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A flare compilation
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A flare compilation. Lots of people including Louise Harra, Lidia van Driel Gesztelyi, Chris Goff, Sarah Matthews, Len Culhane, Cristina Mandrini, Pascal Demoulin, Lyndsay Fletcher. 15 Jul 02 – two filament eruptions and a couple of CMEs. Spectroscopic evidence for break-out.

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A flare compilation

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A flare compilation

A flare compilation

  • Lots of people including Louise Harra, Lidia van Driel Gesztelyi, Chris Goff, Sarah Matthews, Len Culhane, Cristina Mandrini, Pascal Demoulin, Lyndsay Fletcher

A flare compilation

15 Jul 02 – two filament eruptions and a couple of CMEs

Spectroscopic evidence for break out

Spectroscopic evidence for break-out

  • In contrast to the standard model reconnection starts high in the corona.

  • Evidence has been found in the form of remote brightenings (and flows) prior to the impulsive phase.

Gary and Moore., 2004, Harra et al. 2005

Sterling and Moore

A flare compilation

Spatially resolved evaporation has been observed in various cases now e.g .Brosius and Phillips (2004) with velocities 10s km/s and del Zanna et al (2005) with velocities reaching 140 km/s.

Following filament eruption

Harra et al., 2005

Pre-eruption stage

A flare compilation




Fe XIX Doppler velocity

Fe XIX intensity

Flux rope

Vl < 0

Flux rope

Vl > 0

Flare loops

Flare loops

Time  13:0015:00

Time 

Synthetic slit image made of TRACE data


SOHO/CDS observations

A flare compilation

rotated and tilted to event location

flare time

disc centre view

Magnetic modelling

view tilted to show arcade orientation

Magnetic field lines extrapolated in the linear force-free approximation (=0.015 Mm-1)

using a SOHO/MDI magnetic field map on 14 April in order to determine the 3-D spatial

orientation of the flare loop and deduce the direction of plasma flows from the Doppler data.

A flare compilation


Fe XIX Doppler velocity




Combining modelling results with CDS Doppler shift

S leg points away from us - Red-shifted in CDS

N leg points towards us - Blue-shifted in CDS

Plasma is flowing down along both legs of the flare loops

A flare compilation

RHESSI observations:

Moving (rising) coronal X-ray source

RHESSI 10-15 keV contours (made with PIXON) over TRACE images show a rising coronal X-ray source.

Images made in the 5-10 keV and 15-20 keV ranges show very similar motion pattern.

v≈60 km/s

Looptop source

Rising coronal source

A flare compilation

Erupting filament (TRACE)

Rising X-ray source


Height-time plots - low corona

CDS obser-


• Height - time plot of the lifting flux rope as seen by TRACE.

• The cross in the red circle represents the leading edge of the flux rope as seen by CDS.

• Below the best-fit lines are data points from the coronal hard X-ray source.

• HXR RHESSI light curve between 5-50 keV.

A flare compilation

Height-time plots - TRACE & C2

Height-time plot

of CME leading

and trailing edges

in LASCO/C2 images

Height-time plot

of lifting filament

in TRACE images

vCME ~ 120 km s-1

An exponential growth makes the link between the two curves, while neither the linear nor the polynomial fit can reach the required height by the C2 appearance time of the CME.

A flare compilation



Blab l

Height-time plot, low corona

Exponential growth

Height-time plot, high corona

EUV flux rope

v~45-75 km/s


v~120 km/s


RHESSI source

~60 km/s


v~60 km/s

• New evidence for flux rope structure of an erupting filament

• Linking a rising RHESSI

coronal source to the erupting filament

• New evidence for exponential growth of CMEs in the low corona - result of kink instability?

• Results consistent with down-flows of hot plasma along both loop legs.



10-15 keV



Fe XIX Doppler velocity

Flux rope




Cooling loops

magnetic extrapolation 

3-D flare loop orientation


A&A 434, 761 (2005)


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