Purchasing essentials procurement and purchase orders
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Purchasing Essentials – Procurement and Purchase Orders PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Purchasing Essentials – Procurement and Purchase Orders. Presenter: Debra Walke. Agenda. Inventory Re-Order Report Purchase Requisition Manually Created Based on a Request for Price Generated from a Work Order Quote Job Take-Off Setup / Edit Purchase Orders

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Purchasing Essentials – Procurement and Purchase Orders

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Presentation Transcript

Purchasing Essentials – Procurement and Purchase Orders

Presenter: Debra Walke


  • Inventory Re-Order Report

  • Purchase Requisition

  • Manually Created

  • Based on a Request for Price

  • Generated from a Work Order Quote

  • Job Take-Off

  • Setup / Edit Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Order Report Generator

  • General Discussion

Inventory Re-Order Report

  • Procurement can create Purchase Orders based on the Inventory Re-order Report

  • You must set-up minimums and maximums on your parts so that the re-order report will know the quantity to be ordered

Inventory Re-Order Report

  • Parts will be ordered to bring quantities up to the identified maximum recorded in the parts master file

Inventory Re-Order Report

Inventory Re-Order Report

  • The supplier used is either the first supplier in the inventory master file or selected by the supplier we have checked in the tick box on the right

Inventory Re-Order Report

  • Edit any of the lines by double clicking

  • Delete a line by selecting it and clicking Delete

  • Add an additional line by clicking New

  • Insert a line by clicking Insert

  • Clicking Print PO’s will quickly generate all of the Purchase Orders listed

Purchase Requisitions

  • For manually created orders we select our suppliers and save the Requisition

Purchase Requisitions

  • To generate RFP’s leave the supplier code blank and click on Set-up RFP’s

Purchase Requisitions

  • Pick the supplier you want to provide you with a price and click Print

Purchase Requisitions

  • You can print the RFP or send it by J-Mail

Purchase Requisitions

  • Insert the prices quoted from various suppliers and track your dates

Purchase Requisitions

  • Select Use Lowest Price to generate multiple PO’s to the suppliers with the lowest parts prices

  • Select Use One Supplier to generate one PO to the supplier who has the lowest total price

Purchase Requisitions

  • Merge the Requisition to generate PO’s the same way as we did for the Inventory Re-order Report

Work Order Quote

  • We added the ability to create a requisition directly from Work Order Quotations by clicking on Create Requisition

  • The requisition number created is prefixed with the letter W followed by the remainder of the Work Order Number

Job Take Off

  • In the Estimates menu in Job Costing, we can create Take-Offs base on our inventory requirements for the Job

Job Take Off

  • In Procurement we can create batch records and create PO’s based on our selected Take-off

Setup / Edit Purchase Orders

  • There are several choices available when setting up a PO.

Setup / Edit Purchase Orders

  • A Multi PO means that we can write our PO for Multiple Jobs, Work Order or GL distributions.

Setup / Edit Purchase Orders

  • A Multiple Release / Blanket PO means that when we receive parts against a PO, the Program will make a debit to where the PO is allocated to and credit an accrued liability account that is setup in the AP profile.

Purchase Order Report Generator

  • Report and Filter on PO status codes

  • Find the value of unbilled Purchase Orders to determine accruals

General Discussion

  • What do we do when a PO is greater than the amount of the invoice.

  • Key Flags

  • Single vs Multiple PO’s

  • Packing Slips (Option to force printing)

  • Archiving Purchase Orders

  • Loyalty Thresholds

  • Using a requisition to Charge Parts to Jobs.

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