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ITS World Congress Orlando, Florida October 19 , 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CONTINUING INVESTIGATION OF ANONYMOUS WIRELESS ADDRESS MATCHING (AWAM) FOR TRAVEL TIME DATA COLLECTION Darryl Puckett and Mike Vickich Houston, Texas. ITS World Congress Orlando, Florida October 19 , 2011. Presentation Overview. How we got here Application testing and results

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ITS World Congress

Orlando, Florida

October 19, 2011

Presentation overview
Presentation Overview

  • How we got here

  • Application testing and results

  • Deployments and alternatives

  • Upcoming applications

Houston experience
Houston Experience

  • Desire for expansion of existing travel time map

  • Exploration of more cost effective alternatives (AVI equip +$50k per site)

  • Demonstration of address matching technologies

  • Assessment of feasibility

  • Field deployments for arterial networks

Existing transtar website
Existing TranStar Website

  • Award winning website experiences over 10 million page accesses/500,000 users per month on average

  • Freeway travel times are very well received by the public

  • Display of arterial travel times are desired by the public

  • Existing AVI technology may not be cost effective for wide area deployment on arterials

Existing technologies
Existing Technologies

TranStar system currently utilizes a combination of RFID (Transcore) and radar (Wavetronix) for travel time and speed information (over 450 combined)

Why try anything else
Why try anything else?

  • Cost

  • Bluetooth peripherals are becoming widespread

  • Easier, non-intrusive field installation and maintenance

Awam vs toll tags
AWAM vs Toll Tags

To benchmark performance, The Bluetooth-based AWAM system was installed alongside a probe-based toll tag (AVI) system.

In this recent comparison, AWAM is collecting more data samples than the alternative technology.

This effort repeated a previous examination where, the AWAM samples were ~ 85% of the AVI matches. Thus illustrating that the apparent number of Bluetooth enabled devices (in discoverable mode) are actually increasing, not decreasing.

IH-45 Deployment - Individual Matches with a

rural incident impact on a 13 mile segment

West houston deployment
West Houston Deployment

Example Arterial Data (3 traffic signals between readers)

Vehicles traveling within the Progression Band

Vehicles which did not travel within Progression Band


  • Low cost, standards-based, non-proprietary equipment and protocols.

  • Easy, non-intrusive field installation and maintenance.

  • Large penetration of field devices and data samples.

  • Real-time summary calculations.

  • Complete ownership of data by operating agency.

Synchronous: 8-10 second cycle (default process)

Difference Between Synchronous and Asynchronous

Travel Time Monitoring Application in Real-Time

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:31

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

22:00:00:DD:14:88 07:15:32

22:00:00:DD:14:88 07:15:40

12:CD:AC:35:01:76 07:15:33

12:CD:AC:35:01:76 07:15:40



Asynchronous – Exclusive to AWAM

42:33:23:EE:AE:07 07:15:33

42:33:23:EE:AE:07 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:35

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

AE:42:39:00:01:06 07:15:38

AE:42:39:00:01:06 07:15:40

07:33:CC:36:00:AE 07:15:40

07:33:CC:36:00:AE 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:31

22:00:00:DD:14:88 07:15:32

12:CD:AC:35:01:76 07:15:33

42:33:23:EE:AE:07 07:15:33



AF:10:EE:07:21:56 07:15:33

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:35

AE:42:39:00:01:06 07:15:38

23:00:00:00:AF:CC 07:15:38

07:33:CC:36:00:AE 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

CC:42:00:21:12:DD 07:15:40

Bluetooth field equipment signal cabinet

Bluetooth Field Equipment(signal cabinet)

Bryan college station deployments

Bryan-College Station Deployments

24 units installed in existing signal cabinets

Total coverage 36 directional miles

Current awam deployments city of houston
Current AWAM DeploymentsCity of Houston

50 locations, consistent with planned ATM/WiMAX deployments

Real-Time Travel Times on 400 directional miles of

rural/suburban Interstate

With cameras for Hurricane Evacuation monitoring

IH-45 Deployment for Hurricane Evacuation Monitoring

Bluetooth Sensor and Axis Camera installed on Luminaire Pole

IH-45 Deployment for Hurricane Evacuation Monitoring

Bluetooth Sensor and Axis Camera installed on Solar Power

TxDOT Planning Study – Brazos County

Current ih 35 deployment
Current IH-35 Deployment

  • Hillsboro to Georgetown

  • 5 locations

  • All solar BT only,

  • deployed in 4 hrs

Current orlando deployment
Current Orlando Deployment

  • 4 locations

  • In existing signal cabinets

  • For ITS World Congress

Underway harris county
Underway - Harris County

387 Intersections with Bluetooth Readers

Underway dallas icm
Underway – Dallas ICM

US 75 North of Dallas for Corridor Management

Upcoming smart corridor deployment
UpcomingSmart Corridor Deployment

  • DFW to Laredo

  • 150+ locations

  • Mix of power and equipment

Upcoming california border crossing study
Upcoming CaliforniaBorder Crossing Study

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