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How to Survive 2 nd grade! Are you ready? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Survive 2 nd grade! Are you ready?. Give Me 5 Procedures You may hear me say, “Give me 5, Give me 10” or see me put my hand up. You should: Stop what you are doing Look at me Listen Put your hands up (so I know your listening) Wait for directions Let’s practice!.

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How to Survive 2nd grade!

Are you ready?

  • Give Me 5 Procedures

  • You may hear me say, “Give me 5, Give me 10” or see me put my hand up. You should:

    • Stop what you are doing

    • Look at me

    • Listen

    • Put your hands up (so I know your listening)

    • Wait for directions

    • Let’s practice!

  • Morning Routine attention…

  • Greet Mrs. Robledo

  • Unpack your daily folder

  • Hang up your backpack

  • Get a new pencil, if needed

  • Morning work

  • Pledges

  • Where do I put stuff? attention…

  • Backpacks on hooks (please be patient and share)

  • Daily folders go in the red basket

  • Pencil exchanges

  • Morning work will be given soon, otherwise work in your WIP folder on any unfinished work

  • Notes? give to Mrs. Robledo

  • What can I bring to school? attention…

  • Healthy snacks and water.

  • We will have snack time usually

  • around 9:40.

  • Daily folder each day

  • Toys are not allowed (will be taken up until the following Friday)

  • Hats/caps are only allowed at recess

Let’s see what we’ve learned... attention…

Let’s play...

Mrs. Robledo Says!

  • Coming to carpet... attention…

  • Push in chair quietly

  • Find a spot next to someone who will make good choices

  • Sit criss-cross applesauce

  • Hands in lap, listening to speaker

  • Cannot use restroom or water while sitting on the carpet listening to instruction

  • Line up, line up! attention…

  • Line up in number order

  • Give the person in front of you enough room

  • If you know you are towards the back, please back up to give people room!

  • Hands behind back (hippo tails or wings) not in pockets

  • Hallway Procedures attention…

  • Walk on the right side of the hallway

  • Line leaders listen to teacher to “stop” or “go ahead”

  • Zipped lips! Other classes are working

  • Let’s try our best to get those compliments for “Pop Points”!

  • Bathroom attention…Procedures

  • When you may go

  • Signals (1 finger for drink, 2 fingers crossed for bathroom)

  • Bathroom passes are different this year! (cards)

  • Please do not dilly dally (GO, FLUSH, WASH, LEAVE)

  • Pencil attention…Procedures

  • You don’t have to ask, just get a new pencil if you need one!

  • Put your old pencil in the

  • “Please Sharpen” can

  • Pencil Sharpeners will sharpen, no one else should be sharpening pencils

  • Turn In attention…Procedures

  • If work is COMPLETELY done,

  • Highlight your name

  • Turn in work to the basket in a neat way

  • Class Jobs attention…

  • Change weekly

  • Some jobs are for 2 weeks

  • If someone’s absent?

  • What do the jobs mean?

  • What do I have to do?

  • What happens if I don’t do my job?

  • Star Chart attention…

  • Everyone starts out on Star Student (blue)

  • If I see GREAT behavior, I might move you up or ask you to move to

  • Shooting Star (silver)

  • At the end of the day, if I see a student showing AWESOME behavior, they move to Super Star (gold)

  • Super Star attention…

  • If you earn a Super Star, you get a positive note sent home to your parents!

  • You can choose to use it for a reward like:

    • Computer time

    • No homework

    • Friday lunch with Mrs. R.

    • And more!

  • Behavior Tally Chart attention…

  • 1st warning (no tally) You have a chance to fix your behavior.

  • 2nd warning (tally) Write in reflection pad and record on chart, move clip. (walk 2 laps at recess)

  • 3rd (another tally) Fill out “think sheet” to go home for parents to sign, put clip on Mrs. R’s desk (walk 4 laps at recess)

  • 4th might have to have a “tune-up” or referral with the principal.

Good news!!! attention…

You are the one who makes the choice! You can always turn your day around!

If I see that you have really tried to turn your day around, I’ll write your parents a note explaining it. You can even move up or be Shooting Star if you really try hard to learn from your mistakes.

  • Chips in the Bucket... attention…

  • Find your number, put your chip in the bucket when Mrs. R asks you to

  • What can I earn chips for?

    • Good behavior

    • Helping a friend or the teacher

    • Participating in class

    • Completing homework

  • Treasure Chest attention…

  • On Fridays, Mrs. R will shuffle the chips and pull 5 names out of the bucket. These people will get to choose a prize from Treasure Chest!

  • You can pick a pass, 2 small items, or a big item.

  • If you have had a “think sheet” for the week, you cannot win Treasure Chest that week.

  • Hippo Tickets attention…

  • You can also earn hippo tickets for a lot of the same things you earn chips for. Usually, I let you choose if you want to put in a chip or hippo tickets. It’s up to you!

  • Hippo Ticket drawings are on Friday mornings. Your tickets go into the 2nd grade bucket and there are 2 winners.

  • Pop Points attention…

    • Our class can earn Pop Points from any adult in the school.

    • Mrs. R. might also give Pop Points, too.

    • Has to be earned (not free!)

      • Can be:

        • Compliments from walking in hallway

        • Nice clean-up or line-up

  • Pop Points attention…

    • For every 25, we earn a class reward.

      • The first 25 pop points, we will have “Barefoot Day”.

      • After that, we vote on a class reward. It could be “PJ day”, “double recess”, “lunch in the courtyard”

Don’t worry...I know it’s A LOT of information, but we will go over and over it.

Practice, practice,’s the only way to get better.