Unit 2 health review
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Unit 2 Health Review. Mrs. Sherwood. A statement you say to yourself as a reminder. Self-statement. A rule by your parents that tells you how to act. Family Guideline. To change and make right or better. Adjust. An action that can be harmful to health. Risk Behavior.

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Unit 2 health review l.jpg

Unit 2 Health Review

Mrs. Sherwood

If you do not like someone you should l.jpg
If you do not like someone, you should

  • Hit the person

  • Call the person names

  • Be rude to the person

  • Show respect for the person

Self control helps you l.jpg
Self-control helps you

  • Do things you regret

  • Do too much of something

  • Blow up when you are angry

  • Manage your emotions

A true friend l.jpg
A true friend

  • Stands by you

  • Makes fun of you

  • Does not want you to have other friends

  • Wants you to have bad character

An example of a risk behavior is l.jpg
An example of a risk behavior is

  • Pigging out on a lot of junk food

  • Eating healthful foods

  • Wearing a helmet when inline skating

  • Getting plenty of rest and sleep

If a friend makes you feel left out you should l.jpg
If a friend makes you feel left out, you should

  • Keep your feelings to yourself

  • Stay by yourself

  • Share your feelings

  • Leave your friend out the next time you go somewhere

Your family does not include l.jpg
Your family does NOT include

  • Your brother

  • Your aunt

  • Your teacher

  • Your cousin

When you feel angry it is ok to l.jpg
When you feel angry, it is ok to

  • Hit someone

  • Take time out

  • Destroy property

  • Harm yourself

You can cooperate by l.jpg
You can cooperate by

  • Always getting your own way

  • Fighting

  • Not doing your share of the chores

  • Sharing

If a family member dies you l.jpg
If a family member dies, you

  • Might feel grief

  • Should discuss your feelings

  • Should share memories of the person with other family

  • Should do all three of these