Arose in the sun
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Arose in the Sun. By: Madison Washington and Emily Carnes.

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Arose in the Sun

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Arose in the Sun

By: Madison Washington and Emily Carnes

  • One sunny afternoon, there was a bright yellow sun named Paul and a beautiful red rose named Jenna. Paul had this major crush on her but he doesn’t know how to make her like him. So, they decided to go to the park where it ended up being a little windy. While they were at the park they ended talking to each other about different things. One of those things that they were talking about is about how they are important to photosynthesis.

  • The red rose tells the bright sun that they are important to photosynthesis because plants need photosynthesis to occur in order to survive, and without the sun the plants would die anyways. Photosynthesis is a process that converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds, especially sugars, using energy from the sun. “Without photosynthesis, most things would not be able to survive,” says the rose.

  • The sun asks the rose, “ How does photosynthesis work, and who all is important in this role.” The rose replies by saying, “Well without you I would die, and photosynthesis couldn’t happen because it needs carbon dioxide in order to start the process. Which means that it needs me because I take in carbon dioxide.”

  • Confused, as the sun is, it still asks questions to gain more facts. Another question that it asks is how many steps are there in photosynthesis. As smart as the red rose is, it answers the bright sun by saying, “There is two steps in photosynthesis. The first step is light reactions.”

  • The light reactions capture the light energy and uses it to make high-energy molecules. It uses the energy from light to make a more energetic ATP from ADP (which is a different type of energy.) ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, and ADP stands for adenosine diphosphate.

  • The sun still has this confused look on his face. The rose asked him if there was anything else he wanted to know before he continued on. Obviously by the look on the Sun’s face, there were in fact, a lot of questions he wants to ask.

  • As the sun and the rose were chilling at the park, listening to people talk about different things. One of those things just happen to be photosynthesis. He over hears them talk about the two steps that involves photosynthesis.

  • Paul wanted to show Jenna that he is as smart as her. In order to do this he knows that he has to listen to the people talk. The more he knows about photosynthesis, the more Jenna might like him.

  • It was getting late so he decides to stay with her until it is time for him to leave. Before he leaves, he asks her if they can hang out tomorrow and start where they left off. When Paul asked her, she was already asleep. The wind was moving her leaves back and forth, therefore he took that as a yes.

  • The next day, they did in fact, got together and started to talk about what they were talking about, which is photosynthesis. Paul told Jenna that he stayed up all night trying to gain information about the second stage of photosynthesis.

  • He said that the second stage of photosynthesis is the Calvin cycle. Jenna was so surprised because he was right! She wanted him to tell more about the Calvin cycle, and that’s just what he did.

  • Paul said that the Calvin cycle is now referred to as the is now referred to as the carbon reactions pathway. In this pathway, the free energy of cleavage ofbonds of ATP, and reducing power of NADPH, are used to fix and reduce CO2 to form carbohydrate. Enzymes and intermediates of the Calvin Cycle are located in the chloroplast stroma.

  • Jenna loved that he knew all this stuff about the Calvin cycle. She says to herself, “if only he knew everything about photosynthesis. We just live in two different worlds.”

  • He saw the look on her face. Paul knew something was wrong when he looked at her. So, he asked her what was wrong, and she told him everything.

  • Paul than decides to work really hard to try to memorize everything about photosynthesis. He tried, and tried, and tried until he finally got it all memorized.

  • When they met up again, Jenna was a little bit nervous to hear what he has to say. But Paul was not, he was determined to get it all right.

  • Paul says, “Without me you would die. Actually every plant would die. In the Calvin cycle, energy of cleavage bonds are used to fix and reduce carbon dioxide to form carbohydrates.” Jenna was so surprised!

  • Jenna loved the fact that he memorized all this stuff about photosynthesis just for her. She was even starting to like him even more. Everything was going really good for them.

  • So, in the end, Jenna told Paul that she liked him and they even ended up hanging out everyday. Paul had to thank photosynthesis for getting them together! They are both equally important to photosynthesis because without them, photosynthesis wouldn’t be able to perform its duties.

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