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Politics, Politics, Politics

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Politics, Politics, Politics. How to Make Public Servants Your Allies Or “A Regional Volunteer’s Guide to Negotiating the Local Political Minefield!”. It’s All About Building Community Relationships. City School District Parks & Rec District Special Districts Community Support.

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politics politics politics

Politics, Politics, Politics

How to Make Public Servants Your Allies


“A Regional Volunteer’s Guide to Negotiating the Local Political Minefield!”

it s all about building community relationships
It’s All About Building Community Relationships
  • City
  • School District
  • Parks & Rec District
  • Special Districts
  • Community Support
do you have an issue
Do You Have An Issue?
  • We all have issues
  • What are some common ones?
common region issues
Common Region Issues
  • Fields
    • Need More Fields
    • Availability of Existing Facilities
    • Cost and Fees
common region issues1
Common Region Issues
  • Growth, Marketing, and Promotion

- Getting the Word Out

- Community Value

- Community Presence

politics politics politics1

Politics, Politics, Politics

“ All Politics is local”

-Former House Speaker Tip O’Neill

politics politics politics2
Politics, Politics, Politics
  • Understanding and cooperating with other groups and agencies is the key to helping sustain a successful program
  • Seek WIN-WIN opportunities where all parties benefit and are motivated to continue the relationship
who are the players

Who Are the Players?

The Agencies:

Local Governments



School Districts and Colleges

Special Districts

- Parks and Recreation

- Others

who are the players1

Who Are the Players?

The People

Elected Officials

Council Members

County Supervisors

School Board Members/Trustees

Appointed Officials

Parks and Recreation Commissioners

Planning Commissioners

Special District Commissioners

who are the players2

Who Are the Players?

Local Agency Staff

Chief Executive

City Manager

School Superintendent

District General Manager

who are the players3
Who Are the Players?

Local Agency Staff, continued …

  • Management and Supervisory Staff
  • This Where to Cultivate Relationships
    • Parks Managers
    • School Facilities Managers
    • School Principals and Athletic Directors
who are the players4
Who Are the Players?

Local Agency Staff, continued …

  • Don’t forget the line staff
    • Custodians
    • Field Maintenance and Groundskeepers
    • Schedulers
who makes the decisions
Who Makes the Decisions?
  • Counties and Cities are Governed by Elected Officials
  • Appointed Officials, Such as Park Commissioners, Make Recommendations to the Elected Councils and Boards
  • Agency Staff Have the Responsibility for Day-to-Day Operations and Scheduling of Facilities
steps to achieving excellent local agency relationships

Steps to Achieving Excellent Local Agency Relationships

Know What the AYSO Product is

Know Exactly What Your Needs Are

Identify the Key Decision Makers

Identify the WIN-WIN Elements

Develop a Strategy


the ayso product
The AYSO Product
  • Hint: It’s Not Just a Youth Soccer Program
    • Affordable Recreation at No Cost to the Agency
    • Healthful Activity (Obesity Strategy)
    • Reduces At-risk Youth
    • Volunteer Development
    • Community-Building
    • Lots of Voters
what are the regions needs
What Are the Regions Needs?
  • Fields
    • Sufficient Playing Fields
    • Adequate Game and Practice Time
    • Field Conditions
what are the regions needs1
What Are the Regions Needs
  • Exposure
  • Why?
    • Attract New Players
    • Attract Sponsors
    • Establish Community Value
      • Agencies will support programs which are thriving and add value
elected officials
Elected Officials

Can Be Your

Region’s Best Friend

  • Access to Staff and Resources
  • Champion for Field Projects
  • Are Always Counting Votes
    • An AYSO region represents a significant voting block
    • Let them know you are out there-wear AYSO logo gear to meetings
agency staff
Agency Staff
  • Are the Ones Who Actually Get Things Done
  • Can Be Helpful or a Block Wall
  • They Will be the Ones You Are Dealing With Most of the Time-Deal With Them Accordingly
  • Cultivate Relationships and Appreciate Their Efforts
community networking
Community Networking
  • Politics Goes Beyond Dealing With Local Agency Officials
  • Community Outreach Can Help Sustain Your Program by Building a Network
    • Business Support
    • Sponsors and Discounts
    • Exposure to Potential Parents and Volunteers

Politicians Love to

Attend Opening Day

& Kick Out the 1st Ball!

community partners friends with benefits
Community Partners(friends with benefits)
  • Sponsors
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • High Schools and Other Youth Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Service Organizations
tips for success
Tips For Success
  • Be Visible
    • Attend Meetings
      • City Council, Board, and Commission Meetings
      • Wear the Gear
tips for success1
Tips For Success
  • Seek Access
    • Ask For Meetings
      • Elected Officials
      • Agency Staff
        • Management
        • Site Staff
tips for success2
Tips For Success
  • Cultivate Relationships
    • Respect Those You Are Dealing With
    • Make Requests - Do Not Make Demands - You Are Not Entitled to Anything!
    • Show Appreciation
      • Simple Thank You
      • Small Gifts or

Other Tokens

tips for success3
Tips For Success
  • Create the WIN-WIN
    • Create and Identify the Value That Will Motivate An Agency, Sponsor, or Community Group to Partner With Your Region
      • Financial
      • Tangible
      • Intangible
do s and don t s
Do’s and Don’t’s
  • DO Keep It Positive
  • DO Acknowledge the Efforts of AYSO Volunteers and Non-AYSO participants you Contribute to the Success of Your Region
  • DO Make Nice With Others Sports Organizations That Your Region Shares Facilities With
do s and don ts
Do’s and Don’ts
  • DO Make Efficient Use of Officials and Business Leaders Time
  • DO Respect the Facilities Your Region Uses
  • DO Put a Face to Your Region and AYSO
  • Any Thing to Add?
  • Best Practices?
  • Questions?