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ITS World Congress Orlando, Florida October 19 , 2011 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CONTINUING INVESTIGATION OF ANONYMOUS WIRELESS ADDRESS MATCHING (AWAM) FOR TRAVEL TIME DATA COLLECTION Darryl Puckett and Mike Vickich Houston, Texas. ITS World Congress Orlando, Florida October 19 , 2011. Presentation Overview. How we got here Application testing and results

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ITS World Congress Orlando, Florida October 19 , 2011

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ITS World Congress

Orlando, Florida

October 19, 2011

Presentation Overview

  • How we got here

  • Application testing and results

  • Deployments and alternatives

  • Upcoming applications

Houston Experience

  • Desire for expansion of existing travel time map

  • Exploration of more cost effective alternatives (AVI equip +$50k per site)

  • Demonstration of address matching technologies

  • Assessment of feasibility

  • Field deployments for arterial networks

Existing TranStar Website

  • Award winning website experiences over 10 million page accesses/500,000 users per month on average

  • Freeway travel times are very well received by the public

  • Display of arterial travel times are desired by the public

  • Existing AVI technology may not be cost effective for wide area deployment on arterials

Existing Technologies

TranStar system currently utilizes a combination of RFID (Transcore) and radar (Wavetronix) for travel time and speed information (over 450 combined)

Why try anything else?

  • Cost

  • Bluetooth peripherals are becoming widespread

  • Easier, non-intrusive field installation and maintenance

AWAM Concept

Sample Antenna Coverage

Ohio DOT Demo - Dayton

Arlington Virginia Demo

AWAM vs Toll Tags

To benchmark performance, The Bluetooth-based AWAM system was installed alongside a probe-based toll tag (AVI) system.

In this recent comparison, AWAM is collecting more data samples than the alternative technology.

This effort repeated a previous examination where, the AWAM samples were ~ 85% of the AVI matches. Thus illustrating that the apparent number of Bluetooth enabled devices (in discoverable mode) are actually increasing, not decreasing.

IH-45 Deployment - Individual Matches with a

rural incident impact on a 13 mile segment

West Houston Deployment

Example Arterial Data (3 traffic signals between readers)

Vehicles traveling within the Progression Band

Vehicles which did not travel within Progression Band


  • Low cost, standards-based, non-proprietary equipment and protocols.

  • Easy, non-intrusive field installation and maintenance.

  • Large penetration of field devices and data samples.

  • Real-time summary calculations.

  • Complete ownership of data by operating agency.

Synchronous: 8-10 second cycle (default process)

Difference Between Synchronous and Asynchronous

Travel Time Monitoring Application in Real-Time

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:31

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

22:00:00:DD:14:88 07:15:32

22:00:00:DD:14:88 07:15:40

12:CD:AC:35:01:76 07:15:33

12:CD:AC:35:01:76 07:15:40



Asynchronous – Exclusive to AWAM

42:33:23:EE:AE:07 07:15:33

42:33:23:EE:AE:07 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:35

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

AE:42:39:00:01:06 07:15:38

AE:42:39:00:01:06 07:15:40

07:33:CC:36:00:AE 07:15:40

07:33:CC:36:00:AE 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:31

22:00:00:DD:14:88 07:15:32

12:CD:AC:35:01:76 07:15:33

42:33:23:EE:AE:07 07:15:33



AF:10:EE:07:21:56 07:15:33

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:35

AE:42:39:00:01:06 07:15:38

23:00:00:00:AF:CC 07:15:38

07:33:CC:36:00:AE 07:15:40

00:56:AF:33:21:00 07:15:40

CC:42:00:21:12:DD 07:15:40

Bluetooth Field Equipment(signal cabinet)

Bryan-College Station Deployments

24 units installed in existing signal cabinets

Total coverage 36 directional miles

Current AWAM DeploymentsCity of Houston

50 locations, consistent with planned ATM/WiMAX deployments

Current TranStar Speed Map

Real-Time Travel Times on 400 directional miles of

rural/suburban Interstate

With cameras for Hurricane Evacuation monitoring

H-45 Deployment for Hurricane Evacuation Monitoring

Map Interface

IH-45 Deployment for Hurricane Evacuation Monitoring

Bluetooth Sensor and Axis Camera installed on Luminaire Pole

IH-45 Deployment for Hurricane Evacuation Monitoring

Bluetooth Sensor and Axis Camera installed on Solar Power

TxDOT Planning Study – Brazos County

Current IH-35 Deployment

  • Hillsboro to Georgetown

  • 5 locations

  • All solar BT only,

  • deployed in 4 hrs

Current Orlando Deployment

  • 4 locations

  • In existing signal cabinets

  • For ITS World Congress

Underway - Harris County

387 Intersections with Bluetooth Readers

Underway – Dallas ICM

US 75 North of Dallas for Corridor Management

Current US1/I-95 Miami Demonstration

UpcomingSmart Corridor Deployment

  • DFW to Laredo

  • 150+ locations

  • Mix of power and equipment

Upcoming CaliforniaBorder Crossing Study

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