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Organization and leadership
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Organization and Leadership. Question to get you Thinking. Two or Three words to describe an Effective L eader?. Tonight's Objectives. S hort overview of how organizations are structured Leadership vs Management Leaders' To-Do Lists. Organization Structures. Functional - “Traditional”

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Organization and Leadership

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Organization and leadership

Organization and Leadership

Question to get you thinking

Question to get you Thinking

  • Two or Three words to describe an Effective Leader?

Tonight s objectives

Tonight's Objectives

  • Short overview of how organizations are structured

  • Leadership vs Management

  • Leaders' To-Do Lists

Organization structures

Organization Structures

Functional - “Traditional”

  • Example

    • the marketing department, the quality assurance group, the security group, etc.

  • Advantages

    • Clearly defined authority

    • No duplication

  • Disadvantages

    • No lateral connections

    • Specialized tasks don’t fit in

Organization structures1

Organization Structures

Matrix Organization

  • Advantages

    • Integration across lines

  • Disadvantages

    • Troops report to two generals

Organization structures2

Organization Structures

  • Divisional

    • Example = General Motors

    • Allows specialization, but tasks are duplicated.

  • Project-Based



What style of Organization would probably be best for the following sizes of IT companies? Why?

  • Small Shop ( < 40 people)

  • Medium ( ≈ 200 )

  • Ginormous (e.g. Microsoft)

  • Traditional Functional

  • Matrix

  • Divisional

  • Project Based

Management vs leadership

Management vs Leadership

Manager – Do things Right

Leader – Do the Right Thing

Management vs leadership1

Management vs Leadership

  • Management is derived by title

  • Most managers rose because of technical skills, not people skills

  • People are required to do the work specified by the manager

  • Leadership draws extra effort without obligation

Management vs leadership2

Management vs Leadership

  • A manager is focused on dealing with today's problems and issues.

  • A leader is focused on the future.

  • "I spend my time working on what is not here. What is here right now will be taken care of by our management processes. What I am concerned with is what we will need in the future to maintain and improve our quality."

    paraphrase of President Tony DiGiorgio

    CBA Leadership Series, Oct 22, 2009

Styles of leadership

Styles of Leadership

  • Command and Control

    • example: General Patton in WWII

  • Pushing

    • provides support and encouragement

    • good at slow evolutionary changes

    • put interests of others above your own

  • Pulling

    • don't sit in a glass office, get out and talk to people

    • requires: virtue, honesty, and courage

    • example: Chamberlain at Gettysburg

      adapted from Jim Olsen's CBA Leadership Series talk,

      Nov 19, 2009

Joshua chamberlain

Joshua Chamberlain

  • given 120 soldiers who had mutinied from another Maine regiment to add to his Maine regiment

  • he had 3 options

    • shoot them

    • take them into battle under guard

    • take their shackles off and hand them guns

  • he promised to listen to their grievances later, no time for that now, Lee's entire army will be here soon

  • explained why the war was important

    • used emotion

  • gave them food, got on his horse, and started riding down the road toward the battlefield

  • they defended Little Round Top

  • he was awarded the Medal of Honor

  • How much leadership

    How much Leadership?


    Unwilling & Unablestrong direction

    Unwilling & Ablesoft direction, sensitive to feelings

    Willing & Unableconcern for feelings, help do tasks

    Willing & Ablestand back and get out of their way

    Manager s todo list

    Manager’s ToDo List

    • Gain visibility without micromanagement

    • Review process and products, not people

    • Coordinate, don’t manipulate

    • Use your knowledge, not your power

    • Focus on project’s needs and people’s needs, not your power

    Leader s todo list

    Leader’s ToDo List

    • Be confident in yourself and team.

    • Be fallible.

    • Lead by example.

    • Utilize team member’s talents. Don't do it all yourself.

    • Complete commitments on time.

    • Don't confuse friendship with leadership.

    Software Project Management by J Henry

    Section 1.4

    Leader s todo list1

    Leader’s ToDo List

    • Allow staff to make decisions

    • Place workers physically together

    • Limit the number of projects assigned to a person

    • Never impose phony deadlines

    • Allow teams to jell, don’t mix them up frequently

    • Create ritual (e.g. team meetings)

    Next class

    Next Class

    Breaking the Project into Bite Sizes

    • Statement of Work

    • Work Breakdown Structure

    • Identifying Activities

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