Asse aiha alliance presentation annual osha update technical support and emergency management
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ASSE-AIHA Alliance Presentation Annual OSHA Update: Technical Support and Emergency Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ASSE-AIHA Alliance Presentation Annual OSHA Update: Technical Support and Emergency Management. Thomas Galassi, MPH, CIH Director Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management. Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management (DTSEM). Mission

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Asse aiha alliance presentation annual osha update technical support and emergency management

ASSE-AIHA Alliance Presentation Annual OSHA Update:Technical Support and Emergency Management

Thomas Galassi, MPH, CIH


Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management

Directorate of technical support and emergency management dtsem
Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management (DTSEM)


  • To provide safety and health expertise to OSHA’s National Office and field organizations

  • To fulfill OSHA’s role as designated under the National Response Framework

Salt Lake Technical Center (DTSEM)

Cincinnati Technical Center

National Office

Wash, D.C.

DTSEM across the Nation

Dtsem offices and centers
DTSEM Offices and Centers (DTSEM)

  • Occupational Health Nursing

  • Occupational Medicine

  • Science and Technology Assessment

  • Technical Programs and Coordination Activities

  • Emergency Management

  • Technical Data Center

  • Salt Lake Technical Center

  • Cincinnati Technical Center

Directorate of technical support and emergency management services
Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management services

  • Integrated Solutions

  • Complex and Emerging Technical Issues

  • Resource Capabilities Including:

    • Safety / Industrial Hygiene professionals

    • Engineers

    • Librarians

    • Health Scientist

    • Occupational Nurses

    • Occupational Physicians

    • Analytical Chemists

Health Response Team services

OSHA's Health Response Team (HRT) can help assess

the source and extent of exposure.

  • Chemical hazards

  • Biological hazards

  • Physical energy

  • Ergonomics

Health response team select activities
Health Response Team servicesSelect Activities

  • Silver reclamation from photo and x-ray film

  • Mold contamination in a document storage unit

  • Boiler explosion at a refinery

  • Nanotechnology

  • Ionizing Radiation in a biotechnology facility

  • Ergonomics/Vibration evaluation

Health response team select activities1
Health Response Team servicesSelect Activities

  • Hydrogen Sulfide fatality investigation

    • Environmental and forensic testing

  • Referred to OSHA occupational physicians for association of exposure and outcome

Hydrogen sulfide exposure what happened
Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure: servicesWhat Happened?

  • A rendering plant employee was tightening a gasket close to a machine that was known to produce hydrogen sulfide

    • Worker collapsed in cardiac arrest

    • Supervisor attempted assistance – collapsed and recovered

    • 5 responding EMTs also affected

  • Paramedics noted a “strong rotten egg odor”

Hydrogen sulfide h 2 s poisoning
Hydrogen Sulfide (H services2S) Poisoning

  • No post-mortem information was available

  • Causality based on history of event & multiple medical records

  • Testing for thiosulfate in blood and urine would have been helpful

Arsine exposure what happened
Arsine Exposure: servicesWhat Happened?

  • Water treatment facility re-engineering electro-coagulation (ECU) process to improve arsenic extraction

  • Four employees standing over vat were admitted to local hospitals for bloody urine (hematuria)

  • Two required dialysis treatments

  • Safety & health effects were not considered in re-engineering process

  • Causal relationship confirmed between arsine exposure and health effects

Arsine poisoning

Most cases occur when arsine is produced unintentionally services

Active metal + strong acid = fresh hydrogen

Newly formed hydrogen reacts with arsenic compounds to form Arsine gas

Arsine Poisoning

IH Chemistry services

Our AIHA (ISO17025) accredited laboratory analyzes over 400 chemicals.

Over 16,000 laboratory samples analyzed per year.

Analytical investigative services
Analytical Investigative Services services

Sampling and Analytical Methods Development

Combustible Dust testing

Material Failure Testing and Investigations

Mass Spec Analysis - unknowns

Blood Carboxyhemoglobin to Environmental Carbon Monoxide Concentration Back Calculations

Soil Testing

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) Program services

  • NRTLs test and approve products to assure they are safe to use in U.S. workplaces and are recognized by OSHA’s NRTL Program.

  • 2008 American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) Alliance increased awareness of OSHA's NRTL-approval requirements.

  • Three alliance products of interest. 

    • Registered Certification Marks of NRTLs – pocket card

    • "Identifying Counterfeit Items – Quick Tips"

    • "The Threat of Counterfeit Product Approval Marks Warrants Aggressive Detection and Enforcement Action"

Emergency management

Coordination with Emergency Management Community services

Defined roles for FEMA and OSHA in emergency response situations

National Exercises

Emergency Management

OSHA’s role is to ensure that worker safety and health issues are not overlooked or inadequately addressed

Emergency Preparedness servicesand Response

  • National Response Framework:

  • Worker Safety and Health Support Annex (WSHSA)

    • OSHA is the Coordinating Federal Agency for Worker Safety and Health

    • Theatre-wide mechanism for Federal, State, and local entities to request worker safety and health technical assistance

Outreach services

Significant outreach issues
Significant Outreach Issues services

  • American Recovery and Reinvention Act (ARRA)

  • 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic

“In Focus” section: services

Pandemic Influenza page

Resources (e.g., Quick Cards, Fact Sheets) are available in HTML or PDF formats as well as English or Spanish versions

Pan Flu Quick Cards and Fact Sheets


Other Products November

Safety and Health Information Bulletins, Best Practices and other products on:

Skid Steer Loaders

Cable Trays

Stand-up Forklifts

Special Purpose Particle Accelerators

Mechanical Power Presses

Nationally Recognized Testing Labs

EMS Responders

Nail Guns

Osha e products web based resources
OSHA E-Products NovemberWEB-based Resources

  • Safety and HealthInformation on over 170 selected topics

  • New Electric Power eTool

    • Hazard Assessment and Job Briefing,

    • Energized vs. De-energized work,

    • Grounding,

    • Overhead Line work, and more….

  • Exploring new technologies – forums, blogs, wiki-pages

  • “…agencies should harness new technologies November

    to put information about

    their operations and decisions online and readily available to the public.”

    President Obama January 21, 2009

    Open government directive december 8 2009
    Open Government Directive NovemberDecember 8, 2009

    • Open Government Directive (OGD)

    • Directs Agencies to be more:

      • Transparent in our work

      • Participatory in seeking the ideas and expertise of citizens

      • Collaborative in how we use new technology and processes for developing government policies

    Change how government works
    Change How Government Works November

    Command & Control Organization

    No expectation of response

    Formal, information based information

    Limited communications channels

    Distributed Organization

    Real time or near real time response

    Casual, multimedia-based information

    Multiple communications channels

    Open government social media as a tool
    Open Government: NovemberSocial Media as a Tool


    • Identifying which tools support our needs (and work) and which tools do not

    • Learning how to use the tools

    • Exploring how we balance resource demands associated with these tools against the benefit of interacting with the public

    Osha datasets on data gov
    OSHA Datasets on November

    • OSHA Data Initiative - Establishment Specific Injury and Illness Rates (Raw Data)

    • Weekly Fatality Reports (Tool)

    • OSHA Exposure Sampling Results – Under development (Tool and Raw Data)

    Public engagement
    Public Engagement November

    • OSHA Listens – March 4

    • National Action Summit for Latino Worker Safety and Health – April 14 – 15 in Houston

    • Open Government Planning

      • Idea Scale


    Questions?? November

    Thomas Galassi, Director

    Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management (DTSEM)