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PANELLETS A CATALAN DESSERT. Art on the move. Ingredients:. 1/2 kg of grind almond 600 gr. suggar 65 ml of water “pure de patatas” (mashed potatoes) 2 eggs 250 gr. pine nuts 1 spoon of decaffeinated instant coffee 3 spoons of chocolate powder 1 spoon of redcurrant

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Art on the move


1/2 kg of grind almond

600 gr. suggar

65 ml of water

“pure de patatas” (mashed potatoes)

2 eggs

250 gr. pine nuts

1 spoon of decaffeinated instant coffee

3 spoons of chocolate powder

1 spoon of redcurrant

8 cherrys (cut in two: for 16 panellets)

150 gr. of grated coconut

a lemon

Prepare all ingredients, and start with almond!!!!

Add “pure de patatas” to 65ml. water and mix.

Add the mixure to the almond.

Take 600 gr. of suggar. Add it to the mixure!

Mix it with your hands!

Go to the garden, choose the best lemon and take it!!!!!!!!

Clean it!!!!

Add the lemon juice to the mixure. It smells really good!!!

Now add the gratten peel to the mixure. Mix it all with your hands!

Take one egg and beat it. Add it to the mixure and mix it with your hands!

It doesn’t look very delicious now but wait and you will see!!!   

Cover the mixure and let it settle one night or at less 4 hours in the fridge!

Now: have a bit of pacience and start calling your Spanish friends to invite them to eat panellets.

     

2nd part:

Ready? Make a form and cut it in small pieces like in the pictures!

Excellent! It looks great, doesn’t it? Now you can separate the small pieces in 5 groups! We are going to do different panellets...

Don’t forget to make your hands wet after giving the panellets a round form! (it’s my secret to add pine nuts easier).

We are going to start with the pine nuts panellets!

Make the balls a bit wet too and cover them with the pine nuts!

Start from the first wet ball you have prepared with your hands and cover it with the pine nuts. Use all the pine nuts that you have!

We’re finishing... I’m already hungry, aren’t you?

You have to beat one more egg and add a bit of suggar (1 spoon!). Make your hands wet with the egg!

(The suggar on egg is my secret to have panellets a little bit golden coloured after oven)

Take one ball after the other with your hands! This is the funniest part of the recipe! Are the balls wet? Good! It’s time to put them in the oven! Bake them (200º) no more than 8/10 minutes! Ready!

Look the oven carefully!!!!!!!!!

For the coconut panellets: add the grated coconut and some lemon juice to the mixure.

Give them a form with your handsagain and put them in the oven just 5-6 minuts!

What? Do you prefer them with coffee? No problem, add 1 spoon of decaffeinated instant coffee. Mix it and form the balls!

Put them in the oven no more than 5/8 minutes!

Do you want them with chocolate?

Add three spoons of chocolate powder!

Don’t eat the panellets immediately after you take them from the oven! Please, wait for us, we are comming!!!!!!!!

Ok, ok, It’s because they are too hot!

Wait for one hour, not for us 

It is very funny to give the panellets different forms! In the picture you can see the form we give them, if they are coconut panellets.

Just make a small mountain with your hands for the coconut panellets or make a coffee bean for the coffee panellets!

Delicious! For the cherry panellets you can add some redcurrant to the mix. Make a ball, press it with two fingers and add the cherry!

Here you can see how the coconut panellets look like when they are baked in the oven!

And these are the coffee and cherry panellets!

Feel free to decorate them, if you want. We like to add a hazelnut in the middle of the chocolate panellet before you put it in the oven. It’s a good idea!

It looks really good! Did you invite a lot of friends? Great!

Now it’s time to eat the panellets!

Bon profit our friends!!!!!!!!!

  

We normally eat Panellets on Halloween time!!!!

In our school, every year, the smaller students (4-5 years old) do it with their teachers, and also with the help of some mums!!!!!!!!

Same do the bigger

Look at them:…………..


Un menjar típic de Catalunya en època de tardor


  • Ametlla mòlta

  • Sucre

  • Patata o moniato

  • Se’ls pot afegir: Pinyons, coco, ametlla picada, codonyat, xocolata.

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6 years old students preparing PANELLETS

6 years old students preparing PANELLETS

7 years old students preparing PANELLETS

7 years old students preparing PANELLETS

10 years old students preparing PANELLETS

11 years old students preparing PANELLETS



See you!!!!

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