The Planets in Our  Solar System

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OBJECTIVES. TODAY WE WILL.Generate (ask) questions while we readSummarize nonfiction Use academic language: summarize, main idea, details. VOCABULARY REVIEW. Solar SystemSun

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The Planets in Our Solar System

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1. The Planets in Our Solar System

2. OBJECTIVES TODAY WE WILL…. Generate (ask) questions while we read Summarize nonfiction Use academic language: summarize, main idea, details

3. VOCABULARY REVIEW Solar System Sun & all the planets, satellites, and comets that circle the sun Easily Not hard to do Farther Greater distance away Main Most important thing Dim Very little light Temperature Measure of heat & cold Telescope Tool used to make faraway objects look closer

4. STRATEGY: Generate Questions Good readers generate (ask) questions to help them understand what they read – THIS MEANS YOU ? We ask questions so we can identify main ideas and details to help us summarize the story. As we read, we try to answer the questions.

5. SKILL: SUMMARIZE!! What does it mean when you summarize a story? You give (tell or write) a short statement about the most important ideas. It includes the main ideas and most important details. Sometimes the main idea is stated in a topic sentence and sometimes the reader has to figure it out A summary does not include opinions! Good readers summarize as they read.

6. PREVIEW & PREDICT When I say “Go”, take 1 minute to preview the illustrations. Ask yourself: What information will I learn about the solar system? On your index card, write 1-2 questions you have about the planets in our solar system. After we listen to the selection, we will see if your questions were answered.

7. FOCUS QUESTION Read to find out… What do you need to see other planets in the night sky? NOW…you will read along as we listen to….

8. The Planets in Our Solar System

9. Let’s Check our Predictions! Share with your criss-cross/shoulder partner your questions. Were they answered? Did you learn new information about planets and the solar system? What new questions do you have? How did generating questions and summarizing help you understand the information in this selection? TOMORROW WE WILL… Use our story map to answer our “Comprehension Check Questions” on page 249.

10. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT…. If you could take a trip into space, what would you want to see close-up? Explain.

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