i n cold blood part three
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I n Cold Blood: Part Three

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I n Cold Blood: Part Three - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I n Cold Blood: Part Three. Kassandra Arreola Jocelyn Lew DeAngela Morgan. Characters. Floyd Wells Alvin Dewey Harold Nye Roy Church Clarence Duntz Mr. and Mrs. Hickock Barbara Johnson Bill and Johnny. Floyd Wells. Dick’s cellmate

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Presentation Transcript
i n cold blood part three

In Cold Blood: Part Three

Kassandra Arreola

Jocelyn Lew

DeAngela Morgan

  • Floyd Wells
  • Alvin Dewey
  • Harold Nye
  • Roy Church
  • Clarence Duntz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hickock
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Bill and Johnny
floyd wells
Floyd Wells
  • Dick’s cellmate
  • Informed the police that “he knew very well who had murdered them” (Capote 160).
  • He was a former River Valley employee
k b i agents
K.B.I. Agents
  • Al- the primary investigator on the Clutter’s murder case. Interrogated Perry
  • Duntz- Interrogated Perry
  • Nye- traveled from state to state interviewing those close to Perry and Dick. Interrogated Dick
  • Church- Interrogated Dick
  • Floyd informs police about Dick and Perry.
  • K.B.I. agents look for Dick and Perry
  • Dick and Perry hitchhike from Nebraska to Iowa to Kansas to Florida to VEGAS
  • They are interrogated and Dick blames Perry for killing the entire family
  • Perry tells his side of the story and confess to killing only two people
  • They are brought back to Kansas where the town awaits their arrival.
  • Dick and Perry are lead into the county jail while the town watches silently.

Do you think dreams play a significant role in foretelling events

    • Al’s dreams about seeing Dick and Perry?
    • Do you think dreams are a motif in this novel that mean something greater?

Do you still think this a perfect crime

    • They found the boots that matched the foot prints
    • The post office was closed Saturday?
      • Which made the alibi false
    • They had a witness to the crime

Do you think Dick’s father suspected that his son was causing trouble?

    • Slept through the basket ball game?
    • K.B.I. Agents went to his house?
      • Bad checks or the murder?

Do you think the motive Dick and Perry gave is true?

    • Do you think it was a robbery gone wrong?
    • Or
    • Do you think it could have been revenge?
      • Maybe Floyd told him to about a grudge he had against the Clutters

Why didn’t Mr. Clutter fight for his and his family ‘s life?

    • Mr. Clutter is known as a big man. Kenyon is a big guy too
    • Do you think he knew Dick and invited him in or figure he could talk his way out of it
    • Do you think Perry story is how it really happened

Why did Perry murder the family?

    • Do you think Perry went insane?
    • Do you something happen to Perry that he omitted from the story?
    • Do you think he wanted to impress Dick?

Why did Dick blame Perry for killing the family

    • Do you think Dick is really a coward?
    • Do you think he thought Perry would have an easier sentence than him
    • Do you think he thought Perry would take the blame for him
    • Do you think they came up with this plan ahead of time

Do you think Part 3 is the climax of the story?

    • Or do you think the actual murder is?
    • Or do you think this is still the rising action?
    • Or do you have another scene in mind

What do we have left to find out?

    • Whether or not Dick and Perry are free men or punished for their crimes
    • If the town will ever live in peace again or still live in fear