Eastern Lincoln County Community Assessment
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Eastern Lincoln County Community Assessment. Lincoln County, Nevada Including: Pioche Panaca Caliente Preliminary Report September 23, 2010. Agenda for the Evening. Welcome and Introductions Review the process Touring Your Communities What was said

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Presentation Transcript

Eastern Lincoln County Community Assessment

  • Lincoln County, Nevada

  • Including:

    • Pioche

    • Panaca

    • Caliente

  • Preliminary Report

  • September 23, 2010

Agenda for the Evening

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Review the process

  • Touring Your Communities

  • What was said

  • What was heard – Major Themes

  • Next Steps

  • “Amazing Masie”

A Community Assessment is:

A community based planning and assessment process consisting of interviewing a large number of people in the community, recording their suggestions and having a team of experts write up recommendations for community use.

Benefits to Your Community

  • Affordable assessment process

  • An opportunity to hear from community members

  • Opens communication

  • Brings “outside” ideas into your community

  • In-kind contribution for grants

  • New resources for you to use

Eastern Lincoln County Community Assessment

  • Hosted by the Lincoln County Commission

  • in cooperation with

  • Nevada Rural Development Council

  • University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

  • Special THANKS to:

  • The City of Wells

  • Western Nevada Development District

  • Made possible with financial assistance from

  • Nevada Community Development Block Grant Program

September 20 – 23, 2010

  • Interviewed residents in 15 listening sessions from many different groups

  • Twosessions with students

  • Asked 3 questions (problems & challenges; strengths and assets; projects and initiatives)

  • Took what we heard and developed major themes


Lincoln County Human Services

Lincoln County Commission

Caliente Volunteer Fire Department

Faith Based Communities

Caliente City Council

Silver Cafe

Pine Tree Inn

Overland Hotel

What You Said:



Problems & Challenges

Lack of Jobs

Struggling Local Economy

Too Much Government

Not Enough for Kids to do

Threats to the State Parks

Sidewalk and Street Improvements

Exporting our Kids

Lack of Private Land

Strengths & Assets

Caring People

Gorgeous Scenery

Community Values

Low Cost of Living

Five State Parks

“Pull-Together” People

Safety and Peacefulness

Strengths & Assets

Pool of Talented People

Honor Camp & Youth Center

History & Heritage





100 Miles from a Traffic Light

Abundant Potential and Opportunity

Good Strong Schools & Teachers

Good Soil and Good Water

What We Heard – Major Themes

  • Infrastructure

  • Jobs

  • Natural Resources

  • Quality of Life

  • Tourism

  • Water Management

  • Youth


Roads need repairs

Street Signage and Lighting

Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters

Utility Brown Outs/Capacity

Panaca Water System


Job Opportunities are Lacking

Small Industry is Needed

Entrepreneurism is Lacking

Small Business Development is Needed

Local Access to Vocational Education

Local Access to Higher Education

Local Businesses Struggling

Leakage out of the Area

Mentoring Programs Are Needed

Yucca Mountain Development

Natural Resources

Over Regulation

Agricultural Concerns

Mining Development Needed

Open Space Accessibility

Rangeland Management Issues

Fire Control

Alternative Energy Development

Quality of Life

Too Much Government Regulation

Afraid of Change

Need More Regional Thinking

Need to Retain Community Standards

when Attracting new Businesses

Need Sustainable Volunteerism

Need More Housing

Quality of Life Con’t

Need Health Care and Specialty Services

Peace, Quiet and Clear Skies

Caring People; Caring Community

Strong Faith Based Community

Safe Community

Need Community Clean Up

Tourism & Recreation

Managed ATV Trails

Control ATV’s on Streets

Five State Parks, Historical Site

National Park

Hunting and Fishing

Close Proximity to Resources

Heritage Tourism

Events and Activity Development

Tourism Related Services Lacking

Close to Metropolitan Areas

Additional Tourist Information Needed

Multigenerational Recreation Centers

Water Management

Flood Plain Designation

Develop Ditches, Creeks, Bridges, Culverts

Water Grab

Onerous FEMA Restrictions

Panaca Water System


New Middle School

Improve Track at the High School

More Non-Sports Activities

Diversify Sports Activities

Recreation Centers

Quality Skate Parks

Indoor Swimming Pool

More Sports Fields

Job Opportunities for Youth

More Wholesome Youth Activities

After Activities Transportation

Next Steps

  • We will be back in 8 weeks:

    • Present Draft Report

    • Analysis, recommendations, & resources

    • You may get a copy at the Lincoln County Court House or Cooperative Extension

    • Also on web site: ww.lincolncountynv.org/

Next Steps

  • Your Mission:

    • Set Priorities

      • Form Action Groups

        • Develop Action Plans

          • Become Engaged

You are NOT on Your Own

Once priorities are set – assistance is available to help you accomplish your goals from:

  • Nevada Rural Development Council

  • University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

  • Your Resource Team

The Power of One !

“Amazing Masie”

What one person can do to make a difference in your community!

THANK YOU from the team….





See you in 2 months!!!

Nevada Rural Development Council

Carl Dahlen, Community Assessment Coordinator

PO Box 3926

Carson City, Nevada 89702


[email protected]