Hussain mujhko maaf karna hussain please forgive me
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Hussain mujhko maaf karna Hussain please forgive me . Shuja Rizvi. Ajab tha akbar ki laash par bhi jo meine apni duaein maangi Barehna binte nabi ke sar se jo betiyon ki ridaaein maangi. It was strange, I came to the body of Akbar and asked for my hajaat

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Hussain mujhko maaf karna hussain please forgive me

HussainmujhkomaafkarnaHussain please forgive me


Ajabthaakbarkilaash par bhijomeineapniduaeinmaangiBarehnabintenabikesar se jobetiyonkiridaaeinmaangi

It was strange, I came to the body of Akbar and asked for my hajaat

I asked for the Hijabs for my daughter for the sake of the daughters of the Prophet who lost them

TarapteAsgharkodekhkarbhinawaas o potonkikhairmaangiShikastaqasimketukredekhe pa ham nawaaonkikhairmaangi

When I saw the tortured Asghar, I prayed for the safety of my grandchildren

When I saw the pieces of defeated Qasim, I asked for the safety of our youth

Maqaamezainab se khaimagahtakkyunmeriaankheinkhulihuwithiTaraptelashonkodekhkarbhiduaon par kyuntulihuwithi

From the Maqaam of Zainab to the Tents why were my eyes so open

Seeing the tortured bodies why was I inclined to pray

Mein terezakhmibadan se hat karkyunapnisochonmeinghumkharathaJahaan pe qunbaqabilasarazameen pe bikhrahuwa para tha

Why was I not thinking about your wounded body and was involved in my own thoughts

The place where the family and children were scattered

Mein ganjeshuhadakibikhrilashonpeapnehoshohawaasmeinthaMein thandapaanibhi pee rahathajahanpeasgharbhipyaasmeintha

The place where the martyrs’ dead bodies were scattered, I was in my own thoughts

I was drinking cold water where Asghar was thirsty

Jahaanpeqatil ne nanhidukhtarkemunhpeitnetamaachemaareJalaayekhaymelagayedurtaraptibachhikeduruthare

The place where the murderer slapped the little girl on the face

You burnt the tents, you trampled with horses, you took off the earrings of the little girl

Jahaan pe asgharkekhunko tu jabeeneaqdas pe mal rahathaJahaanpe ghazi kehaathlekartudushmanonmeinbhichupkharatha

Where you were wiping the blood of Asghar on your holy face

Where you were standing silently holding the hands of Abbas in the midst of the enemies

Jahaanpeteri ye reesheaqdaslahumeinasgharmein tar ba tar thiJahaanpeakbartaraprahathatamamaankhonkiroshnithi

Where your holy beard was drenched in the blood of Asghar

Where Akbar was suffering, where you lost the light in your eyes

Tamammaqtalki un jaghon par ghizakihar dam talaashmeinthaDuaaonmeinthameinrizkorozikiaurfikremuashmeinthaMein apnechehrekizebozinatmeinintihaayimadanrahathaShikastalaashonkedarmiyaanbhimeinnarmbistarpekhushparatha

In all these places I was constantly looking for my own food

I was thinking about my own desires, my own rizk and material thoughts

I was deeply involved with the beauty of my own face

In between the defeated bodies I was sleeping happily on a soft bed

Mein ekrasmisalamkarkekyunteriturbat se hat gayathaMein faslon se basaatejaate hi tererozepejhukrahathaDareedadehnikiintehathimeinachhekhanonpelarrahathaKahaankeansukahaan ka giryamein is tarah dud meinkabparatha

Why did I just say a traditional salam and then left your grave

I was paying respect to your grave from a distance

My animalistic desires were at its peak, I was fighting for good food

What are my tears and what is my crying when I have such behaviour

Meinteramujrimhunmeremaalik tu mujhkopathar se durbanadeAy Karbalakeqadeemqabil tu mjhkoasin se hurbana de Meinapneqaimkikhairmangunharekapnidohaa se pehleHussainHussainHussainmujhkomuaafkarnameinzindaayahunkarbala se

I am your wrongdoer my master, you should better me with stones

Oh the honour of Karbala, you can easily make me Hur

I will ask for the safety of my living Imam before I ask for anything else

HussainHussainHussain forgive me! I have returned from Karbala alive