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Parts of Speech. Punctuation. Verbals. Prepositional Phrase. Adjective or Adverb?. 1pt. 1 pt. 1 pt. 1pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 2 pt. 2pt. 2pt. 2 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 4 pt. 4 pt. 4pt. 4 pt. 4pt. 5pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt.

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Parts of






Adjective or



1 pt

1 pt


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2 pt

2 pt



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3 pt

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5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

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What are the compound nouns in this sentence?

My brother-in-law loves football and baseball.

Brother-in-law, football, baseball

What are some of the common conjunctions?

And, but, or, nor, for, so, and yet

What is the abstract noun in this sentence?

Many Americans live below the poverty line.


Which of the following is not an interjection?

Wow B. I am well

C. Stop D. Forget it

B. I am well

Point out the interrogative pronoun(s).

Who wants to go to Kansas and if so, which town would you visit?

Who, which

Whats wrong with these sentences I love cake and ice cream and Jakes mom bought them for his birthday party

What’s, ?, Jake’s, .

Put the hyphens in the right spot.

My mother in law is very funny.


Where does the correct punctuation go?

Well now that thats over we can get back to our game

Well, now that that’s over, we can get back to out game.

What’s the difference between the colon and the semicolon

Colon- : -colon is meant for a list

Semicolon- ; -stronger pause than a comma

What is and ellipse?

A pause in dialogue.


What is the infinitive in this sentence?

I need to swim to get over to the boat.

To swim

What is an infinitive?

A verb that is introduced by to.

What is a verbal?

A verb that acts like another part of speech.

What is a gerunds?

A verb form ending in “ing”

What types of verbal(s) is/are used in this sentence?

I’m worrying a lot because we just learned about earth shaking and settling and causing earthquakes in different places in the world.

Gerunds and participles.

What is the prepositional phrase?

While playing hide’ n’ seek, I was told to look in the clothes hamper.

In the clothes hamper.

Is next to the lake a prepositional phrase?


What is a prepositional phrase?

Words that show position or direction.

What does a prepositional phrase do?

Functions as an adjective or adverb.

When does a prepositional phrase become an adverb?

When the preposition has no object.

What is an adjective?

A word that describes a noun or a pronoun

Is ancient an adjective or an adverb?


Is slow an adjective or an adverb?

Both. It depends on how it is used in a sentence.

What are the three forms of adverbs?

Positive, comparative, and superlative.

What is the adverb?

Jenae is gone but, however, John is still here.


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