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EDI – an overview. Linda Sather Cheryl Kolbe Oregon State University Consultant Office of the Registrar . EDI – an overview. What is EDI? Why use it? How does it work? What does it take to implement? How much ongoing support is required? Who in Oregon is using it?.

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Edi an overview l.jpg
EDI – an overview

Linda SatherCheryl Kolbe

Oregon State University Consultant

Office of the Registrar

Edi an overview2 l.jpg
EDI – an overview

  • What is EDI?

  • Why use it?

  • How does it work?

  • What does it take to implement?

  • How much ongoing support is required?

  • Who in Oregon is using it?

Electronic data interchange l.jpg

Electronic Data Interchange


Is the electronic transfer of information between two trading partner’s systems using a set of transactions that have been adopted as a national or international standard for the particular business function.

The transcript trail l.jpg
The Transcript Trail

Print Transcript

Re-key Data

Receive Transcript

U.S. Mail

Student Information System

Recipient’s Student Information System

Request Transcript

The transcript trail with edi l.jpg
The Transcript Trail with EDI

Print Transcript

Re-key Data

Receive Transcript

U.S. Mail

Student Information System


Recipient’s Student Information System

Request Transcript

Why use it oregon k 16 data transfer system l.jpg

Why use it?Oregon K-16 data transfer system

College Admission & Placement Profile

The college admission and placement profile capp l.jpg
The College Admission and Placement Profile (CAPP)

  • Electronically transfers traditional high school transcript elements, state assessment data, and other data indicating student proficiency from Oregon school districts to Oregon's community colleges and the Oregon University System campuses.

The college admission and placement profile capp8 l.jpg
The College Admission and Placement Profile (CAPP)

  • High school counselors/registrars can electronically send data on an individual student to many institutions for use in college admission and/or placement.

What it takes to use edi l.jpg
What it takes to use EDI

  • EDI server

  • Internet access

  • Translation & mapping software

  • Staffing

  • Registration

  • Encryption software

Your edi server l.jpg
Your EDI Server

  • Install translation & mapping software on stand-alone machine or on an existing server.

  • Old, spare pc works great for EDI.Smart

  • Trusted Link software requires Windows 95 or better

Software l.jpg

  • Buy it off the shelf

    • EDI.Smart

      • Partner Sungard SCT

    • Quick ‘n’ Easy

      • Freeware

      • Receive & Print

    • Inovis Trusted Link

      • Partner Datatel

    • Mercator Integration Broker

    • AXIOM

  • Write your own

    • Univ. of Maryland

Registration l.jpg

  • Univ. of Texas – Austin

    • Internet EDI server

      • Free

      • 1 e-mail

      • Receive reply with username & password

Security l.jpg

  • Encryption software

    • Optional

  • What’s available

    • sftp to/from UT server

    • PGP

      • Freeware

    • RSA security

    • CryptoHeaven

Communications with u t austin l.jpg
Communications with U.T.Austin





FTP Server

U.T. Austin


Other Universities, Colleges & High Schools

Edi banner at osu l.jpg
EDI & Banner at OSU


drop point




Banner SHREDIR & SHREDIP Processes

U.T. Austin


OSU’s Banner

download Area


Banner System

Other Universities, Colleges & High Schools

Banner SHREDIY Process

Edi trusted link at ccc l.jpg
EDI & Trusted Link at CCC


drop point


Trusted Link


Datatel EITP Process

U.T. Austin


CCC’s Datatel

download Area


Datatel System

Other Universities, Colleges & High Schools

Datatel STRQ Process

Staffing l.jpg

  • Installation & Mapping

    • Registrar’s office and Admissions office

      • Functional/Technical manager

    • IT

      • Systems Analyst/Programmer Analyst

  • Daily Operation

    • Office Specialist/Transcript Staff

  • Maintenance

    • Same as Installation & Mapping

Implementation timeline l.jpg
Implementation Timeline

  • To be ready to test with a partner

    • 2 – 3 months

    • Speed process by sharing information between institutions

  • Testing with trading partners

    • Approx. 2 weeks each (in real world)

    • Develop good sample pack of transcripts

Testing issues l.jpg
Testing Issues

  • Review all modifications to your transcript print process

  • Known issues with your software

  • Process differences (paper vs. EDI)

  • Confidentiality/FERPA

Additional test cases l.jpg
Additional Test Cases

  • Two or more transfer institutions

  • Multiple degrees

  • Repeated courses

  • Student with Holds

  • Old courses, all grade codes

  • In-progress courses

  • Ungraded and graded in same term

Edi transcripts in oregon by sender 2004 l.jpg
EDI Transcripts in Oregon by Sender 2004

*UO began receiving in July

Edi transcripts in oregon trades january april 2005 l.jpg
EDI Transcripts in OregonTradesJanuary – April, 2005

Edi transcripts in oregon l.jpg
EDI Transcripts in Oregon

  • Total transcripts traded in Oregon in 2004 is 11,118

  • Average = 927 per month

  • 3 institutions are sending

  • 5 institutions are receiving

  • At least 4 institutions are now in the process of implementing EDI

    • Chemeketa CC, Clackamas CC, Lane CC, Southern Oregon U.

Edi or xml l.jpg

  • What is XML?

  • Characteristics of EDI

  • Characteristics of XML

  • Is EDI going away?

Extensible markup language l.jpg

Extensible Markup Language


Is a dynamic trading language that enables applications to flexibly, intelligently & cost efficiently exchange information. XML-based EDI is well suited to use over the Internet.

Characteristics of edi l.jpg
Characteristics of EDI

  • Provides standardized rigid format

    • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) EDI standards (X12)

    • Stability and uniformity

  • High level of security

  • Point-to-point integration

  • Exchanges large amounts of data with no intervention

Characteristics of edi29 l.jpg
Characteristics of EDI

  • Requires dedicated EDI server

  • Minimizes file size in the exchange

  • Machine decipherable (difficult for a person to read)

  • Focus on data and structure

  • Not web based

  • Many trading partners available

Characteristics of xml l.jpg
Characteristics of XML

  • Transacts over existing internet

  • Focus on syntax and graphics

    • Developed for graphic representations

  • A way to format & manipulate text

  • Very large file size

    • Less efficient transmission

  • A cousin to HTML

  • New, hot technology; easy to learn

Characteristics of xml31 l.jpg
Characteristics of XML

  • Approved Version 1.0.0 by the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Committee in April 2004

  • UT Austin Server supports PESC XML standard

  • XML users cannot trade with EDI users (crosswalk is being developed)

  • Man and machine decipherable (easy to read by humans; not as secure)

Is edi going away l.jpg
Is EDI going away?


There are benefits of both EDI and XML. One significant factor in favor of EDI is that our current trading partners are using EDI.

Benefits of edi l.jpg
Benefits of EDI

  • More Secure than paper

  • Cost savings

  • Acknowledgements from receiving institution

  • Speed

  • Easy partner exchange each term

  • Automated transfer articulation

  • Small file size

Perspectives l.jpg

  • Server issues

  • All technological systems need upgrades

  • Staff training

  • Interface with your student software system

    • Move from SSN to generated ID

    • Web transcript requests

  • Who owns EDI processing?

Edi on the web l.jpg

  • AACRAO EDI in Education: general introduction to EDI technology http://www.aacrao.org/speede/index.htm

  • Quick ‘n’ Easy SPEEDE: includes the software, implementation guide, and FAQ’s http://www.utexas.edu/student/giac/speede/spaacrao/

    • Univ. of Texas-Austin EDI Server: includes registration how to, list of participants, and FAQ’shttp://www.utexas.edu/student/giac/speede/ediserv.html

  • MIT Distribution Center: download the freeware version of PGP 6.5.8 http://web.mit.edu/network/pgp.html

EDI on the Web

Edi on the web more l.jpg

EDI on the Web (more)

Questions l.jpg
Questions? installing & using PGP

Linda Sather Cheryl Kolbe

[email protected]@earthlink.net