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Microsoft Publisher 2003

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1. Microsoft® Publisher 2003 Creating and Using Columns in a Text Box

2. Create Columns—1 Insert a text box if necessary On the Standard toolbar, click the Columns button and select the desired number of columns

3. Create Columns—2 The default spacing between the columns is .08" If a different spacing between columns is desired Go to the Format menu and click Text Box In the Text Box dialog box, click on the Text Box tab Click on the Columns button Change the spacing as desired

4. Create Columns—3 Text will automatically flow from one column to the next If columns of different widths are desired, use connected text boxes instead (see our tutorial, Publisher Connect Text Boxes)

5. Insert a Line Between Columns—1 First, the text box needs to be set up to have more than one column Go to the Format menu and click Text Box (make sure the text box is selected)

6. Insert a Line Between Columns—2 In the Format Text Box dialog box, click the Colors and Lines tab Under Preview, click the button for the center vertical line Make sure no other buttons are selected so that the options you select for the line affect only the center vertical line Under Line, select the options you want for the center line, and then click OK

7. Insert a Line Between Columns—3

8. Insert a Column Break—1 A column break can be inserted anywhere in a text box If the text box contains more than one column, the text that follows the column break will start in the next column If the column break is entered in the last column of a text box (or the text box contains only one column) and it is part of a story, the text will start in the next connected text box

9. Insert a Column Break—2 Click where you want to insert the column break Press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

10. Insert a Column Break—3

11. Remove a Column Break Place the insertion point just to the left of the column break notation To see the column break notation, turn on Special Characters (Standard toolbar) Press the DELETE key

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