Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program
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Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program. http://treesandhurricanes.ifas.ufl.edu. Selecting Southeastern Coastal Plain Tree Species for Wind Resistance: Photo Gallery of high to medium-high wind resistance. Mary Duryea Eliana Kampf Ed Gilman Laura Paterson. Lists are divided into:.

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Urban Forest Hurricane Recovery Program


Selecting Southeastern Coastal Plain Tree Species for Wind Resistance:

Photo Gallery of high to medium-highwind resistance

Mary Duryea

Eliana Kampf

Ed Gilman

Laura Paterson

Lists are divided into: Resistance:

- Highest WR

- Medium-High WR

- Medium-Low WR

- Lowest WR

Lists of Relative Wind Resistant Tree Species

  • SE Coastal Plain

  • Tropical & Subtropical tree species

Dicots Resistance:

Carya floridana, FL scrub hickory

Cornus florida, dogwood

Ilex cassine, dahoon holly

Ilex glabra, inkberry

Ilex opaca, American holly

Ilex vomitoria, yaupon holly

Lagerstroemia indica, crape myrtle

Magnolia grandiflora, southern magnolia

Quercus geminata, sand live oak

Quercus laevis, turkey oak

Quercus myrtifolia, myrtle oak

Quercus virginiana, live oak

Podocarpus spp, podocarpus

Vaccinium arboreum, sparkleberry

SE Coastal Plain tree species

Highest Wind Resistance


Taxodium ascendens, pondcypress

Taxodium distichum, baldcypress


Butia capitata, pindo or jelly

Phoenix canariensis, Canary Island date

Phoenix dactylifera, date

Sabal palmetto, cabbage, sabal

Florida scrub hickory carya floridana
Florida scrub hickory Resistance:Carya floridana

Flowering dogwood cornus florida
flowering dogwood Resistance:Cornus florida

Dahoon holly ilex cassine
Dahoon holly Resistance:Ilex cassine

Inkberry ilex glabra
inkberry Resistance:Ilex glabra

American holly ilex opaca
American holly Resistance:Ilex opaca

Yaupon holly ilex vomitoria
Yaupon holly Resistance:Ilex vomitoria

Crapemyrtle lagerstoemia indica
crapemyrtle Resistance:Lagerstoemia indica

Southern magnolia magnolia grandiflora
Southern magnolia Resistance:Magnolia grandiflora

Sand live oak quercus geminata
sand live oak Resistance:Quercus geminata

Turkey oak quercus laevis
turkey oak Resistance:Quercus laevis

Myrtle oak quercus myrtifolia
myrtle oak Resistance:Quercus myrtifolia

Live oak quercus virginiana
live oak Resistance:Quercus virginiana

Podocarpus podocarpus spp
Podocarpus Resistance:Podocarpus spp.

Podocarpus gracilior

Podocarpus latifolius

Podocarpus gracilior

Podocarpus macrophyllus

Sparkleberry vaccinium arboreum
sparkleberry Resistance:Vaccinium arboreum

Pondcypress taxodium ascendens
pondcypress Resistance:Taxodium ascendens

Baldcypress taxodium distichum
baldcypress Resistance:Taxodium distichum

Pindo butia capitata
pindo Resistance:Butia capitata

Canary island date phoenix canariensis
Canary Island date Resistance:Phoenix canariensis

Date phoenix dactylifera
date Resistance:Phoenix dactylifera

Cabbage palm sabal palmetto
cabbage palm Resistance:Sabal palmetto

SE Coastal Plain tree species Resistance:

Medium-High Wind Resistance


Acer saccharum subsp. floridanum, FL sugar maple

Acer palmatum, Japanese maple

Betula nigra, river birch

Carpinus caroliniana, ironwood

Carya glabra, pignut hickory

Carya tomentosa, mockernut hickory

Cercis canadensis, red bud

Chionanthus virginicus, fringe tree

Diospyros virginiana, common persimmon

Fraxinus americana, white ash

Liquidambar styraciflua, sweetgum

Magnolia virginiana, sweetbay magnolia

Magnolia xsoulangiana, saucer magnolia

Nyssa aquatica, water tupelo

Nyssa sylvatica, black tupelo

Ostrya virginiana, American hophornbean

Prunus angustifolia, chickasaw plum

Quercus michauxii, swamp chestnut

Quercus shumardii, Shumard oak

Quercus stellata, post oak

Ulmus alata, winged elm

Florida sugar maple acer saccharum subsp floridadanum
Florida sugar maple Resistance:Acer saccharum subsp. floridadanum

Japanese maple acer palmatum
Japanese maple Resistance:Acer palmatum

Riverbirch betula nigra
riverbirch Resistance:Betula nigra

Ironwood carpinus caroliniana
ironwood Resistance:Carpinus caroliniana

Pignut hickory carya glabra
pignut hickory Resistance:Carya glabra

Mockernut hickory carya tomentosa
mockernut hickory Resistance:Carya tomentosa

Redbud cercis canadensis
redbud Resistance:Cercis canadensis

Fringe tree chionanthus virginicus
fringe tree Resistance:Chionanthus virginicus

Common persimmon diospyrus virginiana
common persimmon Resistance:Diospyrus virginiana

White ash fraxinus americana
white ash Resistance:Fraxinus americana

Sweetgum liquidambar styraciflua
sweetgum Resistance:Liquidambar styraciflua

Sweetbay magnolia magnolia virginiana
sweetbay magnolia Resistance:Magnolia virginiana

Saucer magnolia magnolia x soulangiana
Saucer magnolia Resistance:Magnolia x soulangiana

Water tupelo nyssa aquatica
water tupelo Resistance:Nyssa aquatica

Black tupelo nyssa sylvatica
black tupelo Resistance:Nyssa sylvatica

American hophornbeam ostrya virginiana
American hophornbeam Resistance:Ostrya virginiana

Chickasaw plum prunus angustifolia
Chickasaw plum Resistance:Prunus angustifolia

Swamp chestnut oak quercus michauxii
swamp chestnut oak Resistance:Quercus michauxii

Shumard oak quercus shurmardii
Shumard oak Resistance:Quercus shurmardii

Post oak quercus stellata
Post oak Resistance:Quercus stellata

Winged elm ulmus alata
winged elm Resistance:Ulmus alata