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Emergence of nvc
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Emergence of NVC. The Dream. Exponential spread of NVC consciousness. … and the Rub. Frustration with certification system. Evaluation, disconnection from needs. Some candidates willing but not joyful. So, where did this proposal come from?. Inspirations. Sociocracy Wikis

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Emergence of NVC

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Emergence of nvc

Emergence of NVC

The dream

The Dream

Exponential spread of

NVC consciousness

And the rub

… and the Rub

Frustration with certification system.

Evaluation, disconnection from needs.

Some candidates willing but not joyful.

So where did this proposal come from

So, where did this proposal come from?





Online discussion groups



Inspiration sociocracy

Inspiration: Sociocracy

Founded on cybernetics

Self-organizing systems require

Common goal

Energy (chaos)


Inspiration wikis

Inspiration: Wikis

Collaborative online documents

Use for Conal’s graphics language work

Create inspired & empowered community

Example: Wikipedia (vs Brittanica)

Supports quality & growth

Emergence of nvc

Provide missing community

Poor at fine-grain interaction, clarity & emotional transparency

Inspiration: Online Discussions

Emergence of nvc

Ants, brains, cities, Wikipedia, online communities, .... cybernetics.

Self-organizing systems can grow without bound and maintain quality/health.

A framework to support The Dream

Inspiration: Emergence

Emergence of nvc

More learners  more teachers

self fueling (reproduction),

so exponential growth is natural,

unless we hit a resource limit,

such as assessor attention.

Slashdot solution:

erase assessor/assessee divide.

Growth vs. Top-Down Assessment

Emergence of nvc

Make profiles: background, expertise, location, class schedules, practice groups, cost, ….

Search by attributes. See matching profiles.

Encourage useful feedback.

Feedback feedback (reviews reviewed).

Related: match.com, MySpace, Amazon, Tribe, Slashdot, Netflix, LiveJournal, Vaestro.

All info is self-organizing & evolving.

Matching & Feedback System

Emergence of nvc

Perpetual learning (not just until certified)

Current means: books, groups, classes, mentoring, IITs (resources, not reqs).

Attend offerings & give feedback.

See Sandy's “pathway” doc.

Learning Community – Low Tech

Emergence of nvc

Record workshops. Watch & discuss

Web version: public feedback/learning

Organic FAQ

Shared space for empathy exploration

Shared course materials: use & improve

Learning Community – High Tech

Emergence of nvc

Clarity/ease/trust – of expectations

CNVC support – money, work, grants

CNVC safety – lawsuits

Trainer support – visibility / credibility

Growth – mentoring and feedback

Needs Underlying Certification

Emergence of nvc

Gathering feedback & assess interest

Feedback-centered architecture

Programming & forms

Invite profiles

Meanwhile, we can implement Sandy’s new PSNCC “pathway”


Emergence of nvc1

Emergence of NVC

Clarifying questions?

Quick reactions?

Paramount objections?

Emergence of nvc

Top-down assessment can contribute only a minute portion of exponential growth, ...

... so let's invest in the big pay-off of the bottom-up approach instead.

Why not top-down and bottom-up?

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