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Welcome to the almost 100% online version of Business 10 (Introduction to Business) at De Anza College in Cupertino, California with your host Byron Lilly Overview 95%-98% of the time you spend on this course will be at home, on days and at times of your choosing

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Welcome tothe almost 100% online version ofBusiness 10(Introduction to Business)at De Anza College inCupertino, California

with your hostByron Lilly

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  • 95%-98% of the time you spend on this course will be at home, on days and at times of your choosing

  • 80% of your grade will be based on the work you complete online

    • 20% will be based on the on-campus final examination

  • I estimate 68½ hours for successful completion of this course.

  • The final examination is a closed-book, closed-note, multiple choice exam.

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Learn at Your Own Pace

You can complete the online portion of this course at almost any pace you choose. However,

  • You must create your PageOut user i.d. by the end of week 2.

  • You must earn 400 “regular” online points by the end of week 5.

  • Final due date for all online work is Monday night, week 12. No exceptions.

Final examination l.jpg
Final Examination

  • Required

  • Offered twice during “finals week”

  • See the course syllabus for dates, times, and locations

  • Choose one of the two times offered.

  • Bring a picture i.d., a pencil, and a ParScore form

  • Comprehensive, closed-note, closed-book, 20% of course grade.

Remote final exam l.jpg
Remote Final Exam

If and only if you:

  • Live beyond a reasonable commute distance, and

  • Make all the necessary arrangements well before finals week, then

    I will send a copy of final exam by “snail mail” to any educational institution, that is willing to proctor your final exam.

Online portion of course l.jpg
Online Portion of Course

  • Videotaped lectures featuring me.

  • Online, open-book quizzes on the readings

  • Online, open-note quizzes on the lectures

  • Some chapters have short “third party videos.”

    • Those that do will have short, open-book, open-note quizzes for those videos.

  • Some chapters have other required online activities.

Quizzes are not group work l.jpg
Quizzes are Not Group Work

  • You must take the quizzes ALONE. You are not permitted to RECEIVE HELP from others, or to collaborate with others during a quiz.

  • If you receive help during an online quiz, every time you use your De Anza transcript, you will be committing fraud.

  • So be smart: take the quizzes alone using only permitted materials.

Comprehensive chapter exams l.jpg
Comprehensive Chapter Exams

  • When you have finished all the required activities for the first chapter, you should take the open-book, open-note “comprehensive examination” for that chapter.

  • The Prologue doesn’t have a comprehensive chapter exam.

  • The comprehensive chapter exams count for 40% of your course grade.

  • Then move on to the next chapter.

Finishing the course l.jpg
Finishing the Course

  • There are 16 chapters in the course.

  • Some chapter-specific extra credit points available.

    • Extra credit points will “turbo-charge” your “regular online activities” grade.

  • When you have finished all the required online activities in the 16 chapters, you should study for the final exam.

    • Studying the questions you missed on the online quizzes would be an excellent idea!

    • There is also a preparation hints document.

Next steps l.jpg
Next steps

  • Print and read the course syllabus.

  • Take the Welcome Survey

  • Introduce yourself to the other members of the class

  • Create your Investopedia stock market game user i.d. and buy some stocks

  • Note: the “Click here to install the Java runtime environment on your computer” link is very important!

  • Buy the book, then start the Prologue!