Organization and leadership
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Organization and Leadership. Question to get you Thinking. Two or Three words to describe an Effective L eader?. Tonight's Objectives. S hort overview of how organizations are structured Leadership vs Management Leaders' To-Do Lists. Organization Structures. Functional - “Traditional”

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Organization and Leadership

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Organization and Leadership

Question to get you Thinking

  • Two or Three words to describe an Effective Leader?

Tonight's Objectives

  • Short overview of how organizations are structured

  • Leadership vs Management

  • Leaders' To-Do Lists

Organization Structures

Functional - “Traditional”

  • Example

    • the marketing department, the quality assurance group, the security group, etc.

  • Advantages

    • Clearly defined authority

    • No duplication

  • Disadvantages

    • No lateral connections

    • Specialized tasks don’t fit in

Organization Structures

Matrix Organization

  • Advantages

    • Integration across lines

  • Disadvantages

    • Troops report to two generals

Organization Structures

  • Divisional

    • Example = General Motors

    • Allows specialization, but tasks are duplicated.

  • Project-Based


What style of Organization would probably be best for the following sizes of IT companies? Why?

  • Small Shop ( < 40 people)

  • Medium ( ≈ 200 )

  • Ginormous (e.g. Microsoft)

  • Traditional Functional

  • Matrix

  • Divisional

  • Project Based

Management vs Leadership

Manager – Do things Right

Leader – Do the Right Thing

Management vs Leadership

  • Management is derived by title

  • Most managers rose because of technical skills, not people skills

  • People are required to do the work specified by the manager

  • Leadership draws extra effort without obligation

Management vs Leadership

  • A manager is focused on dealing with today's problems and issues.

  • A leader is focused on the future.

  • "I spend my time working on what is not here. What is here right now will be taken care of by our management processes. What I am concerned with is what we will need in the future to maintain and improve our quality."

    paraphrase of President Tony DiGiorgio

    CBA Leadership Series, Oct 22, 2009

Styles of Leadership

  • Command and Control

    • example: General Patton in WWII

  • Pushing

    • provides support and encouragement

    • good at slow evolutionary changes

    • put interests of others above your own

  • Pulling

    • don't sit in a glass office, get out and talk to people

    • requires: virtue, honesty, and courage

    • example: Chamberlain at Gettysburg

      adapted from Jim Olsen's CBA Leadership Series talk,

      Nov 19, 2009

Joshua Chamberlain

  • given 120 soldiers who had mutinied from another Maine regiment to add to his Maine regiment

  • he had 3 options

    • shoot them

    • take them into battle under guard

    • take their shackles off and hand them guns

  • he promised to listen to their grievances later, no time for that now, Lee's entire army will be here soon

  • explained why the war was important

    • used emotion

  • gave them food, got on his horse, and started riding down the road toward the battlefield

  • they defended Little Round Top

  • he was awarded the Medal of Honor

  • How much Leadership?


    Unwilling & Unablestrong direction

    Unwilling & Ablesoft direction, sensitive to feelings

    Willing & Unableconcern for feelings, help do tasks

    Willing & Ablestand back and get out of their way

    Manager’s ToDo List

    • Gain visibility without micromanagement

    • Review process and products, not people

    • Coordinate, don’t manipulate

    • Use your knowledge, not your power

    • Focus on project’s needs and people’s needs, not your power

    Leader’s ToDo List

    • Be confident in yourself and team.

    • Be fallible.

    • Lead by example.

    • Utilize team member’s talents. Don't do it all yourself.

    • Complete commitments on time.

    • Don't confuse friendship with leadership.

    Software Project Management by J Henry

    Section 1.4

    Leader’s ToDo List

    • Allow staff to make decisions

    • Place workers physically together

    • Limit the number of projects assigned to a person

    • Never impose phony deadlines

    • Allow teams to jell, don’t mix them up frequently

    • Create ritual (e.g. team meetings)

    Next Class

    Breaking the Project into Bite Sizes

    • Statement of Work

    • Work Breakdown Structure

    • Identifying Activities

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