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Kingdom Monera

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Kingdom Monera. By Talynne and Bea. What is Kingdom Monera ?. Monera is a type of bacteria and archaebacteria . One form of it is e. coli. Kingdom Monera is where bacteria are classified. Another form of Monera is Paramecium. H ow do Monera multiply?.

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kingdom monera

Kingdom Monera

By Talynne and Bea

what is kingdom monera
What is Kingdom Monera?
  • Monera is a type of bacteria and archaebacteria.
  • One form of it is e. coli.
  • Kingdom Monerais where bacteria are classified.
  • Another form of Monera is Paramecium.
h ow do monera multiply
How do Monera multiply?
  • This is where the cell Moneraduplicates itself when the DNA is passed on to a newly formed cell
  • These two cells are genetically produced identical
  • Binary fission does not allow for the bacteria to acquire genetic diversity
  • Monera multiply asexually by binary fission
binary fission
Binary Fission
  • Binary Fission is where they duplicate.
  • They do not need a mate to become two bacteria.
  • They just split themselves in half.
  • It takes three stages before they completely divides.
how do monera get their food
How do Monera Get their food
  • They get their food by breaking down the subatomic particles of dead matter.
  • By this, they take tiny particles that float around them.
  • Their skin absorbs it or it just goes through their mouths.
how do monera move
How do Monera move?
  • Some in the monera group have flagella, which are like thin hairs that allow them to swim.
  • The monera who do not have the flagella, wiggle, which allow them to move from place to place.
flagella and wiggles
Flagella and Wiggles
  • Monera have tiny hairs called flagella.
  • It allows them to swim.
  • When they swim, it looks like they are wiggling.
  • That’s why its called Flagella and Wiggles.
where can you see monera
Where Can you see Monera?
  • You can see monera in Mr. Clean commercials, Febreeze commercials, swiffercommericials and also in Lysol commercials.