activities.

  • Strengthen coordination between NHRI women's and children's rights departments where they exist, or as relevant, cooperate with specialized institutions at the national level;

  • Monitor the States’ fulfilment of their human rights obligations;

  • Respondto, conduct inquiries into and investigate allegations of violations of women’s and girls’ human rights,



  • Facilitate women’s and girls’ access to justice,

  • Where NHRIs have quasi-judicial powers, exercise them fully

  • Promote the realization of the human rights of women and girls, including as found in CEDAW, and other human rights norms and standards, into national law and policies;

  • Encourage the withdrawal of reservations;



  • Monitor and encourage the implementation of the recommendations of treaty bodies etc.

  • Work with women human rights defenders

  • Forge strategic partnerships with UN agencies

  • Undertake education, promotion and awareness-raising activities on the human rights of women and girls, gender equality and relevant international standards.



  • Develop guidelines, where applicable, relating to the human rights of women and girls;

  • Monitor and work with individuals and entities in the private sector and non-governmental sphere to ensure that they do not discriminate against women and girls;

  • Monitor the activities of businesses (impacts on women’s and girls’ enjoyment of their human rights);



  • Prioritize and promote the human rights of women and girls and gender equality through their engagement with all international and regional human rights mechanisms

  • Urge States to prioritize human rights, including those of women and girls, in their engagement with international financial and trade institutions

Human rights centre

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