Eap train the trainer for managers supervisors
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EAP Train-the-Trainer for Managers/Supervisors PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EAP Train-the-Trainer for Managers/Supervisors. Presented by: Kim Johnson – Director of Account Services. Objectives. Review EAP benefits Review specific benefits that are available for supervisors and managers Discuss appropriate reasons for and how to make a management referral

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EAP Train-the-Trainer for Managers/Supervisors

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Eap train the trainer for managers supervisors

EAP Train-the-Trainer for Managers/Supervisors

Presented by: Kim Johnson – Director of Account Services



  • Review EAP benefits

  • Review specific benefits that are available for supervisors and managers

  • Discuss appropriate reasons for and how to make a management referral

  • Understand and use the EAP referral process as a way to offer help

What is the eap

What is the EAP?

  • A confidential counseling and referral service for employees and their household members.

  • A starting place for addressing personal problems.

  • An avenue of assistance for managers and employees whose personal problems may be affecting their work performance.

  • Help for participants to deal privately and effectively with personal problems.

Eap benefits

EAP Benefits

  • Cost-free employee benefit

  • Confidential

  • Nation-wide provider network

  • Covers employee and anyone in the employee’s household

  • Unlimited telephone counseling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Legal and Financial Consultation

  • WorkLife Services

  • Services offered through the Organizational Risk Management Center

Reasons to consider calling the eap



Drug or Alcohol issues


Career/Job issues

Grief and Loss

Family issues


Financial Consultation

Legal Consultation

Reasons To Consider Calling The EAP

The nature of the problem

The Nature Of The Problem

  • Depending on the nature of the problem, our EAP clinician may offer a referral to one of our many network providers and community resources

  • We can also offer additional information about a wide range of resources that may be locally available, including:

    • Social service agencies

    • Community support groups

    • Self-help groups

    • Reading materials

    • Crisis hotlines/help lines

Worklife services

Prenatal Care


Child Care


Emergency Care

Summer Care

Special Needs

Colleges and Universities

Grandparents As Parents

Adult Care

Disaster Relief

Personal Services, Pet Care

At Risk/High Risk Adolescents

Primary/Secondary Education

Worklife Services

All members have web access to

services and resources on the following topics:

Worklife services telephonic

Worklife Services - Telephonic

  • Resource and referral service by phone

  • Worklife counselor will research and pre-screen options

  • Up to 5 referrals in 24-48 hours and more as requested

  • Resources and educational materials that address the employee’s specific needs

Legal services

Legal Services

  • Telephonic Attorney Consultations

    • 30 min. each new issue

    • Covered issues: Domestic/Family, Civil, Landlord/Tenant, Criminal, Estate Planning, Immigration, Motor Vehicles

  • Face-to-Face Attorney Consultations

    • 30 min. each new issue

    • Covered issues: Same as above

  • After-hour Telephonic Attorney Consultations

    • 30 min. each new issue

    • Covered issues: Criminal, Incarceration, DUI

Legal services1

Legal Services

  • Subsequent hours with Attorney beyond initial 30 min.

    • 25% discount

  • Do-It-Yourself/Assisted Document Preparation –

    • 10% discount

    • Examples: Divorce forms, Estate Planning Forms, Immigration Forms, etc.

  • Free Online Will for all eligible dependents

    • available in all 50 states, except Louisiana

    • Covered wills: Simple wills, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills

      As an Employer sponsored benefit, employees cannot use the

      services to pursue legal action against the Employer, therefore, work related matters are not covered

Financial services




College Funding

Buying vs. Leasing


Financial Planning

Tax questions and Tax preparation

IRS Matters

Financial Services

Financial services benefits

Telephonic Tax Consultations

30 min. each new issue

Telephonic Consultations

30 min. each new issue

Telephonic Tax Levy/Garnishment Resolution

30 min. each new issue

Consumer Credit Counseling – paid by employee

Referrals to Community Services

Financial Services Benefits

Id theft resolution consultation services

ID Theft Resolution Consultation Services

  • Free 60-minute telephonic consultation with a Certified Fraud Resolution Specialist per each new issue

  • Specialist assists employees with ID Theft breaches and identity restoration

  • Free “Emergency Response Kit” provided upon identity breach (sent by email, mail, or fax)

  • Counseling on “Preventative Steps” to take to avoid future ID theft losses and damages to employee’s credit score and reputation

Eap website

EAP Website

  • Self-assessments, information, and links to other websites for:

    • Addictions

    • Personal and emotional issues

    • Martial/Relationships

    • Family

    • Legal/Financial

    • Workplace/Career

    • Health and Wellness

    • Personal Growth

Eap website1

EAP Website

Management resource services

Management Resource Services

  • Unlimited telephonic consultation for supervisors and managers

  • Supervisory Coaching and Consultation

  • Policy and Procedure consultation

  • Risk and liability reduction

  • Fitness-for-duty coordination

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) education

  • Critical incident responses and follow up

Management resource services1

Management Resource Services

  • Management Referrals

  • Case Management -Monitor progress of employees

  • Provide Feedback to Supervisors regarding Compliance

  • Facilitate the referred employee’s access to EAP services

  • Training Services

  • Organizational and Leadership Development

Critical incident stress management consultation onsite services

Critical Incident Stress Management Consultation/Onsite Services

As an important part of the EAP and/or organizational support, the CISM is intended to:

  • Provide quick response to traumatic events in the workplace

  • Provide support to employees and managers

  • Educate to identify reactions to traumatic experiences

  • Normalize emotions and feelings

  • Educate participants on signs of stress and adaptive coping mechanisms to promote resiliency

  • Screen those needing additional support

Dept of transportation dot substance abuse professional sap coordination services

Dept. Of Transportation (DOT), Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Coordination Services

  • DOT policy and procedure coaching

  • Access to Horizon’s specialized SAP provider network

  • Coordination of initial meeting between the SAP and Designated Employee Representative (DER) to establish expectations of services and case management protocol

  • Continued case management if needed/requested once employee has returned to safety sensitive functions

Training and education services

Training And Education Services

  • Work and Life Management seminars

  • Compliance training

    • Sexual Harassment

    • Violence in The Workplace

    • Diversity

    • DOT Drug/Alcohol Awareness for Supervisors

  • Organizational Development

    • Leadership Development

    • Skill Development for Managers and Supervisors

    • Customized trainings and workshops

What happens when you call the eap

What Happens When You Call The EAP?


Identifies Caller & Need



Speak with Manager Resource Consultant (MRC)



Schedule Appointment

Phone Duty Counselor

Discussion & Assessment of Situation

Legal or Financial Referral

Development of Plan


Reasons for making a management referral

Reasons For Making A Management Referral

  • Violations of company policy

  • Harassment

  • Safety issues

  • Threat of Violence

  • Attendance issues

  • Performance issues

  • Emotional instability of an employee

  • On-the-job impairment or possession

How to spot the troubled employee



Poor concentration

Decreased productivity

Unusual behavior

Increased mistakes and/or accidents

Friction with co-workers

Negative attitude

Difficulty learning from mistakes

Excessive time on phone


How To Spot The Troubled Employee

Guidelines for management referral

Guidelines For Management Referral

  • Call Horizon Health to reach a Management Resource Consultant (MRC) for consultation before initiating the referral

  • Once the type of referral is decided upon, the MRC will send a referral form which serves as the HIPAA required release of information to be completed by workplace and employee

  • Create a memo for employee, objectively stating reasons for referral and directing employee to the Management Resource Consultant

  • Fax completed form and documentation to the MRC

  • Once documentation is received and employee has contacted EAP, the MRC will contact supervisor with compliance verification as necessary or as requested

Eap confidentiality

EAP Confidentiality

  • Signed release NECESSARY to communicate with EAP

  • MRC will request completed Management Referral Form

  • Fax completed form to:

    • 888-892-8832

Information you will receive

Information You Will Receive

  • Attendance: is the employee attending their scheduled sessions?

  • Compliance: is the employee following the counselors recommendations?

  • Investment: is the employee invested in making changes to rectify their workplace issues?

  • Recommendations from the EAP clinician




  • Keep all records locked

  • Communicate with only those who need to know

  • Avoid idle conversation regarding employees



Always make sure to document:

  • Observed suspicious behavior

  • Facts – not opinions

  • Job performance – not personalities

  • Policy Violations

If management referral is recommended

If Management Referral Is Recommended

Before making a management referral:

  • Make sure to always check your company’s policies and procedures and apply them consistently to all employees

  • Confirm with your Human Resources Department and/or Legal Department that this is appropriate

How to use the eap

How To Use The EAP

  • Call us anytime you think you need help with a problem

  • Talk with one of our Management Resource Consultants

    • The consultant will help identify the problem, develop specific goals, and offer appropriate referrals and resources

How to access horizon health eap

How To Access Horizon Health EAP

  • 8 Sessions with a counselor

  • Access Phone Number

  • Web Access

Call: 888-825-3509

Access: www.horizoncarelink.com

Login: firstdata

Password: myeap

Eap train the trainer for managers supervisors

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