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Enoch Davies Staff Engineer, WECC. BCCS Data Collection Process Proposal Technical Studies Subcommittee May 16, 2013. Assumptions. The current data collection process outlined in the Data Preparation Manual will not work with the Base Case Coordination System (BCCS)

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Enoch davies staff engineer wecc

Enoch DaviesStaff Engineer, WECC

BCCS Data Collection Process Proposal

Technical Studies Subcommittee

May 16, 2013


  • The current data collection process outlined in the Data Preparation Manual will not work with the Base Case Coordination System (BCCS)

  • The new data collection process should mirror the old process as closely as possible while still utilizing the technological benefits of the BCCS

  • The new process should clearly define roles and responsibilities of each functional entity


  • Propose a data collection process to be used in conjunction with the BCCS

  • Discuss action plan and assignments for updating the Data Preparation Manual

  • Discuss outreach activities related to the new data collection process

Current data collection process
Current Data Collection Process

  • System Review Work Group develops case objectives

  • Data requests sent out periodically

    • Base case data requested 11 times per year

    • Generator test data on a 5 year cycle (no “official” data request)

  • Data sets e-mailed to WECC staff

  • Case compiled by WECC staff and prerun case posted for comment

  • Data changes incorporated into base case and “approved” case is posted on WECC website

Potential problems using existing process
Potential Problems Using Existing Process

  • Full loop cases no longer submitted

  • Current process includes review of submitted data—may not be necessary

    • BCCS provides accuracy and validation not previously available

  • Some discussion about long-term use of Area Coordinator role—may need to amend process

The new process
The New Process

  • What from the existing process should carry over to the new process?

    • SRWG develops case objectives

    • Solved cases must be used to develop profiles

    • Cases posted for comments (maybe)

    • Approved cases posted on WECC website

New process proposal
New Process Proposal

  • Should be two update processes

    • Normally static data* (e.g., impedances, dynamics data)

    • Operationally variant data (e.g., generator dispatch for a specific scenario)

  • Two processes have different update cycles

    *Note: This process will change after initial population of the BCCS

Normally static data collection process implementation phase
Normally Static Data Collection Process (Implementation Phase)


  • “Project” Files

  • Ratings Files

  • Dynamics Data

Normally static data collection process ongoing process
Normally Static Data Collection Process (Ongoing Process) Phase)

  • Data provided “as needed”

  • No official data request – similar to current process for Generator Testing Program

Operationally variant data collection process
Operationally Variant Data Collection Process Phase)

  • “Profile” information (loads, generation, reactive devices, interchange, etc.)

  • Data request for each base case data set

  • Similar to current base case development schedule

  • Data provided from a solved case

  • Includes initial submittal and data review periods

Items for consideration in developing the new process
Items for Consideration in Developing the New Process Phase)

  • What is the role of the Area Coordinator in the new process? Maybe only for specific areas?

  • How frequently should WECC issue a data request to develop base cases?

  • Should the base case development process be an ongoing activity or should it be a one-time-per-year process?

  • How will NERC Standards development (MOD B) affect the new process?

Action plan and assignment
Action Plan and Assignment Phase)

  • Assurance Team review and comment

  • SRWG assignment

  • Due dates

  • Potential phased approach

  • Effect of training on proposed data collection process

Outreach Phase)

  • BCCS Training

  • Webinars

  • SRWG and MVWG Meeting

  • TSS Meeting

Enoch Davies Phase)

[email protected]