Desert storm
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Desert Storm. The Ups and Downs of a Tortured People. Welcome to the World!!!. Though promised independence for aiding UK in WWI, England occupied Iraq in 1917 (Sykes-Picot Treaty) 1920,Iraq organizes armed resistance UK losing ground. Self Rule and Unity… or not.

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Desert Storm

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Desert storm

Desert Storm

The Ups and Downs of a Tortured People

Welcome to the world

Welcome to the World!!!

  • Though promised independence for aiding UK in WWI, England occupied Iraq in 1917 (Sykes-Picot Treaty)

  • 1920,Iraq organizes armed resistance

    • UK losing ground

Self rule and unity or not

Self Rule and Unity… or not

  • Sunni prince Faisal elected king of multi-ethnic Iraq in 1921

    • Immediately, Kurds in North and Shiites in south revolt

Hey uk let s be friends

Hey UK, Let’s be friends!!!

  • 1925 Needing help, Faisal begs UK aid

    • To entice, gives oil concessions

    • Churchill & Mustard Gas

  • Peace!!!...???

New instability

New Instability 

  • Faisal died in 1933, son Ghazi rules

  • During this period, a movement starts for “Pan-Arabism”

    • A “USA” of the Middle East

    • The Ba’ath Party

Ba athists


Ba’athists want a Sunni, pan-Arab country & strong Muslim power.

  • Abdul Salem Arif leads Ba’athist coup in 1963.

    • Anti-Western

      • Hates Israel

      • Anger over UK meddling in WWII

    • Hates Iran for Kurds supporting

    • Nationalize Oil

Enter saddam hussein

Enter Saddam Hussein

  • 1979- coup. Ba’ath security chief. Smiles while condemning 400 Ba’athists to death.

    • Living prove loyalty by shooting the 400.

  • Kurds revolt at this

    • Iran helping Kurds

      • Uh oh…

The iran iraq war 80 88

The Iran Iraq War – 80-88

  • Causes

    • Shiite vs. Sunni

    • Iran’s support of the Kurds

    • Territorial control of the Straights of Hormuz (from Persian Gulf)

Hussein earns his reputation

Hussein Earns his Reputation

  • Used poison gas on whole separatist-leaning Kurdish towns

  • Children used to clear mine fields

Dead Kurds at Halabja from poison gas

The usa s involvement

The USA’s involvement

  • In the war, USA is Pro-Iraqi

    • Iran had taken US embassy workers hostage in 1979 and was still holding them

    • Iraq secular

Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s


Expansionist ba athist on the move

Expansionist Ba’athist on the Move

  • Ba’athist Iraqis considered Kuwait naturally theirs

    • If win, Iraq would control 20% of oil

  • After US support in the 1980’s, thinks he can take Kuwait without problems

Operation desert storm

Operation Desert Storm

  • Aug 1990 –Iraq occupies Kuwait

    • Threatening Saudi Arabia…

  • Feb. 1991 – US organized & led 700,000 troop UN coalition to free Kuwait

The mother of all battles 4 th largest army battle hardened in iran equipped with soviet weapons

The Mother Of All Battles4th Largest Army, battle hardened in Iran, Equipped with Soviet Weapons

Part i free kuwait

Part I Free Kuwait

Part II

Push back Iraq

CNN Problem

The planners

The Planners

Colin Powell & H. Norman Schwarzkopf

The highway of death

The Highway of Death

  • Media images of destroyed Iraqi retreat turn Western stomachs, prevent West from marching into Iraq… oops!!!

A promise to the shiites oops

A Promise to the Shiites… oops

The 1990 s and iraq

The 1990’s and Iraq

  • Weapon inspectors from UN to police

  • No Fly Zone

  • Oil For Food Program

  • 1997- Inspectors kicked out

  • Corruption at UN in Iraqi programs

  • Tick, tick, tick…

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