The Creative Process

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Maurice Sendak. The creative process is always the same; it begins with acute anxiety, and it ends with acute anxiety. The Creative Process. PreparationIncubationIlluminationVerification. Preparation. Recognition of the needThinking and involvementObtaining informationDefinition and reformulation of the problem.

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The Creative Process

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1. The Creative Process Jerry Banks Creativity and Innovation

2. Maurice Sendak The creative process is always the same; it begins with acute anxiety, and it ends with acute anxiety

3. The Creative Process Preparation Incubation Illumination Verification

4. Preparation Recognition of the need Thinking and involvement Obtaining information Definition and reformulation of the problem

5. Incubation Subconscious thinking

6. Illumination Synthesis Idea generation

7. Verification Evaluation Elaboration Refinement

8. The phases Discovery Idea generation Requires no clear purpose

9. Invention Idea development Requires a purpose

10. Innovation Conversion

11. Protection Patent Copyright Trademark

12. Subconscious thinking can provide insight Elias Howe spent more than a year unsuccessfully trying to build a sewing machine before the idea came to him in a dream. In the dream Howe was given 48 hours to invent a sewing machine by a tribe of primitive people. The penalty if he failed was death.

13. Subconscious thinking can provide insight After 48 hours, there was no sewing machine. He was then surrounded by men pointing spears at him. The spears had holes in the pointed ends.

14. Subconscious thinking can provide insight Howe awoke realizing that the solution was to put the hole for the thread at the pointed end rather that at the other end where it had always been. Subconscious thinking conveyed the needed insight.

15. How can subconscious thinking be used? Spend time consciously thinking about the problem Plan an appropriate activity during which your subconscious can think. Immediately before the activity, spend time thinking of solutions, even silly or impractical ones.

16. How can subconscious thinking be used? Pursue the planned activity. Be receptive to creative new ideas and look for the merits in them.

17. Summary Too much emphasis on one answer Creativity can be stimulated Blocks can be recognized and eliminated Techniques can be learned Exercises can strengthen creative muscle

18. Initial idea is not always the final and practical form Ideas usually must be refined over time Stages in the development of the bicycle Two wheels, no drive, no brakes Two wheels, front really big with pedals on it Two wheels, chain drive, coaster brake

19. Where did Corn Flakes come from?

20. The origin of Corn Flakes Named after Dr. John Harvey Kellogg 1894 Had suggested that one of his patients eat zwieback She did, and broke her teeth She demanded that he pay her $10 for dental repairs

21. The origin of Corn Flakes He wondered how he could come up with a ready-cooked food that wouldnt break peoples teeth The solution came to him in a dream The following morning, he boiled some wheat and ran it through his wifes dough machine

22. The origin of Corn Flakes The mixture came out in a thin film He scraped it off with a cake knife Then baked the films The he tried the same process using corn Voila! Corn Flakes!!!

23. Emile Chartier Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one that you have.

24. Look beyond the first obvious solution Suppose that you are the manager of an employee whose performance is poor: Your immediate alternatives are: Do nothing, accept the situation Tell the employee to perform better Fire the employee

25. Look beyond the first obvious solution Look beyond the obvious solution: Find out if working different hours or fewer hours will help Encourage the employee to take a short course to strengthen weak skills Let the employee know of your dissatisfaction and dont give a raise or other reward until performance improves Ask the employee to sit in your seat

26. Seeing a problem from a fresh perspective can be the turning point in reaching a creative solution

27. Sometimes it helps to change perspectives

28. More on the fresh perspective

29. Drones dont have good ideas Youve got to promote people who want to be creative and innovative. Drones dont have good ideas. Larry Bossidy (retired as CEO of Honeywell) in Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done, 2002

30. Dont limit the solution by the problem assignment

32. End

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