Warm up thursday december 2 what are two ways velocity can change
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Warm-Up Thursday, December 2 What are two ways velocity can change? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm-Up Thursday, December 2 What are two ways velocity can change?. Change of direction or speed. Opening. MYP: AoI : IB Learner: EQ: . What moves you?. Knowledgeable & Inquirer. S8P3.

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Warm-Up Thursday, December 2 What are two ways velocity can change?

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Warm-Up Thursday, December 2What are two ways velocity can change?

Change of direction or speed.




IB Learner:


What moves you?

Knowledgeable & Inquirer


Students will be able to demonstrate the effect of balanced and unbalanced forces on an object in terms of gravity, inertia, and friction.

Work Session:

All Classes

Notes on Graphs

On-Level Students

Speed Practice

AC Students

Velocity and Acceleration Calculations

Notes: Interpreting Distance Graphs

  • Purpose: Plots distance vs. time

  • Time is always plotted in the X-axis (horizontal)

  • Distance is plotted in the Y-axis (vertical)

  • The steeper the slope, the faster the

  • object moved.

Graphing Motion

Constant Speed

1) object moves at a constant speed.

2) Straight lines on a graph.

  • Object at rest

    • 1) Object is not moving.

    • 2) Horizontal line

Accelerating Motion

1) Line curves upward

2) Speed increases

Decelerating Motion

Line curves downward

Speed decreases

Returns to beginning

More than one motion

Lines show that each object

moved the same distance

2) Dashed line got there first

What’s going in this graph?






Give it a try, watch the animation and create your own graphs. Does yours match the one drawn in the simulation?

Please use the next available page in your IAN to write the answers down as we go through this interactive activity.



Great lesson using a bicycle.




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