internet2 not just for the big boys art center college of design pasadena ca
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Internet2: Not Just for the Big Boys Art Center College of Design Pasadena, CA

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Internet2: Not Just for the Big Boys Art Center College of Design Pasadena, CA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet2: Not Just for the Big Boys Art Center College of Design Pasadena, CA. Theresa Zix, Senior Director of Network Services Herman Choi, Network Architect. Art Center Background. Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

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internet2 not just for the big boys art center college of design pasadena ca

Internet2: Not Just for the Big BoysArt Center College of DesignPasadena, CA

Theresa Zix, Senior Director of Network Services

Herman Choi, Network Architect

art center background
Art Center Background
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Programs
    • Illustration, Product Design, Film, Transportation Design, Graphic Design,
  • Campus
    • 1,600 Students + 3,500 in Public Programs
    • 500 Faculty
    • 300 Staff
educational drivers
Educational Drivers
  • Corporate Projects
    • Nike, HP, BMW, and Nokia
  • Partnerships with Other Schools
    • Caltech, INSEAD, Landivar
  • International Involvements
    • Vitra Design Museum
evolving network infrastructure
Evolving Network Infrastructure


  • Single Campus with a T1 out to the Internet
  • 10 Mbps to the Desktop


  • Two Campuses with a DS3 (45Mbps) in Between
  • 6 Mbps to the Internet
  • 10/100 Mbps to the Desktop


  • Performance Issues Between Campuses
  • User Community Demands Faster Speed
upgrade objectives
Upgrade Objectives
  • Network Infrastructure Upgrade
    • Minimum 100 Mbps for Intercampus Link
    • Minimum 20 Mbps for Internet Link
    • Redundant Internet Link
  • Internet Services Upgrade
    • Gain Internet2 membership to collaborate with other campuses and businesses on various design and research projects.
  • Internet2
    • Nonprofit Consortium of K-20 Schools
    • Uses Abilene as Backbone Network
  • Membership Types
    • University
    • Corporate
    • Affiliate
    • Sponsored Educational Group Participant (SEGP)
sponsored educational group participant segp
Sponsored Educational Group Participant (SEGP)

“The impetus for sponsorship is the existence or planned existence of a collaborative project designed to develop or use advanced applications or further the deployment and use of advanced networking capabilities.”

benefits of membership
Benefits of Membership
  • Cost
    • Packets Between Members Do Not Count Towards Average Throughput
  • Performance
    • Large Data Transfers are Seamless
  • Services
    • Videoconferencing
    • Collaborative Learning
  • Stay with Current Provider of ISP and Telco Services
  • Other Traditional Telcos and ISPs
  • High Speed Wireless Carriers and Manufacturers
  • Public Services from Local Government
  • Regional Cable Companies
  • Other Non-Commercial ISPs
new partners for art center
New Partners for Art Center
  • Charter Business for Fiber Transport Services
    • April 2005 to August 2005: Investigate Fiber Transport Services from Various Providers
    • September 2005: Engage Charter Business
    • Primary Cable Carrier in Pasadena area
    • New subdivision of Charter Communications
    • Aggressively Priced
    • Excellent Customer Service and Support
    • Future Opportunities such as Digital Cable and Video Services
new partners for art center14
New Partners for Art Center
  • Los Nettos for ISP Services
    • Consortium of 5 Member Organizations
    • March 2005: Initial Research in Obtaining Internet2 Association
    • April 2005: Engage Los Nettos
    • Los Nettos Represents Art Center as SEGP
    • Aggressively Priced
    • Excellent Customer Service and Support
monthly costs
Monthly Costs
  • Original Network Monthly Costs (Pre-2005)
    • Intercampus 45Mb Link: $4100 = $91/Mb
    • Internet 6 Mb Link: $1200 = $200/Mb
    • AT&T ISP Fee (6Mb): $2000 = $333/Mb
  • Upgraded Network Monthly Costs (Now)
    • Intercampus Gigabit Link: $4400 = $4.40/Mb
    • Internet 100Mb Link: $3600 = $36/Mb
    • Backup Internet 10Mb Link: $1800 = $180/Mb
    • Los Nettos ISP and Internet-2 Fee (100Mb): $3890 = $38.90/Mb
challenges risks
Challenges & Risks
  • Non-Traditional Carrier for Primary Transport Services
    • Charter Business: Fairly New Division (Less Than 5 Years in Existence)
  • Non-Commercial ISP
    • Los Nettos: Non-Profit ISP that Relies on Cooperation with Different Entities (Caltech, USC, JPL, Claremont Colleges)
  • Art Center Logistical Issues
    • Geographically Challenging Location for Data/Voice Services
    • Communication with Art Center Community and Constituents
implementation timeframe
Implementation Timeframe
  • October 2005 – May 2006: Coordinate Services Between Los Nettos, Charter Business, Caltech, and USC
  • June 2006 – September 2006: Charter Business Fiber Implementation – Activate Intercampus Gigabit Link
  • October 2006: Activate New 100Mb Primary Internet Link to Los Nettos at Caltech
  • February 2007: Establish 10Mb Backup Internet Link to Los Nettos at USC
2004 2005 art center network challenges
2004-2005Art CenterNetwork Challenges

Old Technologies


ATM Inverse-Multiplexing

Point-to-Point DS3

6Mb Internet

45Mb DS3





2006 2007 art center new and improved network
2006-2007Art CenterNew and Improved Network!


New Technologies




100Mb Internet2

Primary Link

10Mb Internet2

Backup Link

Gigabit MAN





new benefits
New Benefits
  • Enhanced Internet and Network Experience for Entire Art Center Community – Much Faster and More Robust
  • Access to Specialized Internet2 Content and Services thru Los Nettos
    • Digital Animation Content (ACME Live)
    • High-Quality Videoconferencing
    • Collaboration and Research Projects with other Internet2 Institutions and Members
    • Colocation Services for Business Continuity (New USC Data Center!)
  • Future Opportunities with Charter Business
    • HDTV and HD Content
    • Advanced Video Services
  • Research and evaluate all Avenues and Opportunities – Leave No Stone Unturned! Establish Relationships with Service-Centric Non-Traditional Partners and Vendors that Share Same Goals as Yours.
  • Consider Non-conventional Means. Evaluate New and Cutting-Edge Technologies such MPLS, Metro-Ethernet, Wireless Bridges, etc.
  • Perfect Opportunity for Technology to Shine – Help Drive Business Initiatives!
useful information
Useful Information
  • Internet2 General Information –
  • Los Nettos: Celeste Anderson at USC – [email protected]
  • CENIC – California Regional (
  • ASPIN – Arizona Regional (
  • NevadaNET – Nevada Regional (
  • Pacific Northwest GigaPOP – Washington Regional (
  • NERO – Oregon Regional (
  • Charter Business –
closing thought
Closing Thought
  • Small schools – We All Share the Same Challenges: Budget, Staffing, Resources….
  • Think Big! Big Dreams and Big Ideas! Big Ideas Do Come From The Little Guys!