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Impressionism. Visual Art. Impressionism. Shows the effects of light and atmospheric conditions Spontaneously captures a moment of time Expresses reality in different ways. Impressionist Background. Photography challenges This divergence away from photographic realism

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Visual Art



  • Shows the effects of light and atmospheric conditions

  • Spontaneously captures a moment of time

  • Expresses reality in different ways

Impressionist background

Impressionist Background

  • Photography challenges

  • This divergence away from photographic realism

  • Many Impressionists painted pleasant scenes of middle class urban life, extolling the leisure time that the industrial revolution had won for middle class society.

New style

New Style

  • Paris painters work together and show together

    • Claude Monet,

    • August Renoir,

    • Edgar Degas,

    • Berthe Morisot,

    • Mary Cassatt

  • They became known as Impressionists because a newspaper critic thought they were painting mere sketches or impressions.

Impressionism how to

Impressionism “How-To”

  • Paint in “comma” strokes

  • Sketch, don’t polish

  • Don’t mix colors

  • Use intense colors & let the viewer's eye mix the colors.

Claude monet

Claude Monet

  • “Father of Impressionism”

  • Used light colors and “painterly” brush strokes

  • Painted the same landscape many times from different views

  • Painted water lilies and other flowers in his garden

  • Painted hut-shaped hay stacks Rouen Cathedral at many different times of day to show the effects of light on the subject.

Impressions sunrise

Impressions, Sunrise

Water lillies

Water Lillies

Mary cassatt

Mary Cassatt

  • American

  • Painted mothers, children, boats

  • Leisure activity focus

The boating party

The Boating Party



  • Used textured surfaces that reflected the light;

  • Made The Thinker, bronze statue from a mold.

    • Two statues were cast from the same mold; one is at the University of Louisville.



  • Focused on dancers and the play of light

    The Dancing Class

Auguste renoir

Auguste Renoir

  • Focused on feminine sensuality, beauty

  • La Ioge

  • The Theater Box

Suerat sunday afternoon at la grande gette

Suerat– Sunday Afternoon at La Grande Gette

Post impressionism


Post impressionism defined

Post-Impressionism, Defined

  • Not objective reality, but subjective

  • Emotional response to objects and events through:

    • Distortion

    • Exaggeration

    • Primitivism

    • Fantasy.

Gauguin tahitian women on the beach

Gauguin– Tahitian Women on the Beach



Vincent van gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

  • used bold strokes

  • used vivid color

  • painted scenes from nature

  • used the play of light over the face

  • captured the “barest essentials”

Starry night

Starry Night

The potato eaters

The Potato Eaters

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