changes to medical record and esig tabs
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Changes to Medical Record and eSig tabs

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Changes to Medical Record and eSig tabs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Changes to Medical Record and eSig tabs . Portal and HPF v11.0.2. Medical Record tab. This is the new viewer opening up. New look and feel to viewer. New navigation buttons. Record view options. New document tree. Click on EXPAND to show all of the sub-header info for all documents.

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New look and feel to viewer.

New navigation buttons.

Record view options.

New document tree.


Click on COLLAPSE to go back to document names only.

Click on dropdown list to see and select options for image size in the viewer.


To create your own person record view, click on:



Personal Record View


Ctrl-Click on each document type that you want to add to your Personal Record View.

Click on Add, then OK.


“My view” is your personal record view. If you have not set it up, you will not see any documents displayed.


Click on EXIT icon to exit the viewer.

Tabs have information on patient.


New list of deficiencies.

New list of groups.


New deficiency processing icons.

Sign Skip Decline

Deficiency for this image.


Select your reason. You may also free text a reason.

Click OK when you’ve selected the reason.


You may text edit your dictated reports. Just click on the section you want to edit and make your changes.

Click the complete icon when you are finished with the text editing.


Follow the instructions per the viewer. Click on the Documents tab to view all documents for this encounter. The instructions also show you the report type to dictate.


When you have completed your dictation, click on the complete icon to complete the deficiency.

Page through the documents that you need to complete the dictation.


Missing Text Deficiencies

Click on Process All to process these deficiencies.


Click on the complete icon when you have finished the missing text deficiency.

Locate the missing text box on the document. Click on the yellow space to enter your missing text.

If you have further questions about either

the Medical Record or eSig tabs,

please contact

the Medical Record Customer

Liaisons at:


Thank you!